Monday, December 5, 2022
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Be aligned with the energies you are already aligned with

The energetic foundation for Earth and humanity has reached new levels, and this has caused much friction for those of you who remember previous ascension cycles.

Whenever you reached a similar level in your previous incarnations, the results were not what you expected, and now you fear a possible failure or non-completion.

You are aware that this new energy resonates with frequencies previously unknown to humanity, and you feel that you must be on your guard so that they can be used in the highest and best possible way.

Now that humanity has a new foundation, the misuse of this energy will not extend as far as you believe it is possible, and we will not return to non-ascension timelines.

Because the base frequency of humanity is higher, past outcomes can no longer manifest in the same way. Your alignment is essential, as the energies are already waiting for you to make contact with them.

The dimensions to which access is now available to you are energy portals that stem from your energetic past, and are part of the potential of humanity’s energetic future. It is your past experience of ascension cycles, in other dimensions of being and universes of experience, so you are recalling your past as you guide humanity into its ascended, evolved future.

In order to expand the energetic potential now available to the planet, you must re-evoke your past, the experiences you had in other lifetimes, timelines and dimensions as teachers and healers who participated in previous ascension cycles. You are already aligned with this energy from other aspects and incarnations. Now you need to align with it from your human aspect and perspective.

While this is a new experience for Earth and humanity at this time, it is not a new experience for many of the emissaries of light who are now participating in this process, it is only new to the 3D aspects that you embody.

You have taken these memories with you, to use them as an aid in this cycle. There are powerful aspects awakening, within each of you and many people, that will reconnect you to your power and divinity, and will help you create the new energetic pathways that become the channels for the new energies needed. are for the next ascension phases.

These are the energies that you are already ‘aligned’ with, now you can align the energies of Earth and humanity. Energetic expansion takes you to a new awareness of your power,

Each ascension cycle brings alignment at new frequencies, moving light and energy further up the spiral of evolution, bringing it closer to Divine Source. The cycles build on each other, and a new one begins with the completion of the previous one.

When a cycle is complete, new frequencies become available, when there has been an expansion through the willingness of humans to embody more light and higher vibrations, which causes new energies to be incorporated. You have now reached the end of a cycle, and are ready to start a new one.

9495Love becomes the new frequency of connection, and the physical man reconnects to his divine center, seeking joy and peace in the experience of life and for the world.

This is not a time to stop, it is a time to put in even more effort, to raise your own vibration, to dig deep into your memory of times when you were powerful teachers and healers, when you came to Earth to participate in other ascension cycles, however they may have ended. You have always been successful at lifting frequencies, even if it has not been enough to complete an entire ascension cycle, and it is now time to realign yourself with that energy.

If this period is frustrating, it is because you are in new phases, and as you move closer to completion, the fear of failure lurks around the corner. Failure is a human belief, and in the larger context of universal movement there is no failure. Focus on the goal of ascension, realignment to divinity, reconnection with the energy of Source, transformation and evolution, a return to the divine nature within.

Be open to receive confirmation of your own strength, radiate your light brightly, and do not fear possible failure, for all your trust and faith are needed now, to keep up with the evolution you have created to complete this cycle now. to complete. And remember, you have the support of all the universe in this process, so ask for help,


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