Bless your teachers

Bless your teachers, and they are all those who participate in your life. Your teachers are those who serve you in ways that you appreciate and enjoy, and those who serve you in ways that hurt you. Each of them loves you and participates in your life,

for the purpose of your healing, growth, learning and transformation. And it is the teachers who are your greatest challenge on an emotional level, taking you to higher energetic vibrations, to deeper learning and more powerful living.

Chaos is a great motivator for humans, and those who create chaos in you answer the call for healing of your soul. All your teachers bless you in some way, and if you bless them too, it is an expression of grace.

Chaos is a great motivator for humans

It’s hard to bless those who hurt you, but that’s because you think blessing is an emotional thing.

It is an energetic exchange that recognizes their participation in your life journey and their role in your healing, growth and transformation. It also hints to them that you are done with the energy they share with you.

The energetic space they hold open for you is one that you have created, with them, to complete an aspect of your healing. They are willing to hold the space open for you until it no longer serves you. And when you bless them, you let them know that they can release that energy.

Blessing is an act that, like forgiveness, releases energetic connecting cords and frequencies that you have carried with your teachers for many lifetimes. You have also been a challenge to your teachers, and you keep this space for healing open to each other. When you bless them, which is an act of the soul,

not the lower emotional heart or mind, you place new energetic frequencies in your life, releasing all the frequencies associated with your teachers in that aspect of your healing. Blessing is connecting in grace and from grace, new paradigms of life appear.

The judgments you have of your teachers are opinions created from the mind’s expectations of how others would treat you. But these judgments are based on your perception of a single connection in this lifetime. Expand your vision of life to include other lives, other frequencies and your healing path.

Your teachers force you to heal, learn life lessons, rise above healing aspects, and transform your life and being. When you can bless a teacher, without judgment, then you have completed this cycle, and let it go, freeing yourself from lifetimes of learning and the new life paradigms you desired are now part of your new frequency of joy, love, abundance and fulfillment .


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