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Brandon Bays and the Healing Journey (for kids too!)

Brandon Bays developed a basketball-sized tumor in her abdomen in 1992. Surgeons wanted to remove the tumor, but she herself wanted to use other medicines to investigate why she had a tumor in that spot. It became a spiritual journey within. On that journey she discovered the origin of her emotional ballast, which she says was stored in her cells. To get rid of that ballast, she discovered that ultimately forgiveness from your heart is what matters.
Because often things are done to us by others (father, mother, partner, family etc) and we are left with resentment. That will proliferate in our physical body.When she got rid of the emotional ballast, the tumor had disappeared, while she thought she had already given everything a place in different therapeutic settings.

What is emotional ballast?

In the first three years of our lives, the emotional connections are made in our brain. They guide us to this day. We cannot recall what took place during that important time, but the emotional events have been recorded. In infantry we learn that life has its limitations; we discover what loneliness is, disappointment, rejection. Not because our parents took bad care of us, but because we had experiences and our parents couldn’t see what was happening emotionally.

A maternity nurse in the history of our parents stood at the door of the nursery when the baby cried and forbade feeding the mother because the prevailing norm was that feeding was every four hours.The baby learned that his need for closeness and warmth was not being met and that experience became entrenched in him. When emotional things happen over and over in a child’s life that pile up, the emotions are stored. That can go well until the moment that in adulthood there is a so-called emotional trigger that suddenly touches that old part.

On a journey within, to your source

Helen is cleaning up and Brandon is healing old pieces and forgiving the people who did this to her. She did this by inviting those individuals to the fire of Eternal Love in a guided visualization. At that campfire she met her inner child, little Brandon and this little girl spoke out about her sadness, anger, in short she could explain without limit what it had done to her.

And then she forgave her mother, who had never realized how painfully she’d felt pushed aside. Unfortunately, she couldn’t talk about those things with her mother in the present. That was too vulnerable for both of them, it couldn’t land. But with the forgiveness something healed in herself.

Painful cells

Emotional pain travels into our cells. Everyone has their own weak spot and often that is precisely the place where there is an emotional build-up. Because we often focus on a physical solution, we ignore the fact that mind and body are one, the so-called holistic view: everything is related. If the mind (read emotion) is out of balance, this can translate physically. With Brandon it was clear. Emotional clearing then means that we also liberate ourselves physically, in addition to the fact that we are emotionally more balanced. Peeling an onion

Grief and anger can be layered in our system. Cleaning up old problems is therefore not done in one trip. It can be like peeling an onion; feel layer by layer, pronounce, heal. Sometimes you come for one thing and during the trip it turns out that there is a layer that needs to be cleared first. The effect on our physical well-being is significant.

Children and the Healing Journey

A healing journey with children is often a matter of 20 minutes to half an hour. Children are much closer to their emotions and often have fewer layers. Except for children who have serious traumas, for example the child soldiers. In South Africa, Healing Travel is done with this group of children. We can imagine that it is precisely there that forgiving has to be done in small steps, but it is wonderful to see that something can also be processed in these children that is almost too big for words.


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