Burnout: energy imbalance between yin and yang seen from Chinese Medicine

Burnout: energy imbalance between yin and yang seen from Chinese Medicine
More and more people end up in burnout or something similar. That’s no coincidence. Why this is not a coincidence becomes clear when we look at it from the perspective of Chinese medicine and Taoism; the balance between yin and yang. The balance between rest (yin) and action (yang) has become more and more disturbed. We perform and consume ourselves to pieces. Many deep causes of disease lie in a disruption of the fundamental yin and yang.

Water element

Said in seasons: too much ‘summer’ life and too little ‘winter’. As a result, the yin becomes exhausted. And when that yin aspect becomes exhausted, or when one experiences feelings of insecurity or loss of the base, it has repercussions in all areas of our lives, especially what is called the water element in Chinese medicine. This connects the organs kidneys, bladder, bones, and brain.

Exhaustion and Overload

Burnout can arise directly or indirectly as a result of exhaustion, overload, a disturbed balance between yin and yang, or as a result of long-term feelings of fear and insecurity. Sometimes people are not even very aware of an unsafe feeling, but the main character is the fact that you can no longer relax deeply. As a result, the Yin depletes; your fire just keeps burning!


Provide a safe atmosphere in which you can relax in every way. Think of: soothing music, a nice book, a hot water bottle, or a soft blanket. Cherish yourself a bit or find someone with whom you feel safe and where you can relax. This can also be nature. Consciously practice feeling that you are being supported and carried (the earth, the chair, the ground under your feet, but also the people who are ‘behind you’).

Burnout: energy imbalance between yin and yang seen from Chinese Medicine

Realize who is behind you; people who love you (including those who have already passed away). Ask yourself where you can already stand ‘behind yourself’. You could also take a mindfulness course, heart coherence, or autogenic training to help you relax more deeply so that your mind and body can refuel regularly. If necessary, you must do deep work to heal the cause of the inner turmoil. Think especially of family constellations.

Tips to recover

  • Have a calm, regular daily schedule
  • Avoid extremes on every level
  • Sleep, meditate or rest for at least half an hour in the afternoon.
  • Drink kidney and bladder tea to support the kidneys and bladder.
  • Finally, warm water treatments – such as a full-length shower, warm wraps, a hot water bottle, and herbal baths – can be beneficial to bring calm, energy, and relaxation to the kidneys, bladder, and the water element.
  • Food that supports the water element (kidneys and bladder). Eat low-salt, use fresh parsley, lovage (maggie herb), celery and root vegetables. Eat little or no meat. Use miso or soy sauce instead of salt. Drink plenty of lukewarm water (preferably 1.5-2 liters per day) and mild or invigorating herbal tea.


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