Awakening: Our Inner Purpose According to Eckhart Tolle

Awakening: Our Inner Purpose According to Eckhart Tolle

What is the purpose of our life? It is a question that many people are concerned with. The main purpose of our life is an inner purpose. It’s not about what you do, it’s about what you are. So it has to do with your state of consciousness, with Being. This inner purpose is to awaken. Awakening is the goal of humanity. It is the foundation for real success. But what does awakening actually mean?

What is awakening?

Awakening is a change in consciousness where thought and sensation separate. Often it is not an event, but a process that people undergo. Instead of getting lost in your thoughts, when you are awake, recognize yourself as being aware of them. This ensures that thought is no longer a self-serving autonomous activity that you own and take charge of your life. Instead, the mind becomes the servant of consciousness.

The beginning of the awakening process

You cannot allow the beginning of the awakening process to happen. You cannot prepare yourself for it. There is no clear sequence of steps leading to this process and there is nothing you can do to awaken. But if you cannot initiate the awakening process yourself, how can it be the main purpose of your life? This is because only the first awakening, the first glimpse of consciousness without thinking, takes place without your having to do anything. Once this has happened, it is irreversible. However, it can be delayed by the ego.

Awakening: Our Inner Purpose According to Eckhart Tolle


For some people, the awakening begins when they suddenly become aware of the kind of thoughts they usually think. These are mainly persistent negative thoughts that they may have identified with throughout their lives. Suddenly there arises a consciousness that sees thought without being part of it. Perhaps you wonder what the relationship between consciousness and thinking is. Consciousness is the space in which thought exists when that space has become conscious of itself.

Opening up to the emerging consciousness

With the first step of the awakening process comes responsibility. You can try to carry on as if nothing happened, but you can also understand the meaning and recognize the budding of awareness as the most important thing that can happen to you. When you do the second, opening yourself to the emerging consciousness and bringing its light into the world becomes the main purpose of your life.


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