Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears

Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears
Little rabbit with your sniffing nose you can smell more than good. You are cuddly with your soft fur and floppy ears. Everyone is impressed by you just because you are cute as a pet or at the petting zoo. Domesticated shall we say.

In the wild, it’s a different story. Humans usually hate you there. Often through your own doing. (Consider also the release of the rabbit in Australia where it did not occur naturally and therefore had no natural enemy and was, therefore, able to reproduce lustfully) Why? Because you dig holes in man-made structures, such as dikes.

What can you do about this being your natural behavior? And those people then build a mountain for you that is ideal to live in – they create that themselves, don’t they? Unfortunately, this is at the expense of you and your peers, because holes in a dike are not a good plan. If a man has to choose between surviving himself or letting himself live, the choice is simple.

Fortunately, you have a special quality. You can reproduce wonderfully. Not with one rabbit child at a time, but immediately with a nest full and that several times a year. That is also necessary because you are also on the menu of many animals (including humans). To keep your species alive and thus make an important contribution to the maintenance of entire ecosystems, it is necessary that you do your job.

 Contribute to your own mini-ecosystem

Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears

How about preserving your ecosystem? Are you doing your job properly, just like the rabbit? Your house, garden, or balcony? What do you contribute to the preservation of Mother Earth? Do you take care of the birds, the worms, the ants, and all that other scum? For example, by hanging nest boxes (also for butterflies and bees), giving them food, because so many insects have now become extinct, not using chemical pesticides, because that ends up in your soil and also affects your health. (Note that you do not buy manipulated regular food, because that will ruin the entire chain. Organic food is the motto.)

How often do you or your family take a shower? Do you let the tap run happily when you brush your teeth? Do you unwittingly throw away all kinds of food? Do you leave the lights on and the heating blaring? Do you use environmentally polluting cleaning and washing products (such as Dreft and those pods)? Is fabric softener a lightened item (while adding nothing but being a commercial stunt)?

Do you only buy your products cheaply and usually from Asia (you know: cheap is ultimately expensive)? Is your shopping cart full of products wrapped in plastic? See the rubbish (especially plastic and cans on the street and in nature) and just walk by without picking it up and cleaning it up even if it is for someone else? And can’t all this be done differently?

It MUST, dear human being, for your individual effort has a far greater impact on the bigger picture than you could ever imagine. Also for your SELF.

Or have you become too attached that everything is always available and delivered right to your doorstep? This also includes water, gas, electricity, and WiFi.
And worse, you order and order, because you can return it ‘for free. Free? Do you really believe that? What impact does your package have on our planet, Mother Earth’s nature?

Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears

If it has to come from Fargogistan by boat or plane (leaving aside the entire production process of raw material use, energy waste, and the absurdly exaggerated packaging materials and who (children, for example, or heavily underpaid people) made it), the distribution with polluting trucks and vans (even though they can’t help it that they’re polluting), who after siphoning it a dozen times, eventually put it on your doorstep, so that you order everything you ordered for fun, that you actually already knew you wouldn’t keep, ‘free’ can return.

Then the chain starts the other way around. Because many items, including clothing, are made so cheaply, the costs do not even add up to resell them and the products you return are simply destroyed and burned in a polluting incinerator. Is that contributing to a better world?

Dear human, the rabbit already knows. It’s stamping on the sidelines of your life (remember Thumper from the Disney movie Bambi ?) If you don’t take good care of your environment including everything you have in it, wear, buy and consume, then you and your environment will not be affected only literally but also energetically polluted. It is not for nothing that the rabbit always poops in one place. Because he only eats plants and grasses, he sometimes even eats his own droppings. With this, rabbits keep their environment as clean and pure as possible.

Part of the rabbit’s natural ritual is literally stomping on the floor to impress the female so he can make the ultimate connection (the act, shall we say). The rabbit is calling you to restore your connection with nature and to do your very best for it. It is like going back to the essence of your BEING and feeling that you are just as much nature as an ant, tree, or elephant. Think of it as a kind of energetic pairing between you and Mother Earth.


The rabbit is coming to rattle you awake. Whether you like it or not. A male rabbit isn’t called a rattle for anything. If he comes your way, you can see where you can make improvements. Buying directly from the farmer, for example, or in an eco-shop, so that you no longer have plastic packaging.

Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears

There are those handy kinds of laundry bags/nets in which you can endlessly pack your own fruit and vegetables. If you order something online (which is simply unstoppable), take a look at where your product is made. Look up the brand. Especially when it comes to clothes. Rather buy from a European brokerage, then your footprint will be a lot lower.

Take a look at your own household. What can you do in an eco-friendly way? An economy shower/tap? Or just shower once a day or maybe every other day. Throw out all chlorine, pods, all-purpose cleaners, and other chemicals, including shower foam and shampoos, and replace them with eco-friendly/natural products. Buy a rain barrel(s) for watering your plants. Rain is free… This way you contribute to the prevention of the biggest scarcity that is already well on its way to arising, namely NO more clean drinking water.

“Yes, but that eco is so expensive!” You know what is expensive, destroyed earth where there is no more room for humans to (survive) live. We cannot order new ones online. You will notice that it is not that bad from a cost point of view if you work smartly.

You know the song ‘Bright Eyes’ by Art Garfunkel?

Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears the loving eyes of the rabbit, who literally wonders, “What are we all doing?” Arise, dear man, do not start tomorrow. Don’t believe that the ‘bad weather report’ only ‘affects other parts of the world’, before you know it it will also be delivered to your doorstep. This time it is free because of Mother Earth, who, just like the rabbit, already shows so many wake-up calls. Use your ‘Bright Eyes’ and SEE. Deep in your being, you KNOW it. Then why don’t you do anything?


The female among the rabbits is called a nurse. She has her affairs in order. What about your ‘business’? Is there chaos in your life, living environment, or head? That is not strange at all. It is time that causes this. Which throws you off balance. That makes you run from hot to her. Which mainly keeps you busy in your head. You hop from one activity to another with your own bunny hop. There’s a lot of itching underneath. It all has to be different. You don’t want to be a plaything of the third dimension world anymore, but where do you start? That to-do list is so long.

The dear human being, your head puts the pressure very high and therefore always consciously or unconsciously drives you into stress. With all its consequences. For example, you have problems with your bowels or bladder, or you want to do everything perfectly. IMPOSSIBLE! The rabbit’s message is that it’s best to relax.

Whaaaaa! IMPOSSIBLE! No. After all, you’ve already made your to-do list and you know what’s on it. Look at it. How many REALLY have a tight deadline? What REALLY goes wrong if you don’t pick it up today but next week? And if you look at your list at the end of the day and you can ‘only’ cross off 2 things, what does that do to you? Are you upset? Did your head and therefore not your SELF think that you could easily do 10 things?

BE milder to your SELF

The advice is: loosen up. Turn your bales into “Look what I’ve accomplished! Two more things go.” Do you feel in your heart that this entails completely different energy? If you’re a fifth-dimensional soul, you can’t do a lot of things in one day. Not because you don’t want to, but because your whole body protests against it. 3D activities are necessary, but throw you off balance and eat up energy.

The nurse tells you that you may learn to be more gentle with your SELF. Take rest when your physical body asks for it even though your mind will try to push you to do even more things. Become the nurturer of your BEING, because only if you feed your BEING with what it needs, you will remain balanced on all fronts. You have to FEEL for this, dear one. Feel what your body is saying, what you need, and listen to it.

Do not continue to trot, because then you will eventually turn. The wall is somewhere. Sure. It’s up to you whether you want to hit it hard or not. So be happy if you can cross ‘only’ two things off your list. Tomorrow there’s another day. Take the pressure off, because it really isn’t there at all. You impose yourself on him by your

to let the head take control. A direction that is impossible for your beautiful BEING.


Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears

This also includes nutrition. If you know that everything is energy and that you vibrate higher than most people on this planet, you also know that your body resonates best with food that has a high energetic frequency. Organic and preferably directly from the land.

The ‘Lifestyle Guide: How to Survive’ discusses this in more detail and will help you make better choices, so that your body digests food better and gets more energy that matches your own energetic vibration.

Tiktak tiktak

Time is ticking. You know the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? (It is recommended to watch the film in the Johnny Depp version. And no, it is not childish). The rabbit from a parallel world goes in search of Alice who is stuck in her life in the 3D world when marriage still existed. On her wedding day, she meets the rabbit for the umpteenth time. A rabbit with a pocket watch that is.

Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears

She feels the pressure from her BEING to follow it. Despite the fact that she is about to get married, this seems more important. (Can you figure out the metaphor?) Arriving at the tree where the rabbit has disappeared into the den, she looks into it. She falls down and then… the adventure begins. She ends up in a parallel world where dark and light, just like in the 3D, are represented in a fantastic way.

If the rabbit crosses your path and often several times, it will not have a ticking pocket watch. But the message is the same. Tiktak tiktak , can you hear the ticking? The urge to do what you have to do? Your task, contribution, soul mission, or whatever you want to call it in this life. And how much do you listen to it? Do you keep pushing it aside?

Do you see it as an afterthought? Do you really prioritize 3D life? While deep in your heart you know that that life suffering (no spelling mistake) does not resonate with your deepest SELF at all. Before you know it you are married off to a very unhappy life, without passion, pleasure, and happiness, even though you may have everything your heart desires. Each of us has a mission.

Scared rabbit

You may be reluctant to propagate your BEING and mission. That is also very exciting and sometimes even frightening because nobody knows what it will bring you. Actually, that’s not important either. What matters is that so far you’ve managed to get yourself to sit in a corner like a scared rabbit. Dear human, it really is time for a change! Hop, out of that corner, no matter how shivering that happens.

Awareness The Spiritual Meaning of the Rabbit: Overcoming Fears

Do you know that a rabbit always has an escape route in its den? Is there always a back door open? That is very useful for the rabbit, but it probably stops you from REALLY going for what you want to do in this life. Behind the back door is the familiar, the usual, wanting to be like everyone else, the “yes, but I need money”, and so on. If you just closed that door, well, you might suddenly find yourself all alone and completely lonely.

That is of course not the case at all, but we have become so programmed that it seems to feel that way. Yet adventures begin with a step forward, not a step back. And you know what’s so nice? If you do want to get rid of it completely, the 3D world has not just disappeared. So you can always open your back door again, even if you don’t mean to in this life at all. But you always have the free choice of what you want to respond to.

So dear human, if the rabbit comes your way, it is important that you take a closer look at your life and start making progress. If you don’t dare to do it well for yourself at first, then do it for the greater whole and help Mother Earth. In this way you indirectly also help your SELF and your confidence can grow, so that you can ultimately take those steps for your SELF that put you on the right track of your life mission.


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