Behind the misery is a huge brilliance

Behind the misery is a huge brilliance
Every person comes across periods in his or her life when the pain of existence seems to become almost unbearable. For some, this is rare, and the pain is relatively mild. Others, however, can be weighed down by agonizing misery for which there is hardly any solace. And then you fall deeper and deeper into your own vale of tears, into a dark pit that seems to have no bottom. You wonder where all this pain comes from. And also whether it will ever end.

If you, or someone you love, are going through such a period right now – feeling that the next breath, living another day, is hardly worth considering – then I’m glad you’re reading this. You may find a few pieces of the puzzle, pieces that you have not yet explored. A mystery. Maybe a miracle.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the effort yourself. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to do work for yourself. Miracles are not a quick or easy fix, not a wipe for the bleeding. However, they activate a spiritual power that has divine authority to help you. God is present, even at this point, in the depths of your misery. And if you seek contact with Him, He seeks it with you.

Think of the possibility that anything, really anything, is possible. I am not asking you to believe that, only that you consider that indeed that may be true, that anything is possible. Just the thought – that miracles can happen – paves the way for improvement and healing more than you can imagine. He opens the door to a realm of limitless possibilities, whatever lies behind you or whatever you are going through right now.

Behind the misery is a huge brilliance

The misery you are in now does not determine your future; your future is determined by who you are as you go through your grief. With that, I do not want to question the intensity of your suffering. That suffering is absolutely real, in the mortal world.

But the reality you are involved in is not in itself what it appears to be, nor are you who you currently think you are. We can expand the definition of who you are, and also the definition of the world – and then your life is going to change. Your human self may be in hell right now, but your divine self is literally untouched by your suffering. And that divine I you really are.

Your unconscious is aware of your greater reality and will take on the role of showing it to you as soon as you are ready. It’s a process that’s one of the great developments of your life because you’re going to see things you didn’t see before and understand things you didn’t know before. You are not going to cover, suppress or deny your tears, your despair, your fear, your anger, your guilt, your indignation, your regret, your panic.

You are not going to solve them by leaving them in the dark, but by bringing them to light. And as soon as you do that, behind that misery you see such a tremendous brilliance – in yourself and in the world – that you will indeed call your journey through the misery a blessing because it has brought you to yourself, and to the meaning of your life.

And then the miracles begin…




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