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Being twins, being born alone and the imprints of this


Not wanting to exist…

Coming together, the bond that was formed forever. The eternal quest for the other. The feeling of not being complete, of looking for something that is not found.

Experiencing loneliness and soul pain. The feeling of not wanting to live, not wanting to exist. Not wanting to be born, causing the birth to take place with great pain, effort and slowness. This is for both mother and child.

Fear of being left behind

Being afraid of being left alone, afraid of being left alone in the dark and especially at a young age being afraid of being left in the water (the sea or the pool). This reminds us of the time in the womb. The sound of the water combined with fear has the same resonance.

In particular, the sound the water produces when there is movement throws back to a time of togetherness in the womb that was then abruptly discontinued. All confrontations that evoke the re-experience of being alone.

Bonding issues

Feeling an outsider, not experiencing togetherness and recognition with other children. Even to have the feeling of being completely different from one’s own sisters and brothers. Unable to achieve bonding.

Difficulty trusting people and unforeseeable situations. Having a love-hate relationship with your own birthday and then you feel like you can’t celebrate it long and often enough. Being familiar with huge separation anxiety. The place that should be the most safe, the womb, was experienced as the most unsafe place.

Urge for recognition, urge to perform and impatience

womb-gate-Does your birth affect you even now?

Have a very strong will. Feeling the urge to get the most out of life. Have an enormous drive for achievement and urge for recognition. Get angry when others don’t understand what you’re talking about.

Get angry when you are not taken seriously. To have little patience. Be able to see connections fairly quickly. Be very solution-oriented. Not being able to understand very well why long meetings have to be held when the situation is clear and the solution is at hand. Being super easily distracted if the subject doesn’t appeal to you.

being super sensitive

Being super sensitive. Being highly sensitive. Being able to see through situations and people quickly. Recognizing people’s intentions at a young age. Being able to feel energies and act on this basis.

Experiencing the death of someone in the immediate environment during the early years as something very overwhelming, resulting in severe panic attacksAlso experience from an early age a companion who experiences life with you and with whom you have conversations and receive support from childhood. To have mediumistic gifts. (More on this in my upcoming article!)

Congenital disability

Being born with a physical disability, part of a body part of which is not fully formed, but only half of it is present.


At the same time having special idiosyncrasies, for example wearing clothes and accessories in a certain way. For example, I love to wear a men’s shirt. I usually wear my watch on the right.

Or wanting to wear a hair dividing line a certain way. Often able to use both the right and left hand well and to be able to write with both hands. Frequently speaking in the we form while talking about yourself.

the subconscious

The subconscious stores all the events that we experience as living beings. From the beginning we have a consciousness and we can feel and experience, even though we are still so young, we are in the womb and we are not yet born.

Everything that the living being experiences at the time of its origin, pregnancy, birth and afterwards is stored and has consequences for the further development as a human being.

This also implies the traumas incurred, such as losing a twin brother or sister or experiencing a difficult birth. As long as there is no awareness in this, there will be hindrance in the further developments and the life of the individual concerned.


Anyone familiar with the subject matter of this article will at some point in life come to the realization that he or she is part of twins or multiples of which he or she was born alone. Your subconscious has always known this.

It occurs in the conscious by having come into contact with information about this or by having a wider consciousness where it presents itself to you and confirmation comes about the inner knowing that you have always had. Then the liberation is there and you can start accepting and processing that you have experienced this.

By collecting more awareness about this, you are better able to understand why you react in a certain way, why you have difficulty with certain things, why certain blockages have arisen and why you have made certain choices.

The possibility therefore presents itself to make a conscious choice to allow healing to take place so that you can continue and consciously choose how you want to shape your life further. Life presents its challenges, but it stands and falls with how you choose to deal with it!

In addition, due to technology, more knowledge and information about single-born twins can now be recognized at a much earlier stage than 40-60 years ago.

Where when the mother was confronted with heavy bleeding during pregnancy and then had to wait anxiously whether there was still a pregnancy, this can now be traced with an ultrasound. Evidence of this can also be found in the placenta. In addition, today there is more research and there are several books that provide information about this and therapists who specialize in this topic.


I am familiar with this matter myself. It was a long search, I know what this does to you and at the same time, after my processing of the past, I can see it as a blessing. To be part of twins.

It is a special bond that goes beyond death. All the experiences I have gained with this have contributed in a positive way to the person I am today. I am grateful for that and I am very proud that my deceased twin brother can now be one of my guides.

In honor of you Jean-Carlo, forever together……


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