Being yourself a struggle? Half choosing is not choosing!


Do you keep losing yourself? Feel your power and passion for a moment, but then it turns again like a leaf on the tree. Again that old fear, disappointing feelings or gloom. Frustrating! We are all fully in the process of transformation, but can this also go smoothly? It’s possible. But how do you do that?

During this transformation, the soul world and the earth world come together. Your soul may come home to the physical body here on earth, the way to be yourself in freedom. The question is, does the soul want to be on Earth? If there is resistance in your soul, it is mirrored by an exhausting struggle of your body against the amalgamation, so being yourself. As long as your earthly I and your soul I are not one, life remains a struggle.

Just tune in to yourself!

For me, 2020 started as a lesson in clarity. In everything I do and experience, I am asked to continue to feel what my truth is. Do I want this, is this correct and do I really choose this? The moment I do something where I am not fully present myself, I get into situations and feelings that do not serve me.

I get restless, work harder to get things done, get frictions, or feel disappointed. The opposite of what I need. If I really choose, 100% intention, all focus on myself, then I will be present again in no time. I feel good again, feel my joy and create a new article within 10 minutes. Just like that… while before that I was stagnant and worried about my productivity.

clarity. Really only tuning in to yourself and no indifference or distractions. Just this, just that. So sad for others. Still going to that appointment while I don’t feel like it. NO!!! The transformation does not have to be heavy if you dare to be true to your own feelings.

Surrender and serve yourself

This transformation asks us to serve ourselves and the life that has been given to us. I have a soul and an earthly body, I have to take care of that. Last week I was physically quite stuck. My shoulders, neck and hips felt sore and tense. I could perceive that my soul was locked, hiding its beauty and love. A deeply ingrained belief at soul level, with which I switch myself off to feel safe. With this I literally and figuratively lose my life.

The moment I asked to open my soul, my neck relaxed. After the soul’s love descended, my pelvis opened and I could receive the life energy of mother earth again. It is this earthly healing power that can liberate my soul from the conflicts of my lives. Without a true soul presence, we lack the courage and protection to stand up for who we are and we continue to disable ourselves. Unification of my soul and body gives me my life back.

Mutual Healing

How beautiful, life on earth makes soul healing possible, while the soul gives the body access to the unconditional love that is necessary for physical healing. The soul-I and the earthly-I therefore have a mutual interest. Together they can create a paradise on earth. It is time that we no longer separate soul existence from our earthly life.

How do I do that?

It may sound vague or hazy. Yet you can approach this very ‘earthly’. The basis is that you must be consciously present in your body. This foundation gives you back control over your body, soul and feelings. Choosing to really want to live helps you with this.

Practically returning to your base:

Choose that you really want to be here; I really want to live. The feeling behind the intention determines how easily you get there. Don’t try your best. Feel that you deserve it, need it and that NOW is your time.

Ask your feet to open to the Earth energy. Choose that you want to receive the help that is available. Ask your body to be open to it. Let it happen, surrender and take your time. You may feel yourself settle more firmly in the chair.

Choose to open your crown, but keep your attention on your feet. Take your time, make it happen.

When you feel your body calming down, ask yourself to walk in the back of your heart. A neutral, quiet place for you. Get help to get there and make it happen.

From your base, you are in control. From here you can work on embodiment of the soul. Any physical signal, such as aches and pains, are distractions from your base. The same goes for thoughts. If they are there, observe them, but return to your base so that you can control what happens to your body and soul.

The universe works faster for you when you enjoy it. So focus on a positive feeling within yourself. The stronger your intention, the more effective.

Practical: Place your hand on your stomach. Feel your softness, love, warmth, or humor (choose what works for you) while remaining in the back of your base. Just focus on feeling these beautiful feelings inside you. Take your time, and surrender to what is happening. Stay focused on the good in you.

This is the beginning of the road to self-healing. It is literally working internally, which requires a lot of practice. Do you long for the freedom to live your life to the fullest? Do you want to be able to take back control in moments when you lose yourself? Do you want to feel what you want again and stop giving yourself away? Or do you want to learn how to choose your life again? You are welcome at a workshop or opt for the training In Freedom Yourself. In half a year you manage to be yourself in every situation.


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