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Building highways to happiness in your body

What if you saw your body more and more as a stand-alone organism? A natural system that is ready for your interaction. Then you can also gain more and more understanding for what your body reflects and reflects to you. And that is something that many people are looking for: insight into their (physical) complaints.

What are the basic values ​​​​that your body receives?

Imagine your body as a computer. Where you as an energetic consciousness can use your body as a tool . This tool , your body, is pure and open and responds to your input.

But then you are born on Earth and you already experience your mother’s emotions and beliefs during pregnancy. You are still so inexperienced with your new body that you cannot yet distinguish between your mother’s emotions and your own. So your body is already programmed, as it were, because it comes into contact with your mother’s emotions.

You experience a certain basic value of feelings with your mother, this is the ‘normal’ starting position. This is the provisional, but in many cases the only, feeling mode that your body will experience as normal.

An example

If your mother has felt very tired and depressed, you will be inclined to accept this feeling as a basic value, as a normal state. For the rest of your life you will be able to easily recognize the feeling of fatigue and pressure and experience it as ‘pleasant’. Even if it is a limiting feeling, it continues to ‘come home’, you identify yourself with this feeling.

While you grow up as a child, you naturally gain experiences yourself and you remain surrounded by your parents. The moods of your parents keep appearing in your input every day. In addition, you also have your own experiences that form input and that is how you create different programs.

For example, it may well be that you drop something and that an adult becomes so angry with you that you spend the rest of your life consciously watching that you don’t just bump into something. Alertness is the input into your body.

The information from your experience has become input for your body. Unfortunately, that input is then a standard program, which can make you very alert. It then becomes difficult to feel relaxed throughout the day, because relaxation does not match the input of ‘watching out that I don’t break anything’.

Hence, some moods that you would like to experience more in your daily life, relaxation, fun, playfulness, creativity, can be very challenging to allow in your life. Your ‘computer’ cannot run those two programs at the same time.

How can you relax and look out at the same time? So your computer will always opt for the old program because it has built up more experience with it.
In short, it is easier to continue experiencing your old restrictive program than to allow a new state of mind.

Offer new input to yourself

But now imagine for a moment what it feels like to see your body again as a self-contained organism. It is completely neutral and awaits your input. You can continue to experience all the old input that has been in it until now.

But you can also choose to structurally give your body new input. Just until you have built up so much experience with your new feeling / state of mind that your old program can no longer survive. It dissolves because it is no longer used.

Scientifically proven

Now this seems like a very nice story, but it is also very nicely explained in the scientific world. (source: Joe Dispenza ‘transcend yourself’ )

Your brain tends to make connections from the things we experience more often. These can be actions (keying in telephone numbers, driving home or a biscuit with tea), but they also store emotions that you experience more often. The more often you experience something, the more such a connection becomes like a highway.

It makes more sense that for a new experience you really have to do your best and use your focus. Because the connection in your brain of that new input, your new feeling, is like a dirt road. You also notice that when you want to learn new habits, the old habit still attracts you in the beginning.

But the more often you use that new connection, the more that dirt road will resemble that highway. And the old highway? It will crumble on its own because it is used less and less.

Of course, our body has a beautiful mirroring function, with which it directly indicates to us whether we are taking care of ourselves optimally or not. Because if we don’t prioritize optimal care in our lives, your body will reflect this: you get tired quickly , get complaints, etc.

But that’s not what we’re talking about in this article; here we are talking about the basic values ​​that your body receives as input. The state of mind in which you ‘recognize’ yourself, as it were. It is a feeling that you often experience.

Building highways to happiness

My tip for you is: make optimal use of the tool that has been given to you. Give your body the input every day that makes you happy, for example gratitude , fun, love, inspiration, creativity and positivity. And keep surrounding yourself with this and keep repeating it.

Envision that your body is completely neutral by nature and that the limiting feelings and emotions you experience are purely from old programs. You feel the feelings, but you don’t have to believe them, they aren’t necessarily true for you right now. Don’t walk down that highway anymore, but keep choosing to create your own highways. Until they become your logical route in your life.

Also know that ‘positive feelings’ have such a high resonance that they affect your body much more intensively. In short: giving structured attention to positive feelings and repeating and reinforcing this over and over again ensures that you make it increasingly easier for yourself to feel good and to optimize your body. Then your highways to happiness are built.

Choose your own happiness and discover your creative power!

Enjoy your journey of discovery.



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