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Being highly sensitive & well grounded : how do I build my foundation?

Being well grounded means that you are connected to the earth. Our entire body then gets its energy from the earth and can also discharge heavy energy through this route.

Being grounded is therefore a source of energy and safety. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why we lose this contact with the earth. So why do we humans become so often degenerate?

The pressure of society? Money worries? Stressed? What causes our system to become unbalanced? And how do we return to contact with the ground beneath our feet?

Losing contact with the earth

The moment you are degenerate, you often think you are in danger. At least it feels that way.

Our stress system is then activated. This causes us to turn our attention outward. In this way we move away from our feelings, our safe base and contact with the earth.

It is then as if the ground disappears under your feet. We shoot from our lower body to our head. We then reflect on what has degenerated us or we flee from it. We usually flee into thinking.

This happens consciously or unconsciously and takes many forms. Such as daydreaming, falling into addictive habits and more. Our energy can even draw itself from the lower part of our body. And that in turn causes us to lose contact with the earth. But also: the contact with our legs and stomach. Our instinct or subconscious then takes over.

A hazard warning system

Back in prehistoric times, when most of our day was about survival, it was our stress system that made us alert when danger was imminent, and this was also very important. It was very valuable that our instincts were turned on because there was much more (life) danger than now.

Nowadays it is mainly situations that are not life-threatening that make us feel unsafe, while we are therefore not in real physical danger. Our body often thinks differently about this. It reacts as if it is in danger, when it is only our ego that thinks we are in danger.

Grounding in the present time

Nowadays, insecurity is no longer always linked to direct (life) danger. Yet there are many things that make you feel like you are in danger. Think of financial problems, health problems, unemployment or dissatisfaction with your workplace, quarrels, domestic unrest, loud noises in the city and much more.

The list goes on and on. There are many things in our society that can make us feel unsafe or ungrounded. And once we are ungrounded, there is often something else that makes us feel unsafe. Because the more ungrounded we are and the more stress we experience, the more we tend to see things as a threat to ourselves.

What happens if I become degenerate?

When you think or believe you are in danger, you probably tend to run to your head. You then actually flee from the feeling of insecurity that lives in you and thereby lose contact with your emotions. This feeling of insecurity is then reinforced by overthinking things while you are already in an insecure emotional state. In this way we become more and more disconnected with our body and we get higher and higher in our breath and energy.

Without proper grounding, we feel stressed, we lose control more easily and we turn into a victim more quickly. This is because we think we are in danger. I then see this as our inner animal that gets scared. We should be able to pamper this animal a bit, just as we would for a startled pet.

How can we start to feel safe again?

The first may be the realization that you are not in real danger. You are here, alive, with the right to occupy your space, to give yourself the rest you need and also to be helped.

You have the power to resolve the situation before you. Alone or with the help and advice of others.

Whatever is going on with you right now, you certainly don’t have to do it alone and you can know that you are safe. It is possible that there is a boundary that you are now running into, but you can break this boundary. You have overcome the challenges that life gave you before and you can do it again.

Building our foundation

In order to experience more safety, so that we can stay better grounded, we will have to build a solid foundation for ourselves. This means that we find stability in fulfilling our basic needs. Financial security, a roof over our heads, food on your plate. But also: good clothes. What you need to feel your base can vary from person to person. It can also depend on the phase of your life, your self-esteem or the character you have.

For example, imagine that you are given a job where it is suddenly important that you wear a suit or look very well groomed because otherwise you may lose your job. Then your income and the payment of your house/mortgage may depend on how you dress. And clothing and personal care has become part of your basic needs, at least when you go to work.

From limitations to mastery

As you could have just read, we live in a world of limitations. We are here to become this master. To find our way in this, the part of being human. And if we don’t master it, it will master us. We then continue to move through life without a foundation, without a foundation on which to build.

This foundation consists of the basic needs we need to feel safe and grounded. If we don’t take care of this foundation for ourselves, these needs will rule our lives.

It can be quite challenging to transform your life and give yourself a foundation on which to build the rest of your life, but it is the foundation on which you build the rest of your home. Besides the physical things you could do in this to take care of your base, the energetic aspect is equally important. This means that you can take care of your energy and emotional world. Especially in this turbulent time we live in, it is important to also have a strong energetic base and to take care of your inner world.

Taking care of your inner world

It’s not just your physical needs that you find in the world around you that are important to your base. How you feel inside is equally important. Your environment also reacts to this.

You may experience that when you feel very happy, everything in your life goes by itself. It is as if your outer world reacts to your positive inner world. That’s right, you attract what you radiate. And when you feel positive, you are extra powerful. So to get things done that will provide your solid foundation , you need both, your physical needs as well as your ‘inner world needs’.

This means that, for example, you do exercises to bring your attention more into your body, make contact with the earth and meditate while you have your lower body. On the other hand, there are the physical things you can do, take action, exercise and take care of yourself. The physical aspect is of course something you can start with right away, but the energetic aspect is not always easy, it is usually not something you have learned.


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