Beyond Narcissism: Why It’s So Important to Attune to Love

Is Narcissism Hereditary
When you tune in to love, your life (and that of others) changes completely. “Higher frequency feelings lead to more pleasure, happiness, enthusiasm and generosity,” says Mjon van Oers, author of Beyond Narcissism . In this article she explains why it is so important to choose love right now.

As you allow the high-frequency energy of love to flow through you, you will experience greater vitality, as well as greater awareness.

A great source of energy

Love is one of the greatest sources of energy with which we can connect as a human being. Every person is naturally connected with this force. Yet negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, doubt, guilt, hatred and, for example, narcissism in your life can block your loving energy flow and thus cause all kinds of emotional, spiritual or health problems. But if you manage to connect with the energy source of love, then your infinitely powerful reserves are available.

To overcome fears

Living in love is the opposite of living in fear. Perhaps the current situation in the world instills fear and mistrust in you. Yet it is precisely from this uncertainty that something new can arise. If you can focus on love and look at the new blooming energies that are also there, you will see new possibilities. It helps to have the hope and confidence that we are all on the way to a new consciousness. The change process is in full swing.

In the midst of this shift, you have a choice. You can choose to be dissatisfied with what is going on and live with the old energy full of fear, anger, despair and aggression. Or you can tune in to love and make your choices from the wisdom in your loving heart. In the process of overcoming your fear, you are still sometimes confronted with negative emotions. This is because in this life we ​​experience things that way with our ego ‘I’s’.

The old narcissistic world promotes the sense of scarcity and the psychology of fear. However, if you realize that this is only part of the reality, you can use the magic of love to direct your energy.

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Positive effects of choosing love

As you allow the high-frequency energy of love to flow through you, you will experience greater vitality, as well as greater awareness. Higher frequency feelings lead to more pleasure, happiness, enthusiasm and generosity. And higher frequency thoughts and motivation mean more innovation, creativity, inspiration, forgiveness, recovery and service for all.

You too can choose love. It works in all areas of your life. It may not be easy to be always connected to your inner wisdom, but every moment offers you the opportunity to choose again. It is about finding your life force from your inner self. It is also about reducing your fears by doing your inner work and continuing to increase your life force. Then you discover new possibilities based on the energy of connection instead of toxic separateness.

A happier and lighter life

You too can step into a new way of thinking. Every time you find yourself drifting into old fearful thinking habits, you can realign with love. A very simple and practical way to do this is: think of the word Love . Every time you do that and respond more lovingly to the challenges of life, you experience life as happier and lighter. As you become more and more in love yourself, your values ​​change and you distance yourself from the outdated egocentric and narcissistic structures around you and from the past. You get out of your old fearful and dependent mindset and find alternative ways to support

The shift to a new earth

Choosing love is ultimately a lifelong journey. This journey is as much about awareness as it is about honoring yourself. It is also about bringing your shadows to light so that you can exchange the toxic darkness in your life for the pure light. And… ultimately this journey is as much about you as an individual as it is about how you connect yourself to everything else.

Because not only you as an individual, but also the world needs a lot of love right now because of everything that is going on. Not romantic love and not ego based love, but human to human love. Just as we are.

When you understand that the earth as a whole is an energy and you see the shift from the old earth to a new earth as an ‘upgrade’ of the loving energy, it is easier to see what you can contribute with your own personal energy and how. In this way you as an individual can use your skills and talents meaningfully to create a mutual connection and a loving energy exchange instead of narcissistic separation.

We live in a time of growth of human consciousness and the creation of a new future. A future in connection and beyond narcissism. Not only in intentions, but also in actions. The way to do that is to tune in to love.

Listening to the wisdom of your heart

By listening more to the wisdom of your heart, instead of the fear of your ego, you make a difference not only in your own life, but also in that of those around you. As a result, they too can take a more loving life and in turn ‘infect’ others with loving energy. They too can then receive and spread more love, and so on. In this way, a different, more loving energy can eventually unfold, all around you.

Learning to overcome fear and tune in to love is an ongoing process. The fastest way to do that: to create the self around you. First, by being loving towards yourself. Second, by acting as a source of love for others, by being aware and supportive wherever they are in their lives. Knowing that everyone has to walk their own path in this collective awakening process.


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