Awareness The spiritual dimension of fear in times of a pandemic

Awareness The spiritual dimension of fear in times of a pandemic

An outbreak of a new coronavirus emerged in China in December 2019. This virus causes respiratory infections ranging from a simple cold to severe pneumonia. This outbreak started shortly before the Chinese New Year, on January 25, 2020, raising concerns that family visits would spread this virus quickly. From mid-January, the virus also appeared in other countries. This outbreak could have long aftermath due to its impact on all of humanity and the global economy.

Pluto/Saturn – conjunction

The outbreak of this virus originated around the Pluto/Saturn conjunction of January 12, 2020. This conjunction of two slow-moving planets causes transformations, crises, and upheavals on a personal and social level. This conjunction has been palpable since March 2019 and will have an impact on much of 2020. Situations can reach a low point, causing more or less forced changes to continue. Everything that has been suppressed for a long time can erupt.

Consequences Pluto/Saturn – conjunction and coronavirus

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, has an intense and powerful effect, causing crises and upheavals. This planet brings out everything that is hidden in our subconscious minds. So are anger and fear of deadly diseases. Now that the coronavirus is global, many people are afraid of contracting this virus and possibly dying from it. There is little control over this. And precisely having power and control is a quality of Pluto.

Awareness The spiritual dimension of fear in times of a pandemic

But Pluto also provides transformations, a new birth. This virus makes us aware of the fact that we can do something about air pollution. There are fewer CO2 emissions in China and now other countries as well, due to less traffic and industry. And apparently, we need a virus to make us aware of how much we as humans pollute the air.

This would be a good time for government leaders to look for alternative solutions to how we deal with these CO2 emissions.

Moreover, we can look at our own health. The virus penetrates into the lungs. A property of Pluto is destructive behavior. You may therefore ask yourself whether we follow a healthy lifestyle in order to have sufficient resistance to diseases.

Saturn, which was exactly together with Pluto on January 12, represents an inhibiting effect. Government leaders, laws, and regulations belong to Saturn, but also frugality and frugality. We are going through a difficult time economically. Many companies suffer losses and small companies can also suffer or even go bankrupt. Restaurants, bars, and events are closed as a precaution to prevent the virus from spreading quickly and to prevent more widespread disease. Supermarkets are bought out in case certain foodstuffs can no longer be replenished or people have to be quarantined. Perhaps we should all be more frugal.

Consciousness change

Awareness The spiritual dimension of fear in times of a pandemic

These measures ensure that we are more or less forced to turn our attention inwards. We are slowed down (Saturn) in our process, to be able to think about how we want to shape our lives (Saturn) and what is really important to us right now. We may be more or less forced to move in a different direction in our lives because of the shift in consciousness that this situation brings.

In addition, this event also creates fraternization. We are encouraged to be less egocentric and more ready for each other. And to have more compassion for the weak in our society.

Transforming effect

We can get closer to our deeply buried emotions, feel them and process them (Pluto). The events that are taking place now can even trigger emotions from past lives, in which, for example, you had to suffer hunger in the war, we were unable to survive, illness played a role and as a result, you lost many loved ones, you experienced disasters, had to flee, etc. As a result, you can also dream a lot in the coming time, sleep soundly or restlessly and many processing can take place during your sleep. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, we can therefore undergo a complete transformation.


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