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Awakening the Self, 7 Self Steps for Spiritual Growth

Man, get up and remember yourself”

Awakening the Self, Self Steps for Spiritual Growth. Prepared by Bram Moerland

What is the meaning of your life? The Self Steps for Spiritual Growth show you the method to answer that question yourself.


The Self Principles 

1. Here and Now: Self-realization in the Practice of Life

The self-steps for spiritual growth are aimed at self-realization in the practice of life. The starting point is a form of spirituality that does not want to isolate itself from the world, but wants to participate in it meaningfully.

2. The true self is the gate to the unity with the encompassing and the fellow man

By self-realization we mean letting go of the identification with an apparent self, and the connection with the true self. The true self exists and is therefore part of the all-encompassing existence. The true self is the gateway to oneness with the inclusive. That unity is the basis of charity, not as a commandment, but as self -evident.

3. Good or evil does not belong to a realm of reality

Reality is extremely multifaceted. Curiously, there are quite a few spiritual traditions that try to obscure some of that. They usually cut reality into two parts. They call one part good and the other evil. They are dualistic. Such judgments consist of thoughts about reality, and those inventions are not part of reality itself.

The philosopher Plato, for example, regarded everything matter, especially the human body, as inferior, despicable. He only liked the spiritual. That dualism of matter and spirit, of body and soul, invented by Plato, was later adopted by the Christian Fathers and has left a heavy mark on Western spirituality.

In the self-steps for spiritual growth, no part of reality is left out.Nothing of that which is is in itself good or bad. That is the essence of non-dualism.
It is in the actions of man that good or evil takes shape. This also means that the responsibility for good and evil rests entirely with people.

4. The touch of your heart as a guideline for your actions in the world

Is everything possible if good and evil do not exist in themselves, apart from man? No definitely not. Because what remains is your own touch as a human being. Some events can touch you deeply. You are therefore called and moved. You then know that you have something to do with that, that you have an answer to that. That response can come from an inner protest as well as an agreement of the heart.

The restoration of the connection with the true self, and thus with the Source of all being, is mainly achieved by being faithful to that touch and by taking it as a guideline for your actions in the world. The touch of the heart then takes the place of the external judgments about good and evil.And then thinking can even come to serve that touch.

5. Surrender

Whoever wants to become a whole person will have to embrace reality as a whole, with all the trimmings, without any reservations.
That’s called surrender.
Surrender to reality also means a willingness to be touched by life in all its facets. That touch – and not all kinds of learned, external judgments – then becomes your inner compass for your presence in the world.

Surrendering to reality does not mean that you have to agree with everything. Because it is precisely in the surrender that you will notice that some events evoke a violent protest in you and that other events make you happy. Protest and consent of the heart then form the pointers of your inner compass for your actions in the world.Silence

6. Only through doubt can you grow

Doubt is an indispensable tool for wisdom as part of spiritual growth. Only from doubt can choices be made and new steps taken on the spiritual path.
Whoever thinks he has a monopoly on the truth makes no choices. Such a person keeps repeating the same answer, no matter what question life poses at any given moment. You learn nothing from that. You can’t grow on that either.

7. Meaning is a personal act

If you have the courage to act in the world from your own touch, apart from learned judgments, you will discover that you are richly blessed with talents to shape what moves you inside.

Some people are outspoken thinkers and others are outspoken feeling people. There are free birds and people who function best in a team. You are the only person in the world in your situation, with your talents. You are different from everyone else. Your situation in the world and your personal individuality together form the tools with which you can give meaning to your existence.

You will be rewarded with feelings of happiness and with the experienced realization that your existence is meaningful, if you can express your personal individuality in your relationships to your fellow man and to life around you.

Not only you are unique. All other people are also unique. This wealth of diversity among all people is one of the most beautiful aspects of being human. Recognizing this shows you the surprising functionality of people’s natural differences from one another.

If your actions in the world go hand in hand with respect for the individuality of the other, this will contribute to the realization of an infinite wealth of individual development.
Love to a fellow human being is first of all giving space to that other person to be different from you. If someone is confirmed by a fellow human being in his individuality, with a loving gesture, an encouraging word, or even just a listening ear, this can be an impetus to personal blossoming.

Encouraging your fellow man costs nothing, but can be very precious to that other person. We humans need each other. Not as the jailers of absolute truths, but as courageous people who freely support and affirm each other in each person’s own unique peculiarity.


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