Thinking more positively? 14 Tips To Be Positive In Life

Be Positive In Life

If everything doesn’t always go well, a person sometimes wants to become depressed and you no longer see the positive sides of life quite right for you.

To prevent this, it is better to keep thinking positively because that certainly has its advantages. and always Be Positive In Life

Positive thinking is healthy for people, but that is of course not always easy. Certainly not if something negative happens or things are not going well, you are more likely to have a less positive attitude in life.

But you can certainly do something about that. In this article you will learn 8 good tips that will help you to be more positive in life.

The power of positive thinking

Not everyone is equally positive. Some people always look at the world a bit more negatively than others, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get the most positive points out of it either, it will just take a little more effort.

 Be Positive In Life

However, if you strive for this, it will also give you more positive energy. And with this energy you can take on the world more easily. Everything you tackle will also come out better if you are positive about it.

Achieve better results by being more positive in life

Always complaining and never looking for adequate solutions has little or no effect if you want to solve problems, so it is better to be positive about them and actually tackle them. A positive attitude certainly also has positive effects on the outcome of something you undertake.

 Be Positive In Life

For example, if you enter an exam or difficult conversation positively, the outcome will also be better if you do this with positive energy. This also applies to things you do at work or for your studies.

If you start with a positive outlook, the job will be less difficult for you and the outcome will also be better than if you start with the attitude that it will not work or will lead to nothing.

Seek help to learn to think positively

Ask for help if needed. If you are not naturally positive, it is often more difficult to see the positive sides of certain things or to approach them in a positive way. If you need some help with this, you can of course ask other people, but we also provide you with well-functioning tips on Gogohood

If this is not enough, you can also follow a course that will make you more positive in life. There are plenty of resources that teach you how to be more positive in life and how to best approach the associated problems.

Break the pattern of negative thinking

The most important thing to be positive is to break the negative pattern. This sounds easier than it is because many things are negative and you are constantly working on that, especially in your mind. Because we are surrounded by people who make negative statements or are only negative and want and can see something ugly in everything, you easily go along with it.

And not everything is positive: if you watch the news every day, you also see a lot of misery passing by, but that does not mean that everything immediately goes to the sharks. To be negative is to choose the path of least resistance.

It’s easy to see everything negatively and complain without looking for a solution. And other people like to join in when you complain. That is an easy solution that costs you little energy. If you are always negative you leave things for what they are but nothing changes.

And once in a while complaining and whining can certainly relieve you, but once it is enough and you better stop with it.

 Be Positive In Life

The problem is, your brain is still programmed to respond to negative emotions the same way it used to when we were surrounded by dangerous predators. By shutting out the outside world and limiting the options you see around you.

For example, if you’ve been in a fight with someone, your anger and frustration can take hold of you so much that you can’t think of anything else. In any case, your brain shuts itself off from the outside world and focuses on the negative emotions of fear, anger, and stress—just like those dangerous predators thousands of years ago.

Negative emotions prevent your brain from seeing the other options and choices around you. It’s your survival instinct.

The power of positive thinking has been scientifically proven

However, research has shown that we can also use this survival mechanism to our advantage. It turns out that when people experience positive emotions such as joy, contentment, and love, they see more possibilities in their lives.

These findings were among the first to suggest that positive emotions increase your sense of possibility and open your mind to more options. But the benefits of positive emotions and that good feeling don’t stop after a few minutes.

The greatest benefit positive emotions provide is an improved ability to develop skills and develop resources for later in life.

But there are multiple reasons to promote positive thinking. A positive person not only lives better but also longer. This has already been demonstrated in various scientific studies.

If you have a positive outlook on life, this will make you less likely to experience stress and that is certainly positive. Stress can lead to physical and psychological complaints, which in turn can lead to a shorter lifespan.

Therefore, try to get as much positive as possible out of life because this will bring you more. Make sure you stay realistic: not everything is positive and possible, but a lot is possible. If you want to know more about positive thinking and its consequences, you can find many books about it, but you can also find options on the internet with courses.

Would you like to know what science says about it? Consult the internet or read scientific articles. It also refers to other texts from which you can draw.

Positive Effects of Positive Thinking

To ensure that your glass is always half full, you have to do something for it, but then you also have something. A positive outlook on life reduces stress but also increases productivity.

If you not only complain about problems but also approach them in a positive way and actually tackle them, this will yield the best solutions.

For example, did something break? Then don’t worry too much about it, but look for a solution. Do you have an appointment that you really dread? Then see what the positive sides are. To the dentist but are you afraid? Then remember that he only wants the best for you and tries to maintain your teeth in the best way.

Moreover, once you’ve been there, you’re off it for half a year. And of course there are plenty of examples that can make life easier for you.

Positive effect on yourself

If you try to think positively, you also become calmer, you experience less stress and everything looks better. Having a positive attitude also makes it easier to solve problems. Moreover, you are less likely to be afraid of problems because you deal with them more easily.

This can be important on many fronts, such as for your work, but also for study or for ordinary everyday matters. In addition, positive thinking ensures that you are more confident and less anxious about certain situations.

Positive effect on another

If you have a positive attitude yourself, it also has an effect on other people. If you solve a problem well, they are less afraid of it and they can handle it better. They see a positive person in you and take that over. That way the world becomes just a little more positive and everything looks sunnier.

That is why it is certainly important to radiate your positivity to other people. And you in turn take this over from other people if you can’t figure it out for a while. Always being negative doesn’t solve anything. The world and the people around you, but also yourself, will not be any better.

If you try to see certain issues positively and tackle them in a positive way, you will find that this leads to solutions but ultimately also to a better world in which more people, together with you, are more positive. Therefore, always try to look at everything positively, even if it is sometimes very difficult.

And yes, people who always see everything positively can seem and can be very tiring, especially if you are not in the best mood. Therefore, always look for the best middle ground.

8 Tips to Think Positively

To be able to think positively you have to stand firm, but with the help of other people and following certain tips you will come a long way. You can do the following to achieve positivity.

Tip #1 Remember that reality is relative

People view reality differently. Therefore, always keep in mind that it is relative and different for everyone. An event that comes across as negative for one person does not necessarily have to be the same for another.

 Be Positive In Life

Everyone has their own thoughts on certain matters and what may be a minor drama for some people may not be at all for others. In other words, when you approach and tackle an issue in a positive way, it will come across as much less dramatic but also easier to resolve.

Tip #2 Have faith in the world

Watching television or the news on the internet certainly does not always make you happier. There is a lot of misery and you are confronted with it every day. This is of course the reality, but there are also plenty of nice messages to be found on the internet. So take a look at that too.

 Be Positive In Life

Search for nice videos on YouTube, for example, or take a look at nice photos that people send you. This is a good counterbalance to all the negativity you come into contact with on a daily basis and also ensures that you think less negatively or get stressed. Distraction is always good, especially if it is positive.

Tip #3 Look at the world positively

It is not always easy to put everything in a positive light, but to keep the world positive it is necessary that you strive for this. Despite all the misery that arises, try to see the positive side again and again.

As long as this side predominates, the world will look better and you can handle it better. And that goes for other people too.
Look for the positive side when something negative has happened.

 Be Positive In Life

Suppose you failed an exam or a job at work didn’t turn out well and you have to start over. Then don’t give up, but look for the positive sides. Failure means that you should do your best next time, but also immediately know what to pay more attention to.

Once you know where the problem lies and which mistakes you have made before, you will not do it a second time and the chance that you will succeed is many times greater.

Tip #4 Ban negative thoughts as much as possible

If you yourself or someone else approach a certain issue in a negative way or make negative statements about something, try to signal this in time.

If you tackle these negative thoughts well and try to turn them into more positive thoughts, everything suddenly looks a lot better. Look not only at what other people say and notice, but also at what you think and say. Act in time and try to get as much positivity out of it as possible.

#5 Focus on things that are going well

People tend to let things that get worse or are negative come to the fore more than the positive things that happen. As a rule, you also remember the negative things better and longer and there is more complaining. If you try to pay more attention to the positive aspects, everything will look better.

There are plenty of positive things that happen in life and they should be emphasized. These don’t have to be earth-shattering events, but if there is something that has a positive influence on you, it is important that you emphasize it. Small things that go well can certainly have added value.

Tip #6 Smile more

When you smile, it doesn’t just mean that you like something. It’s healthy to laugh because your body then produces hormones that make you feel better. When you smile you relax more and you are less stressed. Just laugh a little more often at things that go wrong, not everything is a drama.

 Be Positive In Life

It’s just how you perceive something. If something breaks, sorry. Just smile, buy a new one and just move on. You can think of many ways to laugh, but just watch a nice picture and series on television, relax with a game or do fun things with other people.

Laughing together certainly promotes contact and ensures that your day can’t go wrong. If you smile more at other people, they are more likely to smile back. When you smile, the other person thinks you like something and you convey this feeling.

Tip #7 Ensure sufficient relaxation and avoid stress

If you can relax in time, you will have less stress and the world will look more positive. Without stress, it is easier to pick up new things and tackle jobs. A world where you relax looks better and leads to more positivity. And ensures that you have a better quality of life.

 Be Positive In Life

Tip #8: Maintain a positive self-image

If you are not always positive yourself, it is often difficult to see the positive side of certain things. In that case, if you are surrounded by people who think just as negatively as you do, it is not always easy to break through that negative spiral.

Therefore, seek refuge with people who are positive. This can ensure that you also think more positively about certain things and that you can handle the world better.

 Be Positive In Life

It is certainly important that you think positively about yourself. Many people tend to judge themselves negatively when something goes wrong. They then think things like “I’m not good at anything either, I can’t do anything. Everything I want to do always goes wrong.” and so forth.

This is of course not true, but because you are already thinking negatively, this is only reinforced and it is difficult to get out of this. You can do several things to get a better and more positive self-image. You can of course sit down with it, but that has no effect.

First, listen to what other people have to say about you. If they mention positive points, you can continue with that. Some tips to keep thinking positive and improve your self-image are the following.

Tip #9 Stay yourself (in a positive sense)

Don’t compare yourself to other people because you think they are better than you. Everyone is different and you are fine just the way you are. If other people don’t like this then that’s a shame for them but you can live your life the way you want as long as you don’t hurt others with it.

You are perfectly capable of doing what you want and can do for yourself. If other people don’t agree with that, you don’t have to change it for them just yet, because that will only make you unhappy.

Always trust yourself and make time for yourself. If you work on your self-confidence, you will also develop a positive self-image.

Tip #10 Take a good look at what you do and don’t want

Some things you can’t avoid but if you don’t have to, then just don’t do things you hate. That only creates more stress and it doesn’t make you more positive either. Don’t force yourself to do certain things that are not mandatory even if other people push you to do so. If you don’t want to, just don’t do it.

Tip #11 Realize that you always have a choice

You don’t have to do what someone else does and if he or she is negative, you can just try to stay positive. No matter how bad something is, always try to get the positive out of it. Don’t do things you don’t support. If they fail, this does not benefit a positive self-image.

Tip #12 Appreciate what you have

You can certainly strive for more, but be happy with what you have. This ensures that you can think more positively and see the brighter sides better.

 Be Positive In Life

Of course you can wish for things, but make sure that it remains realistic. This also encourages a positive self-image.

Tip #13 Convert your positive thoughts into actions

Negative thoughts often stay with you longer than the positive ones, but that doesn’t mean you can build on them alone. If you try to think more positively, it will also reflect on your actions and you can start with more enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is not only contagious to other people but also leads to better results for yourself.

Tip #14 Make sure you are in a good mood

Try to get up in a good mood and try to think of positive things when you get up. If you go to bed in a good mood, this will also ensure that you sleep better, start the day better rested and look at it more positively.

 Be Positive In Life

Do you have something to do that day that you dread doing? Then try to think of other (fun) things and still put your best foot forward with that one lousy job. Then you bring this to an end quickly and well.

Learning positive thinking with books, Be Positive In Life

Also look for good self-help books or other articles on this website that teach you to think and live more positively.

A success story can also stimulate you to think positively. This only improves your self-image and that positivity leads to things you may have thought you could never do. And that is only beneficial.


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