Awareness around conception


Today there are dozens of books that cover all aspects of pregnancy and birth. The moment of conception is what I want to talk about. That is a fundamentally important moment when the parents energize the power of the soul’s blueprint for incarnation .

This moment also gives the soul an imprint of a first experience on earth, for example how desired he or she is by his or her parents.
Anastasia’s daughter

My love for the field of conception and birth was born with the conception and birth of my three sons who are now ready to have children of their own.

At that time, Vladimir Megre’s books about Anastasia, a “recluse” from the Taiga in Russia, were just coming out. The nine books contain many beautiful passages that touched me deeply when it comes to the field of pure love and oneness with nature. One of the topics in part 8 is the power of the male seed.

Vladimir, the author, has a lat relationship with Anastasia, in the sense that he comes to the taiga several times a year to be with her and his son. He describes how his five-year-old son, who lives with his mother, takes him into the woods. His son first helps him heavily detoxify and then feeds him a diet of specific plants and seeds for three days to make his seed strong.The boy has copied his knowledge from a saber animal and so he knows what to give his father.

About the new children

More and more conscious souls are being born. Wise, sensitive children we call old souls. They are aware from birth in how they look you in the eye and communicate with you telepathically. Their inner knowing is active and we no longer have to teach them everything because their memory is active.

Of course, they already have that awareness in the womb and at the moment of conception.

In the process of human development we are currently in, the generation over thirty is remembering that they too are old souls. They give themselves a lot of personal development and attention to bring certain soul parts back to themselves and to integrate them. Soul parts can ‘remain behind’ at conception as well as at birth. Even with traumatic experiences during growing up, soul parts can withdraw.

Imprints at Conception

The moment of conception is an essential moment. Think of the different circumstances in which children are conceived and the extent to which love does or does not play a role there. Conception leaves a profound imprint on the child and its later development.

Thanks to researchers like Vermey and Chamberlain, we know that babies have memories of the womb, birth and also the moment of conception. And there are more and more people who consciously remember the moment of conception.

What kind of deep fear is there in a child if, for example, he has been conceived by rape? Or under the influence of substances such as alcohol or drugs? How much impact do such circumstances have on the life of such a child?

Fortunately, we now know that a process of healing and ‘rewriting’ is possible if the conception has activated certain traumas in someone’s life. As an energetic therapist I support people in this and I want to pay attention to a conscious conception.

What is the conception?

When I empathize with the new children, it feels so important that we prepare for conception with more awareness.

In fact, conception is the sexual encounter between two partners in which a sperm fertilizes an egg. It is extremely impressive with how much precision the intelligence of the egg (and sperm) controls this . This beautiful YouTube video shows that: Egg and sperm coming together:

Energetically, much more is happening than what we see in the video and we can only marvel deeply.
From Buddhism, Lama Tsultrim Allione describes in her book ‘Wisdom Rising’ about the fact that the heart chakra is the first to be formed at conception. The heart chakra is the energetic gate through which the soul can start descending. I don’t know if I always have the right words for the processes of which I feel how intensely important they are.

‘parking lot’

There is a strong relationship between the power of light consciousness at the time of conception and the completeness in which a soul can incarnate. An electromagnetic field that is not only based on sexual energy forms between the partners. The love energy between and the consciousness of the partners plus the recognition that in that moment a soul can descend and welcome those are very essential parts.

That generates a large, powerful creative field or field of light potential into which the soul can enter. This force field helps the soul to ‘fertilize’ the matter and to give it its imprint (or blueprint). The stronger the electromagnetic field, the more the soul can bring in aspects of itself, already at conception.

We call this very beautiful process ‘sparking’.

Conception is a sacred moment

In Claire Heartsong ‘s book ” Anna, the grandmother of Jesus”, Anna describes how light conception works.

Light conception is when conception does not involve a male sperm, because the power of the light field is so great that the soul can incarnate directly in the egg cell. In an ordinary conception, both sperm and egg supply the DNA for the new soul and with its blueprint the soul determines which DNA is activated and which physical DNA is sometimes overwritten by the power of the energetic DNA. The blueprint and creative power of the soul in a light conception are even more powerful.

Also in light conception, the alchemy between man and woman is described as essential and the man has an important function in it. I have to say that how Anna describes this in the book mentioned, resonates very strongly with me. Much more than how it is worded in the Bible.

My great wish is that many more parents will consciously prepare for a welcome from their daughter or son. And that they already start with conception. Or a little earlier…


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