8 Best Supplements For Stress & How To Use Them


You’ve probably heard that certain nutritional supplements can help relieve stress and help you cope better with stress.

I would like to list some important supplements against stress with a proven effect for you.

Do you experience a lot of stress in your daily life and do you want to know which supplements against stress are best for you? This article will definitely help you with that!

Purpose of this blog:  Are you looking for supplements against stress? In this article you will discover all about it. Which are the best anti-stress supplements and how to use them. After reading this article you will know exactly which ones can be useful for you.

Supplements that can help against stress

There are a handful of natural supplements that have been shown to relieve feelings of stress and tension.

We live in a busy society in which more and more is demanded of us. Some external stressors are difficult to avoid. That’s the way it is.

You can learn how to deal with stress better so that you have fewer physical complaints due to stress .

There are many ways to reduce  stress without drugs . Exercise, mindfulness, yoga and a healthy lifestyle can help you cope better with stress.

With these tools you can limit the harmful effects that stress has on your body and mind.

But food and nutritional supplements also play an important role in combating and relieving stress.

Let’s take a look at which stress-reducing supplements may be of interest to you.

1. CBD oil

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the active ingredient extracted from leaves and flower tops of industrial hemp. CBD is sold in the form of oil and capsules.

A lot of research has been done on the health benefits of CBD oil. Cannabidiol relieves chronic pain in conditions such as migraine, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lung disease, etc…

However, CBD also provides relief from anxiety disorders and stress.

According to  research  , CBD mainly helps anxiety in PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), panic disorders,  social anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders.

CBD+ Oil 5% from Jacob Hooy

CBD+ Oil 5%


2.  Valerian

Valerian is known for its calming properties that make you less sensitive to stress and help you sleep better. It is a traditional tranquilizer.

The active ingredient of valerian is in the roots. You can perfectly make a herbal infusion from dried roots. However, it is much more convenient to take valerian as an anti-stress supplement in capsules or tablets.

In addition, regular use of valerian reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Valerian is one of the most well-known anti-stress supplements.

Several studies have found that overall sleep quality improves significantly with valerian.

Valerian Extract from Vitaminstore

  • Contents: 100 capsules.
  • 100% vegetable.
  • Take 1 capsule at bedtime with a glass of water.
  • In stressful times, you can also take 2-3 capsules per day. Spread this out throughout the day.
  • Price: 15.95 Euros.
Valerian Extract


3.  Melatonin

Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates your body’s sleep-wake rhythm. The level of the hormone rises in the evening when it is dark to promote sleep. In the morning when it gets light, the level of melatonin in your body drops so that you wake up rested.

Several  studies in people with stress-induced sleep problems have shown that melatonin supplements significantly reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. The subjects also slept better and woke up less often during the night.

Melatonin pure 0.299 mg from Lucovitaal

  • Content: 500 tablets.
  • Anti-stress supplement in tablet form.
  • Take 1 tablet with water shortly before going to sleep.
  • Price: 18.99 Euros.
Pure melatonin 0.299 mg


4.  Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea or rose root is considered an adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural substances that boost the body’s resistance to physical, environmental and emotional stressors.

This herb is used to combat stress and can help with fatigue, depression and anxiety.

An 8-week  study of 100 people with chronic fatigue symptoms due to poor sleep quality showed that a supplement of 400 mg of Rhodiola per day improved symptoms after just 1 week.

The participants in this study also indicated that their short-term memory and concentration improved.

Rhodiola LF from Vitals

Rhodiola LF


5.  Glycine

Glycine is known for its calming effects and can be helpful for sleeping and concentration problems.

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that your body uses to make protein. Your body can produce glycine itself, but your diet must also contain glycine. The main sources of glycine are high-protein foods, including meat, fish, dairy products and legumes.

Glycine has a calming effect on the brain and lowers your body temperature. The result of this is that you sleep better.

Glycine can increase your body’s resistance to stress,  research shows .

Glycine 500mg from Vital Cell Life

  • Contents: 100 capsules.
  • 1 capsule per day at least one hour before or after a meal with water.
  • Price: 30 Euros.
Glycine 500mg


6.  Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha plays an important role in the traditional Indian herbal medicine of Ayurveda.

Ashwagandha lowers your stress level and improves your mood.

It a good physical and mental balance ensures. You probably know that you can have a pretty short fuse from stress .

Most importantly, Ashwagandha lowers the cortisol level in the body. It is especially this hormone that damages your body and mind when you are under stress.

review of 5 studies on the effect of ashwagandha on anxiety and stress found that subjects who took ashwagandha extract experienced less stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Ashwagandha Root Extract from Solgar vitamins

Ashwagandha Root Extract


7.  L-theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid most commonly found in tea leaves. A review of 21 studies involving as many as 68,000 people found that drinking green tea reduces anxiety and improves concentration.

This is mainly due to the combination of caffeine and L-theanine. Still, L-theanine on its own can also help relieve stress.

Studies have shown that this natural component of tea leaves reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

L-Theanine and Lemon Balm by Viridian

  • Content: 30 capsules.
  • These capsules contain 200 mg L-theanine and 300 mg lemon balm.
  • Completely vegetable.
  • Take one to two capsules daily, preferably with a meal.
  • Price: 25.95 Euros.
L-Theanine and Lemon Balm


8.  Vitamin B Complex

B complex vitamins usually contain all eight B vitamins. Vitamin B is known to reduce stress and improve mood.

Because  high blood pressure due to stress is also bad for your cardiovascular system, it is certainly a good idea to use vitamin B complex as an anti-stress supplement.

This happens mainly because vitamin B lowers homocysteine ​​levels, according to several  studies . Homocysteine ​​​​is a non-essential amino acid that can cause cardiovascular problems in large amounts.

Active vitamin B complex Bonusan

Active vitamin B complex


Is paracetamol good for stress?

Physical pain and emotional pain are processed in some of the same brain regions.

Recent research has shown that paracetamol relieves not only physical but also emotional pain.

Physical pain has two aspects: the sensory experience of pain and the emotional component. It’s your brain that decides how much you feel pain. It is especially that last aspect that is shared with emotional sensitivity.

Subjects who had taken paracetamol in the above study showed less stress when confronted with subjects who were in pain. Paracetamol would therefore have a positive influence on the ability to empathize.

Although paracetamol has a positive influence on emotional pain in certain areas, researchers conclude that it has not been proven to be an effective means of relieving stress. Paracetamol is and remains a pain reliever and a fever reducer.

Experimenting with paracetamol to relieve stress is certainly not a good idea. There are many anti-stress supplements that are very effective and safe to live with less stress.

What is the best remedy for stress?

With a healthy lifestyle you are well on your way to better manage and relieve stress. Sufficient exercise, a good night’s sleep and a healthy diet are necessary.

Daily anti-stress supplements will undoubtedly also make you more resistant to stress and can help you deal better with stress-related complaints .

The most important thing is to avoid stress and ensure that the load comes in less heavily, so that you are less likely to be irritated. I know all too well that this is not easy in today’s society.

Yet this is not impossible! Because I think your health is important, I want to help you with this.


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