Awareness: This is how you can stay with yourself when you are surrounded by toxic energies


Your aura is your personal energetic field. According to Alla Svirinskaya, energy healer and expert on auras, we don’t know enough about energetic hygiene to take good care of our aura. In this article, you’ll learn more about how to stay true to yourself when you’re surrounded by toxic energies.

For now it is important that you understand that – if you want to be able to commit yourself completely to an authentic self – you have to recognize all parts of yourself. Everything around us, visible or invisible, is essentially a wave of energy. That energy has a unique vibrational frequency. This also applies to your aura. You can only blossom if you discover and maintain the authentic vibrational frequency of your aura. Otherwise you will not experience resonance with the vibration of your life.

Lack of authenticity

Lack of authenticity is one of the most common causes of energy loss; it undermines our health and makes us unhappy. After all, one of the pillars of energetic hygiene is that you can always be your authentic self. If you are not attuned to the actual flow of your energy, you will randomly attract all kinds of other energies (some of which are harmful); your aura is then flooded by the energetic vibrations that are around you.

This leads to ‘clutter’ in your aura, which affects your vitality and can lead to you attracting the wrong people, making choices that are only pleasing to others and making you feel invisible and colorless. Some of my clients said they felt “like a cork in the waves”—impotent at the whims of life.

Authentic living can certainly be less easy. It requires that you take personal responsibility for your life. However, you can only become a creator and feel liberated and happy when you are truly yourself. Moreover, an authentic aura is always better than an aura copied from someone else, or one whose energy flow has been deflected to please others. Oscar Wilde said it in his own shrewd way: ‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’. It is always a treat for me as a healer to encounter an authentic aura, because it has a fantastic aura!

The good news is that we are all created to shine. I will help you get home to who you really are.

Exercise: The Power of Distance

Attunement to others is a natural, healthy and instinctive ability. Of course, that doesn’t mean you become a victim of those others, by letting them control you and their demands 24 hours a day. Like our other special senses, this ability is meant to serve us. That means we should cultivate our sensitivity to energy rather than approach it with fear or some other violent reaction.

It is a matter of observing or getting involved in vibrations. Observing something so that you have some distance from it and can use your discernment is different from getting automatically involved in it. I often find that my clients fear their increased sensitivity or heightened intuition that can result from a healing, but these are our greatest allies when it comes to activating authentic protective powers. Just as we don’t go blind when we see something unpleasant, neither should we numb ourselves to the vibrations of the difficult things we encounter in our lives.

As mentioned, we have the ability to choose and consciousness. That means we can leave a situation or a person if we feel unhappy about it, so that we no longer have to experience it. Sometimes it is of course impossible to leave, but even then we can create a neutral state. (I’ll explain how to do that later.) Again, remember that something can only influence you if you give it permission. Being surrounded by toxic energies does not necessarily mean that those energies invade you and become a part of you. In every situation you have the ability to be and remain strong, rooted and whole.

The meditation that follows can help you observe your life without being distracted or influenced by your reactions or your emotions.

In order to observe things, we must first put ourselves in a certain state of being. That is no longer automatic, especially now that we are exposed to so many external stimuli over which we have no control. You can think of this observer’s state of being as a default setting of your computer; whenever you get overwhelmed, you can revert to the observer’s neutral default. That’s one of the best ways to take good care of your personal space.

Meditation: The Periscope

The following exercise is suitable for creating a neutral state, especially when dealing with difficult situations.

Intention : To give yourself the opportunity to see the big picture in any situation, so that you can respond to it wisely and with a certain detachment.

  1. Imagine having a periscope come out of your crown chakra. Let it go up until it is one meter long.
  2. Look at the world around you through this periscope. Notice how different everything looks from this unusual perspective.
  3. Now whenever you are faced with a difficult situation, you can immediately reach for your periscope and observe what is going on. You will find that you will then resolve the situation much more easily, in a sensible, more detached way.

From time to time, take out your periscope and look at your life through this glass, as if you were sitting in a theater and watching a movie. This way you get a much clearer, less clouded picture of your problems and circumstances.


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