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Awareness: that’s how it works (in corona time)!


In times of crisis, the need to train and expand your consciousness grows. A broader consciousness is better able to function autonomously. It helps you as a surfer to ride the waves of the constantly changing conditions and to find freedom, despite the measures imposed. That’s how consciousness works.

Pure consciousness is a state of being, in which you can experience different things: depth presence, emptiness, clarity, lightness, openness and flow. You are connected to yourself and anchored in your own center. When situations get difficult, this ‘strong presence in the moment’ gives you the ability to see and feel the feelings that are being evoked. You are not sucked into the situation, the emotions or thoughts, in other words you do not become identified with them.

This consciousness is like a clear stream, in which head, heart and abdomen are connected. It is the space to let feelings move through you, to process them and then to know what is right. This allows you to respond to situations, instead of reacting hastily and automatically or from stress. You can train this state of being (for example with mindfulness, meditation or energetic perception) and become more and more. And: you will find it inside and nowhere else. (Obviously this is completely impossible when you are in really unsafe and traumatic circumstances.)

Expand your consciousness

Consciousness is naturally focused on growth, enlightenment and health . It is very flexible, and when it is still young and unformed, it can easily be put into an existing (external) mould. It has a certain plasticity and it learns from its environment. The way it forms has everything to do with where you come from: family, culture, education, etc.

If there is insecurity, fear, neglect, coercion, a lot of ‘musts’ and ‘not allowed’, then consciousness forms itself that mold: it takes on properties that are attuned to, or demanded by, the outside world. Conversely, when there is love, freedom, security and support, then consciousness can find and develop the intrinsic properties itself.


Consciousness is extremely layered, but in practice we only use a limited space. Imagine it as the sea, with all its currents and undercurrents. We spend a large part of our lives in the boat on the surface. But after thirty years in that boat, you probably want to experience the space and power of the ocean.

However, you cannot transfer from that small boat in that expanse in one go. You need time to move through it layer by layer. A diver does that too, otherwise he will get decompression sickness.

The moment you enter your transformation process, you begin to change and reshape your consciousness, or rather, peel and unfold it. In doing so, you move from what you have learned to authenticity, and from tight to spacious. You will discover and use more ‘compartments’ of your entire potential (your natural consciousness), namely also your physical, emotional heart and spiritual ‘being’, and not mainly that ‘old’ consciousness, which is most likely limited to the mental compartment ; after all, we are largely formed within a main and knowledge culture that subordinates feeling to thinking.

For most people, this transformation means: becoming less mental, starting to feel more and daring to act more according to what they feel, in their body.

That is not necessarily easy. Our consciousness has often become so fixed in a certain form that it does not come out without further ado. Compare it to an animal raised in a cage. Even if you open the door, chances are it will stay put. And people do the same. They remain in their prison (of ideas, beliefs, rules, patterns, schedules, laptops), even if they can walk into the flower garden next door.


Train your consciousness

People hold the key to prison themselves: it is taking responsibility (for fear, anger, desire, stress, etc., among other things). And that becomes easier the more you train your consciousness. Trained consciousness can continue to function autonomously: it is free.

It can think for itself, feel, investigate possibilities and take the space to choose the option that suits best. This consciousness has no judgment and it is resilient and inventive: even when everything suddenly changes, it remains (more or less) light. But the most important quality is that it does not separate itself, but rather connects and knows how to be connected: with itself, others and the world.

This does not apply to untrained awareness, and certainly not in times of crisis. Then it always falls back on old survival mechanisms. It resonates in an undifferentiated way with the environment, and the external circumstances (and that happens unconsciously of course) further stimulate the old form.

This consciousness separates and narrows, and the inner experience of love and freedom diminishes or even disappears.

Everyone has these kinds of ‘weaknesses’; they are human. You can call the ego or unhealed child consciousness. That old form can become rigid, it rehearses itself, condemns, thinks in black and white, resists change and fears the consequences if it does not do what it has always done. And, because it has been around for so long, it is also dominant: it continues to present itself and impose itself.

A number of examples (in which you can recognize the frightened child, in yourself or in people around you). Was consciousness formed with a strict father? Rules are then rules. You do what an outside authority says. (That’s why some people take a shot without fully supporting it.) Is it formed with great insecurity? Then you sit in your seat and wait for it to be over. (People dare not say anything and do not act.)

Was it formed in the midst of neglect? Then you are willing to take on enormous responsibility, even if it is too big for one person to bear. (Grandchildren are not allowed to visit their grandparents because they may die.) Is their own autonomy not supported? Then you can become desperate or angry (if the measures change again, or if others do allow themselves a certain degree of freedom).

Make your weakness your strength

Anyone who wants to get out of the crisis would do well not to put the responsibility for this in the hands of an external authority (the government). Use the circumstances to expand your awareness and empower your inner authority. Surrender may be too much to ask under these difficult circumstances, but see if you can become still again and again, turn inward to feel, and find the willingness to explore your own experience.

Try every day to take a step towards your own happiness or else: towards less fear. Then this corona time might also become a healing journey† a catalyst for the development of autonomy, love and inner freedom. And if you know the story of the hundredth monkey, you also know that it has an effect on the collective field of consciousness.

reading tip

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July 24: full moon activation

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