Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement
“Curious about the deep inner listening that Authentic Movement offers? Watch the video about this form full of attention, playfulness and concentration in movement and silence. The mover moves with eyes closed, the witness is an empathetic witness. The space between mover and witness is the playing field. Without judgment, creative and closest to your own nature.”

2014: The retreat has brought me a lot. On a bed of good food and a lovely room, I travel through the layers of my being. In which the keyword is always that I can let everything of me be there, including the dark sides, my imperfections, the unexpected power, and the light.

A wonderful way to come into contact with this is through dance and image. I have also taken all kinds of images and insights that I have gained from my clients… Sometimes quite confrontational, but always in-depth and inspiring and so self-welcoming. For me, it is a (pretty) straight road to my source. 

Hester, The Hague 2013: I cherish the days in Lochem with a big smile. What a very very nice experience, I think about it almost every dayHelene, Bathmen. I felt familiar and safe. It was very special and I have the idea that the experience gained in and at the beautiful place has an impact. I thought the structure was so beautiful and also the piece of theory, so clear, powerful, and not too many words, clear and efficient. I have hung my own body workpiece in the room to keep it visual.

Authentic Movement

Caroline, Rotterdam. 2012: I enjoyed the AM retreat in Lochem. The workshop was very intense, and thanks to the careful balance between offering a safe environment, stimulating challenges, and working intuitively with visual materials, I was able to discover and move deeper layers within myself. Authentic movement is a wonderful method for me to give light and air that are trapped in the body so that they can heal. 

I am very grateful for this experience in this unique and loving place: Centrum Athanor, what an appropriate name; for me the alchemy in working with Ingrid has certainly brought traces of gold. theonline. Thank you for the entire process, including the space for depth AND fun!   Anneloes, Utrecht.I thought it was fantastic and went back to work really nourished and inspired! 



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