Awakening in 5D: What Can Keep You Out of the Fifth Dimension?

Awakening in 5D: What Can Keep You Out of the Fifth Dimension?

More and more people are currently making the step from the third to the fifth dimension. In the third dimension, we are still stuck in old patterns and ways of thinking, but in the fifth dimension, we awaken in a world full of love and possibilities. Everyone has already experienced 5D. Just think of that moment when everything just clicked and everyone worked together perfectly: that is 5D.

For some, the transition to this new dimension is sudden and intense, but for most of us, the change is gradual. Maureen St Germain, author of Awakening in 5D, explains what factors can keep you out of the fifth dimension.

What can keep you out of the fifth dimension?

Bad sleeping

Awakening in 5D: What Can Keep You Out of the Fifth Dimension?

All seekers need to understand what can keep you out of the fifth dimension. One of the main conditions is not getting enough sleep. In fact, it’s very likely that you need a lot more sleep than you think. Sleeping longer takes you deeper and deeper into the fifth dimension. This is because during these deeper rest periods you are able to recalibrate with your Higher Self, thus being able to maintain your fifth-dimensional self when awake.

Energetic blockages and disruptors

There are many outside factors that can interfere with your ability to stay in 5D. These are, for example, the chemtrails of high-flying aircraft, which contain chemicals that have a harmful effect on life on Earth and on everything that directly or indirectly influences the vibration level. Direct influence comes from mobile telephones, wireless internet, and all kinds of other electronic devices. Indirect influence is caused by, among other things, genetically modified food. Once you have activated your Higher Self connection, you will notice these energies and frequencies and experience them simultaneously. This offers you the opportunity to train your discernment.

At one point, I felt the energy field of our wireless router follow me literally all the way to my bed and into my ear. It felt like a live electrical wire was being pushed into my ear canal. I immediately got up to turn off the wireless router. Then I bought a time clock and connected it to the router. What does the energy of such a router feel like? Perhaps you have held your cell phone to your ear and felt pain in your ear canal. That is exactly the same energy. Why would you go to sleep with the wireless router on? You also turn off the lights, so why not turn off your router?

Don’t look back

Awakening in 5D: What Can Keep You Out of the Fifth Dimension?

Perhaps you think back to a past situation and try to figure out whether that was a 5D or a 3D experience. Your desire to know this is commendable in itself, yet it backfires. That’s because the need to know about your past in order to interpret it keeps you trapped in the third dimension. Why? Examine your motives. Do you evaluate and judge yourself? Self-reflection is of course an important part of the way to mastery of yourself.

But when you’re trying to figure out whether a behavior was five-dimensional or three-dimensional, you’re using your head, not your heart. To determine something just in order to be able to evaluate it is a three-dimensional act, tied to the ego. Do yourself a favor and focus on the now. do you do this,

Know that your ego is your friend, who does his job well but is not always right. Your ego takes care of you. It wants you to feel safe and happy. It does this by using the past to evaluate the choices ahead. Spending all your time distinguishing between what is good and what is bad may have been helpful in the three-dimensional version of reality, as it is based on polarity.

But as we all steadily move into 5D, that old way of categorizing your experiences based on the influence they’ve had on you in the past prevents you from being in the present moment. This keeps you in the grip of the polarity associated with 3D. If you are present in the present, your 5D actions and energies will keep you attuned to this.

The need to replace old beliefs

If you don’t take the future into your own hands, someone else will. Our future has been stolen from us once before, by beings who thought they knew better. We find this in many accounts of the prehistory of the earth that have been passed down to us for our learning.

Two versions of this are in the books Entangled by Graham Hancock and Confessions of a Rebel Angel by Timothy Wyllie. Both sources are about an alien world and the violence that occurs in them makes me very uncomfortable (usually I skip these passages). But they take a look at our prehistory from different angles and invite us to look at our past with a little more compassion.

But that was a long time ago and a lot has happened since then. Only a small number of those beings have lingered here and are still trying to control you through fear and manipulation. But you can brace yourself against them if you decide now once and for all that you are a being of light and that nothing can ever hold you back.

Awakening in 5D: What Can Keep You Out of the Fifth Dimension?

It is high time we embraced our full potential. Looking at the past as described in these books, we can see that this potential is enormous. Really huge! When we speak of ‘awakening’ in our full, fifth-dimensional expression form, we are also talking about a level of discovery. A visitor asked Gautama Buddha, “Are you a god?” “No, I just woke up,” was his loving reply. Are you a god when you awaken in the fifth dimension? No, you just woke up.

I mention these discoveries here for a reason. I’m doing this to show you that everything you already know isn’t enough. I want to show that you can expect new and different beliefs that will replace your cherished beliefs of the past. This can only happen when you realize that your current beliefs are based on a 3D reality, which has virtually no reference points in the 5D reality.

Simply put, you can compare it to learning a new language. First, you learn a few words and you think you speak the language until you realize that you have to completely let go of the way you are used to making sentence constructions. Then you work on your vocabulary. As you learn, you discover some similarities, though sometimes very few.


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