Burn-out & inner silence: through your fear to your strength


Burnout invites you to develop soul consciousness. That process sometimes goes through deep valleys, and at the bottom of the pit, there may be fear and self-doubt. If you enter into this sometimes difficult process, you will find the light at the end of the tunnel: the connection with your soul. In this higher consciousness, you see a possible meaning and the meaning of burnout: living your mission.

How can you develop your soul consciousness? For example by meditating, so that you can go beyond the thinking, the busy thoughts in your head. In the silence within, in your heart, you can experience your soul by meditating, dwell in that silence and nothing else, and reflect. In an earlier article, I wrote about burnout and soul level.

Getting up after a burnout

Burn-out & inner silence: through your fear to your strength

Burnout forces you to stand still. It can feel like falling. We can rise again when we realize that we are more than our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. If we recognize that we have a soul, or, at a later stage if we can experience that we are that soul. The real experience of your soul requires a turning inward, to the stillness of your heart.

For that, you have to overcome the fear of emptiness. If you nevertheless seek the silence in yourself, and as a result, you can experience your soul consciousness, you will feel connected. Then you will get answers to your questions and you can find out what is the right path for you and what you need to do.

Practical experiences with meditation

Burn-out & inner silence: through your fear to your strength

I interviewed twelve highly sensitive people. Here I let two of them have their say, Monique and Petra. Hopefully, their experiences and stories can inspire you to meditate and connect with your inner stillness.

When I was just burned out, I started practicing mindfulness. There I learned to turn inward and feel in my body. I have learned to look, as it were, in the eye of the storm or to dive under the surface of the water, away from the bustle of thoughts. I then came into an inner silence. From that silence I could observe all those thoughts and learn the attitude: this too will pass, I don’t have to do anything with it.


I started meditating to start the day in peace. That or starting the day with the chatter in your head makes a world of difference. It is important that I now also do fun things, not just things that have to be done, such as the household. For me that is writing, doing creative things. I never want to work for a boss again. But then what? I have a journalism background, but I don’t know if I can make a living writing. Somehow I know that my calling will find me by itself, if I am able to do it.

~ Petra

Meditation and self-reflection help you heal after a burnout

Burn-out & inner silence: through your fear to your strength

Meditation and reflection are important to develop soul consciousness. You reflect when you look at your thoughts, emotions, and behavior from the inner silence. Do it in the morning, to start the day calm and centered, and in the evening, to look back on your day and give a place to everything you have experienced and felt.

What also helps is simplifying your lifestyle so that you have as few distractions as possible. As a result, the effects of meditation can be lasting and not quickly disappear again due to a too-full life. For example, reduce your use of social media or watching television, which gives peace of mind and the opportunity to deepen and come to yourself.

Active Meditations

Sitting still is not a suitable form of meditation for everyone. If you find that it doesn’t work for you, don’t beat yourself up, but try other ways to relax.

If you already have a lot in your head, it may work better for you to do something like walking or cycling. What can also work well is gardening, stamping on the ground or massaging your feet. Some people use a long car or train journey as a moment for reflection.

Through your fear to your strength

Somehow it is also scary to realize soul consciousness. It’s exciting to step into this I am power and live our own lives, our way, possibly against the tide. We were raised to be useful, to participate, and not to stand out too much, let alone stand out from the crowd.

It’s good to see these things. And you can only see them if you can look at them and for that, you need a certain distance. This distance arises when you reflect on your thoughts and feelings and when you look back on your behavior in situations afterward. If you look at it in a meditative state, from the stillness of your heart, you know you are not.

The wisdom of your soul gives certainty

When I meditate and can experience the soul’s consciousness, I feel calm and powerful. Then I experience a deep inner knowing. That I am good as I am and on the right track. This gives me confirmation and certainty.

Fall and get up again. It’s the art of living. We will fall, again and again, it is somehow part of life on Earth. The trick is to get up again and again, meditate and reflect and continue on your way with more wisdom and strength. In this way, you realize your mission and destiny in this life step by step.



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