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Burnout: the beginning of awakening

The longer my burnout is behind me, the more gratitude I experience for the process. I have no idea where I was racing to, but it was a destination I would never arrive (in one piece). It was a race that I only ran with and against myself, driven by the intense desire for external confirmation, recognition , acceptance and love.

Burnout is a positive event

I find it very unfortunate that there is still such a negative charge around the burnout phenomenon. In reality, it is something that should be applauded. Hooray, again someone who will learn to listen to his inner wisdom, who will discover his true desires, create a more authentic version of himself, come into contact with his creativity and hidden talents and from there contribute to a better world!

A burnout is liberating, it encourages you to start living according to your own conditions. Your ‘being useful’ in society may be temporarily on the back burner (after all, you are considered a ‘high cost’ when you are home sick or unemployed), if you manage to use and embrace this delayed period in your life. , it can lead you to heights unseen. And as you grow, everyone around you grows with you.

A catalyst for personal growth

Before my burnout, professional growth equaled personal growth. As an ‘addiction expert’ in mental health care, I had built up a great deal of knowledge, skills and experience. However , the expertise about my own life and mental health was nil, with all the consequences that entailed.

Ever since my burnout, I’ve grown so hungry for self-development. It gave me the impetus to invest in myself and made me open to totally new things. These things came into my life in a magical synchronic way. Which led to a great confidence in the natural course of things.

This video by Rabbi Twerski put the pieces of the puzzle together: a burnout makes you crawl under a rock to produce a new shell.

Burnout brings renewal and change

Burnout transforms you from a caterpillar to a butterfly, the downside is that between being a caterpillar phase and being a butterfly phase, there’s a phase of being undefined, you’re neither one nor the other, I call in my book it is the phase between ‘no longer’ and ‘not yet’, this phase is very uncomfortable and is accompanied by a great deal of uncertainty.

When nothing is certain, everything is possible , Margaret Drabble once said and nothing could be further from the truth. Insecurity and trust go hand in hand, trust develops by discovering that everything is going to be okay.

Learn to fly

The uneasiness continues for some time in the butterfly phase, after all, no one taught you how to fly! It is a phase of trial and error , trial and error, which in turn involves many new challenges, but also learning and growth moments. In addition, those around you are also watching you with suspicion because their fear of seeing you fall is much greater than their desire to see you fly.

Once you fly, they are your biggest supporters, but you have to do the takeoff yourself. This period can also cause the necessary struggles and conflicts of loyalty: after all, you are determined to learn to fly, while your loved ones try to keep you on the ground. Elizabeth Gilbert’s story about the crab basketis a nice illustration of this.

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly? unknown

Trust your wings

Although I still find it a bit scary, I am starting to rely more and more on my wings, I feel supported by something bigger than myself, which gives me a lot of strength and a sense of inner freedom. A burnout has awakened in me the desire to put myself and my mission into the world. What’s my mission ? Helping others awaken , lead them to find their own answers and to discover and live their own truth.


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