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Being in your own energy or in that of the other…


We all have different frequencies. Through life experience and new interests, your frequency changes anyway. You feel good with people with whom you have the same wavelength, you get energy and inspiration from it. With a person who has a different wavelength than you, you feel uncomfortable, you get tired faster or communication is difficult. Your own frequency changes throughout your life. That’s why people come and go…

energy takers

It is fundamentally very important to stay in your own energy. To live from your own core. When you are really practiced in it, you will notice, learn, feel and recognize what your energy is and what someone else’s is. You will also feel and notice when people tap your energy or when you do this to the other person. It doesn’t have to be malicious. It can simply be a habit without anyone notifying.
It’s a bad habit…

As long as you don’t realize it and just ‘let it happen’, you will automatically deflate. Especially when there are a few guzzlers in your life where all your energy is leaking away.

Losing energy to a slurper can just happen at the checkout of the supermarket. But someone can also take energy from you via Facebook, Insta and television, for example! how? Requesting attention in a certain way, reacting in a certain way, using certain words, dragging you into your own fear or interests…

But there are always people around you, in your immediate environment, on your socials, in your family and on TV who give you energy! Just pay attention to who gives you energy or who takes your energy away. Just look at what gives you energy or where it leaks away.

Never ‘blame’ others for being your energy consumers, but make sure it doesn’t happen to you again! Make sure you stay in your own energy and keep it to yourself. That’s the only correct way to deal with this.6 types of empaths

being a slurper

You may also be a ‘slurper’ yourself. Without you knowing! What you then do subconsciously is tapping energy from others to feel good. That’s because you haven’t taught yourself to feel, nurture, and stay in your own energy. What is also possible is that for protection (actually anaesthetic) you are so closed off from yourself that you can no longer reach it. You can no longer feel and feed your own energy.

When you are very focused on the well-being of others and you often forget yourself, you can be an energy taker from others, when you often think you are a giver!

The misery is that you don’t feel well at all and will never even feel well because of the energy of another, because you also feel the aches, misery, emotions and worries because of that. Since all those things are not your own, you can’t do anything with them. You then get into those moments when you think: Why do I feel so weird / strange / tired / empty / angry / with a headache / nauseous, etc.?

The energy of others eventually becomes excess energy in your body that keeps accumulating, even making you sick in the long run.

When you empathize with someone quickly, want to take over concerns, are a cry person, are solution-oriented or have a lot of problems yourself, then you are focused on the other person. With that you are in the energy of the other. You can get pretty exhausted from that because it doesn’t feed your soul. You can be inspired by others, but feeding your soul you really have to do it yourself.

Take care of yourself!

So make sure you stay in your own energy. That you get to know it well and quickly feel whether it flows away or stays with you!

You will see that you will soon feel much better.

I myself also struggled for a while to discover whether I was an energy giver or an energy guzzler. I had not been feeling well for a long time and I just couldn’t manage to be full of vibrant energy for a whole day. In fact, I just got more tired and fuzzy in my head. As a result, I started looking for ‘fast energy’ that made me eat wrong, withdraw from my loved ones (because I wanted to keep all the energy I had with myself) and I started to make sure that I got as many likes as possible on FB and taking great care of others… that sort of thing. But did that really make me feel good? No, not that.

I found that in certain situations I lost energy and in certain situations, as a filler, I allowed that of others into my system. I also discovered that I was losing energy to what I thought gave me energy. It was very confusing!

I solved it by becoming aware on a daily basis of the energy leaks, the triggers, the mirrors and the ‘cues’: the coincidences that life showed me. It is an intense way of becoming aware and it forced me to be honest with myself. Not always comfortable and easy!

But what I got in return was connection. Connection with my soul. This makes it easier for me to listen to my intuition, make better decisions, and feel more confident in myself. I no longer have to apologize for what I think or think and worry about what others think of me. In short, I am much more confident.


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