Burnout: what do you put your shoulders under?


A customer recently told me something.
It still buzzes in me.
I recognize it that way too.

A lot on her plate
It was about a situation at work.
Lots of tasks on her plate.
No appreciation.
In addition, a colleague who constantly grumbled.
The atmosphere was not pleasant.

Energy guzzler
With everything she had to.
I saw that it cost her a lot of (unnecessary) energy.
She clearly wasn’t enjoying it.
Then she said that phrase that still buzzes in me.

‘I just have to put my shoulders to the wheel!’
That sentence came to me!
Such recognition.
I even felt it physically.
As if something was literally being placed on my shoulders.

Different feeling
I like going to work.
Commit me to something.
Enjoy achieving great results.
But that sentence gives me a different feeling.
It feels like something heavy.

Bite through?
When we say that phrase, we’ve said it before.
Certainly much more often.
Or we’ll step it up a notch.
Bite through for a while.

For me, this was certainly one of the reasons for my burn-out.
I did some extras.
It could still fit.
Not so.
At some point it ran out.

Busyness remains
My conclusion.
No matter how often you put your shoulders under it.
It doesn’t get any quieter.
Bustle or unrest remains. It is not a phase or period.
How we deal with it can give you a different feeling.
Another result.

How are your shoulders?
Do you also recognize this sentence?
Do you say it regularly?
Do your shoulders really need more?
Or have they already done enough?
And don’t you put them underneath?
Are you curious what happens then?
I certainly!

calm regards,

ps We often say putting our shoulders to the wheel. You know what we also say regularly? For a bit!
‘I’ll tidy it up for a while. I’m going to work on that project for a while.’ Even is such a word that slips in.
How much time do you allow yourself when you say ‘just’? How much value does something have if you put ‘just’ in front of it? What I do? I do ‘not anymore’.


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