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Biodanza: creative dance and authentic connections

Maybe you recognize yourself in this. You are too much in your head, instead of in your body. Society asks you to come up with a rational solution, but your feeling screams for attention. Sometimes you have trouble drawing your own boundaries. You don’t want to disappoint others, so you pursue their expectations. But what do you actually want?

In today’s society of smartphones and ‘Everything good?’, you need real contact.

But to give a hug to a stranger who needs it on the train? That seems only allowed if you give a ‘ hug me ‘ board in your hands.Fortunately, there are still places where you can safely learn to draw your own boundaries, where authentic contact still takes place and hugs are gifts that you give to yourself and to each other. I’m talking about Biodanza.

At Biodanza you can be who you are

At Biodanza you can be who you are. And from within yourself, you can connect with the Earth, the Elements, the Cosmos and with each other. It is a dance class where your performance is not taken into account. Nobody judges you.

On the Biodanza dance floor you can creatively express how you feel at that moment, and in collaboration with other creative dancers, beautiful dances are created! Instead of sitting in your head, which you often do during the day at work, school and at home, you sink into your body while dancing. It is dancing on feeling instead of fixed steps.biodanza

(Spiritual) experience

In Biodanza (designed by Rolando Toro Araneda) the vivencia method is very important. To be in vivencia means to be in experience. The following principles on which the lessons are based serve the vivencia:

Head, heart and decisiveness

An important threefold division that is made at Biodanza is that of the head, the heart and your decisiveness. These three centers play an important role in our daily life. Just think when you make choices: do you often do that from your head, or from your heart? Or do you notice that the two are in conflict with each other? And how does that conflict result in what you actually do?


When I started Biodanza, I noticed that my head was getting in the way. The reason I avoided discos as much as possible was because I was too afraid to dance (exuberantly), afraid of being judged. Now the point had come again that I would dance in a room with others. What had I started?

Fortunately, as I took more classes, things got better and better. I could get more ‘out of my head’ and ‘into my body’. I have learned a lot from observing my own thoughts. Like that you shouldn’t judge yourself by how you dance, and that you shouldn’t take the prejudices about others running through your head seriously. Now when I tell people about Biodanza and they say: ‘That sounds great, but I can’t dance’, I recognize that and then I say: ‘It doesn’t matter at all!’


Another center that comes into play while dancing is your heart. Your heart has many emotions to deal with every day, and believe it or not, it needs emotions to be expressed as well. In Biodanza there is attention for the heart. How do you build a good relationship with yourself, to meet others from there? Do you ever consciously pay attention to that heart area? You learn at Biodanza, by doing it.heart-rose


And that last step, doing it, can sometimes also be a problem. Maybe you recognize yourself in situations where you want to say or do something, but are just frozen. Captivated by fear of what to choose. And in that conflict between thinking and feeling, it is sometimes difficult to choose: do you follow your head, or do you follow your heart?
Most importantly, what you actually do is in line with what feels right for you. That is why there are dance exercises within Biodanza that help you align these three centers. As the lesson progresses, you get more and more into your body. And then your head will be less dominant in making your (dance) choices.

Connection with others

What is often missing outside in the ‘hard world’ is authentic connection: real attention for each other. At Biodanza there is. To cheerful music you dance in a circle of equality and harmony; during the rest of the lesson there is alternating attention for yourself and for each other during the dance. Active dancing and relaxing alternate.

This is what makes Biodanza so happy. You participate in a creative process together, in which there is room for smiling at each other and giving each other a hug. You feel accepted, which gives you confidence. The lesson ends again in that circle with each other; and after that there’s an extra song for ‘dessert’ to dance to.


As an HSP, I notice that it can sometimes be difficult to set my own boundaries. But within Biodanza you learn that you can and can do that. You learn to take responsibility for your own well-being. If you don’t want to dance with someone, but want to sit on the couch for a while, that’s okay too.

If you’re thirsty, grab a cup of water. When emotions come up, you can express them. You may laugh, cry, play and give the Universal Love with a sweet look. Giving a hug is allowed, but not necessary.

I am very curious about what you think about Biodanza. After reading this, would you consider a trial lesson? Or do you already have Biodanza experience? Tell us your findings!


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