At odds with your body? This is how you love your body again!

At odds with your body? This is how you love your body again!
Many women suffer from Daily struggles with the body. They think they are fat, not beautiful, or even hate their bodies. Always dieting, exercising excessively, not daring to look in the mirror, and thinking negatively about oneself are consequences of this. Many women have lost contact with their bodies (and soul).
They live from their heads, pursue ideal images, and want to meet all kinds of expectations so that they no longer hear the signals their body gives them. How do you reconnect with your body, learn to listen again to the signals it gives you and how do you deal with it lovingly again?


Maybe you recognize yourself in the above and you don’t treat your body so lovingly. But how come we have lost touch with our bodies? There are several reasons for this:

  • We make the outside world more important than ourselves.

We impose everything on ourselves. We “have to” work full-time, achieve a certain position and salary, we “have to” be ready for everyone and are always busy with all kinds of things. Because of this, there is little room to make contact with yourself and the desires that come from your heart.

  • We compare ourselves to ideal images.

We continuously see perfect faces and bodies through social media, TV, fashion magazines, and advertisements. One is even slimmer and more beautiful than the other. We naturally want to fit in as humans and because we see that so much we think that’s the norm and that we have to look that way to be accepted.

Our bodies tell us how things are going all day long. But we haven’t learned to really listen to it. We do not eat when we are hungry and experience a cluttered feeling in our stomach, but when we have a break or when it is dinner time.

When we have pain, we don’t wonder where the pain comes from and what our body wants to tell us, but we take a painkiller to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Over the years we have become more and more removed from who we really are and what our body wants to tell us.

The intelligence of the body

Our body is extremely intelligent. It indicates exactly what you need when and it ensures that you can experience everything. You feel taste, smell, and see through your body. You need your body to experience life and it is your most special “possession”. Yet few people approach the body in that way. On the contrary, often the body is blamed for everything.

At odds with your body? This is how you love your body again!

Body hate

“I don’t look good, I’m fat, I’m ugly,” and those are just a few phrases I hear many women say to themselves on a regular basis. Not to mention how they talk to themselves. “Bitch, the dumbass, see you’re doing it wrong again.”

What I come across a lot is that women don’t feel good about themselves because they have lost touch with themselves and blame their bodies for it as a result. It has legs that are too fat, a round belly or breasts that are too small.

If you don’t love yourself and your body, it is a logical consequence that you don’t take good care of it. Dissociating from the body and doing what the mind tells is much easier in that case. Unhealthy, eating too little or too much food is therefore common.

You end up in a negative circle where you talk negatively to yourself, take care of yourself badly, feel worthless and also feel guilty about doing all that. This can really hinder you in all kinds of areas in your life.

In 7 steps to more love for your body

Fortunately, you can get out of that and change your perspective in small steps and start taking good care of yourself and loving your body again. These steps will help you:

  1. Make room for yourself

The first step is to make time for yourself. Plan half an hour for yourself every day and choose what you prefer to do. You may want to meditate, walk, dance, paint, take a bath, or listen to your favorite music. Being with yourself for at least half an hour every day without a phone, without people around you ensures that you get in touch with yourself, your intuition, and what you want.

  1. Connect with your body

Observe what is happening in your body and accept that it is there instead of pushing it away by taking a painkiller or finding it annoying that you have a stomachache. From there, start talking to your body. Ask the question: what do you want to tell me when you feel something in your body that strikes you. Welcome, that which is there, put your hands on the place and send loving attention to it.

At odds with your body? This is how you love your body again!

  1. Stop talking negatively to yourself

Do you have a little voice that talks negatively to yourself and says mean things? Notice, do you talk like that to your friends too? This voice is your saboteur and it prevents you from being kind to yourself and taking good care of yourself. Give the voice a name, a character, and notice it every time it is there. But stop listening to what he wants you to believe. Hear what he says, but then make a choice from within yourself, from your heart and say something beautiful or sweet to yourself, something that gives you strength. The more often you do this, the more the voice will fade into the background.

  1. Practice gratitude

Rejecting the body, being angry with it, disliking it, or even hating it may be things that have become normal for you because that’s how you’ve learned to deal with it. But your body does a lot for you. It ensures that you can experience life every day. That you can go to work, that you can see, that you can hug your children, that you can experience nature, and so on.

Write down some things that you are grateful to your body form and feel how it feels to express that gratitude to your body. By making more and more positive contact with your body, your perspective will change and your relationship with your body will improve enormously.

  1. Eat mindfully

At odds with your body? This is how you love your body again!

Make the time to take good care of yourself and nourish your body with nutritious food. Eat as naturally as possible and make time to eat. Consciously choose to eat and sit down for it. Thank the food, smell it, chew it well, taste what you eat, and feel what it does to your body.

Food is meant to give you energy and make you feel good, so if you don’t, research what you’ve done or eaten that isn’t and take that lesson with you for next time.

  1. Stop weighing yourself

You don’t have to weigh a certain number to be good enough. You don’t have to lose weight or go on a diet to be happy. Get rid of the scale, take care of yourself and start feeling. How do you feel when you eat healthily? What does that do to your energy level? What does that do to how you feel about yourself? And what are the differences if you eat unhealthily? “Measure” how you feel and test what you can do to feel better, you don’t need the scale for that.

  1. Accept yourself

You are just right the way you are and while you may have thought you weren’t for years, it’s time to start believing that you are.

And it doesn’t matter that you can’t do it all at once, but go in small steps. For example, you can start by saying affirmations out loud to yourself. “I’m good the way I am, I love myself, I’m proud of myself.” Don’t just say them, but really feel the emotions that go with them. So feel throughout your body what it feels like to love and accept yourself. Practice makes perfect and you will see that the more you do it, the more you will feel and believe what it is like to love yourself!


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