Break through the ‘Circle of Life’ and stay in love continuously


Now that the sun’s rays are warming and the leaves are sprouting from the trees, I feel an enormous urge inside to break out. The fire in me burns faster and I would like to jump into the world. A primal urge! I recognize this feeling from moments when I have inspiration or an idea that really warms me up. Then the same thing happens to me: an enormous inner passion to create and to bring out the fire in me. Great when I allow it. But often something stops me in the end. I stagnate. Then I get into a vicious circle. Maybe you recognize this? But how do you break it?
Fall in love

The passion that is released in you is a primal force and feels like falling in love. Whether it’s the beginning of spring, the enthusiasm for a new idea or the love with a new partner, all are new beginnings. Physically they feel the same; everything starts to tingle and flow. The physical experience can be described as sensual. Your desire is given free rein. You feel the joy and the blazing fire. Passion is a driving earthly primal force. A strong inner energy that is nourished by the power of Mother Earth. It makes you physically open and feels like liberating. You show a part of yourself to the world around you. You expose yourself a bit and here is the fear!

keep yourself small

Passion opens up the space in your body and lets in your ‘real I’, including your feelings. This gives a vulnerable feeling and goes against the passion. Two forces that are difficult to combine. It’s your body that comes into resistance. It saves you from being hurt again by old pain and emotions that are physically stored. Your body contains old memories, your family karma and past life traumas. The physical resistance locks you in and makes the fire in you extinguish. The inspiration is trapped, your passion for your new love disappears and you run into relationship problems again. Everything seems back to square one. Your body keeps you small! And that keeps you in the vicious circle.

Shutdown Passion

After the joy and the passion, the stagnation is a damper. Often you feel disappointment or you judge yourself that you can’t do anything. Or you will judge the other person and put the blame outside yourself. Whatever you do, it puts you in a negative spiral and it locks you in. You maintain the stagnation with your attention to the disappointment or the condemnation. With this you set the on/off switch of your passion to ‘off’. In other words, your body has managed to get you out of your ‘infatuation’. What’s really going on? Your body is afraid and does not want to admit your ‘real I’.

Physical Embodiment

Do you recognize this? Now is the time to break the circle. You can be free, take back control of your body and thus your life. Your body should be your ‘safe house’ and not some inhospitable area that throws you out of power. It may learn to trust again to receive love, to open, to feel what you feel and to allow everything that belongs to you. Even when unpleasant feelings, pain and emotions are released that you prefer to keep hidden or even abhor. Or just feelings with which you radiate outwardly what you desire, what you want, even if the environment wants something different. You can create freely and be in love continuously when you take your physical body with who you really are.

Physical embodiment, how do you do that?

Steps 1 to 4 help you look lovingly at the ‘stagnant’ situation you’ve found yourself in. As soon as you can see from a distance, there is room for movement.

Sit down quietly. Let your attention go inward. Notice what you feel inside. This now takes your attention leaving no room for the passion. Observe everything, without it taking over you. Feel the fear in your body creating this, this is part of your physical healing.
Now feel the warmth inside you and feel: with attention to myself I can feel my passion again. I decide what I allow.
Feel that the situation helps you to get closer to yourself. Nothing is for nothing.
Feel gratitude for the situation.

With steps 5 to 8, the power of love frees you from the situation. You come back to your own truth. The embodiment of self-love, the masculine universal love and the feminine earthly love, gives healing on a cellular level.

Open your body to help from the Universe. Let yourself be helped. Surrender.
Feel the self-love come back into your heart and let it grow. Feel love for the situation and feel how love gives you freedom and releases you from the negative spiral.
Open your heart to universal love and let the love in your heart grow even greater. Let love flow from your heart to your base, your pelvic area. With your love open the entrance to the earthly force.

Ask your pelvis to allow the love of Mother Earth. Her passion feeds your passion. Keep talking to your body, you are in control in love. Ask your cells to continue to receive and reassure them. Ask them to let you in with all the feelings and pain.
I thought this was already healed?

I often hear: ‘Am I not ready yet?’ Ending up in the situation over and over again tells you that you cannot yet let love flow continuously and continue to heal physically. The ‘Circle of Life’ brings you closer to yourself. By becoming more and more aware of the flow or stagnation of love, it becomes easier to move through the circle more quickly. Until the body can remain open continuously and the feeling of love may continue to flow.


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