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Balancing Energies

One of the things we can teach (and practice ourselves) Indigo and Crystal children is how to balance energy. Energies that are not in balance feel unfocused, frightening and confusing. They give us the feeling that we are no longer in control, that we have to make too many choices, or that we are being pulled.

And that we have to make decisions or choices too quickly or on the basis of insufficient information. We can allow those energies to take us on a wild ride, we can also take a break, balance ourselves and then make the decision. These energies have different sources, including those that we are already aware of, such as other people or balance

But energies also exist in beliefs and expectations – your own and those we think others have about you. Balancing energies is not the same as releasing them.

Balancing is deciding which expectations and beliefs to keep or express, and which to let go. While we think we need to balance all the energies that come our way, what it really comes down to is assessing what’s right for you and letting the rest go.

It takes some time and effort to teach highly sensitive children that they can be selective in the energy they respond to. But we must do that if we teach them the skills to find their own center in the chaos of the many different kinds of energies they feel.

The best way to do it is to simply ask them the following question: “Is it my energy or someone else’s?”. And the answer is always right. If it’s not their own energy – and it usually is – then it needs to be handled properly.

Any energy that comes on suddenly, is too intense or drastic and feels uncomfortable is strange energy seeking balance. That energy must be returned to its owner or released into the universe.

Even young children can be taught how to do this, which will help them not feel responsible for all the energy around them. They will become calmer, more centered and less anxious the moment they realize they have control over the energy that has invaded their space and is demanding their time and attention.

This simple skill helps them stay centered when they are around others and makes them stronger in controlling their own energy in a way that is best for them. Anyone can use this skill, and in any situation, to stay centered and balanced.

The more you use it, the more automatic it becomes, until the process of turning away foreign energy and staying centered is a natural response to any energy that disturbs our peace and pleasure.


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