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Attraction is energy, a frequency

It is an important part in everyone’s life, few people are aware of it; ‘Attraction’. Just like gravity. We all know gravity very well, everyone drops something every now and then and luckily it doesn’t float in the air!


Attraction is energy. It’s a certain frequency. That is why you feel comfortable in certain situations or people and in other situations or people you feel uncomfortable. A lot of this has to do with your comfort zone. Consciously or unconsciously you recognize the energy and you feel comfortable or uncomfortable with it. As soon as you feel uncomfortable in something, you know that you have to ‘get away’. Then you have apparently learned your lesson or you are clearly choosing for yourself / a different direction.

To adjust

Unfortunately, many people have learned in their lives to adapt too much to the energy (the wishes) of others. If you keep doing that too much, you live the life you think, what others expect of you. It is very strange, because in this way we continue to think for each other, while a lot of people really want their lives ‘different’. We therefore maintain the energy/situations/attractiveness that we actually no longer want.


To put it another way; we think and live in circles. Different circles run through each other, these are processes. On some pieces the circles intersect. And the ‘overarching’ energy that holds all the circles together is your comfort zone; the attraction! We can get stuck in one circle all our lives, thinking that we are powerless, unconscious, or insufficiently knowledgeable to get out of it.

New jacket

We do think that we regularly step out of circles, but unfortunately a situation arises with other people, other events and other work, where the same thing happens again. I call that the same old situation in a new jacket. We often get so insecure about that! ‘Why does this keep happening to me’, I often hear people say.

Other frequency

communication coachingUnfortunately, when situations keep happening that you don’t want, you are tuned to a certain frequency that brings you what you don’t want. That is why it is so important to always keep in mind what you do want. Because that is always a higher frequency than what you don’t want. In addition, be aware that a lot of paradigms (limiting beliefs) have crept into your life. Because just tuning in to what you do want is not enough.

Limiting Beliefs

It’s about facing your limiting beliefs, working on them, undoing them, and then making plans for your life from there. So when you ‘work’ on yourself, you automatically work on an energy change. And that’s a choice! That’s up to you!

Attraction is Beautiful! Like-minded people with whom you make beautiful projects, Infatuation, Certain music that stirs you, you name it! The attraction is therefore also: Enjoy!!

Realize that attraction is energy. That it is a certain frequency. And that you can choose daily to which frequency you tune in. Stay focused on the positive! And if you don’t succeed, get help! Because you are probably in a circle and you need someone to help you get out….


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