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As an HSP, have you ever wondered if you have ADD?

Nowadays I usually lock myself in my study when I really need to get something done for a client, but I can still remember how I used to work at home, in the mini house I rented. I was still teaching at the time and often sat at my kitchen table checking. Until I looked up and saw the pile of dishes. I got up and started washing the dishes.

Until I had to pee. I walked to the bathroom and passed the laundry basket. On the way back to the kitchen, I put some laundry in it. Back in the kitchen I heard a message on my PC, so I ‘had’ to read it quickly. The result of all this? Half a pile of checked work, half clean dishes and a wash in the machine, which I had long forgotten by the time it was done.

I have sometimes wondered: Do I have ADD?

It is perhaps not very strange that I have sometimes wondered if I do not have ADD . Besides the fact that I can be distracted by everything in my environment, my brain always associates it with pleasure. In this way I can have a conversation with someone and apparently jump from one thing to the next through all sorts of intermediate jumps in my head. When I explain the intermediate steps in my head, I often get a surprised look: ‘Did you really think of all that in that one second?’

A creative child

As a child I had a vivid imagination. I made up the most beautiful stories in my playing. I see this in my sons too. I really enjoy hearing them talk about everything they’ve come up with now. That associating your brain is apparently good for something! It did take me some time as an adult to get back to that creative source. It is not directly the most valued characteristic in today’s society.

Sometimes it’s awkward

However, it is sometimes very inconvenient. If I’m not careful, my house is still full of all kinds of things that I’ve started, but I’m not finishing. In addition, it also takes care of our eldest, who is very similar to me. The teacher started talking about his concentration again during the last conversation. How could he be so easily distracted? I think the source lies in our sensitivity. Because we pick up on everything, we always get an impulse to react to something else. The butterfly flying by, the sound we hear, what people around us are doing or feeling, the many associations our brain makes at times when we should be concentrating.

Super focus and memory

Yet we also have our moments of super focus. If my oldest is coloring, he can be very concentrated for a long time. When I write, I can be very focused at times and get a lot of work done in a short period of time. My oldest also has a very good memory for facts that he finds interesting. Unfortunately, most of the skills they test at school are not included.

be happy with it

You know what I’m realizing more and more? That I wouldn’t be so creative without that crazy muddlehead of mine. That I wouldn’t be able to associate so quickly so that I can help people better and faster. That it is never boring in my head, home and life. And that I bring with me an enormous creative power because I can imagine things so vividly. And my children? They really do come with their wonderfully imaginative, clever faces, whether the teachers see it or not. Maybe to the left instead of to the right, but we will always be by their side, whatever path they walk.
So be happy with your muddlehead and enjoy your lively path. Ultimately, it will get you exactly where you want to be!


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