Buy Bromazepam? 9 Serious Side Effects + Experiences

Buy Bromazepam? 9 Serious Side Effects + Experiences

Are you considering taking Bromazepam or has your doctor prescribed it for you? Then be sure to read this article. In this article, you will learn how this product works exactly and what side effects you can experience Would you rather not take a pill to live fear-free? This article can also help you with this. This article is not intended as medical advice. I wrote it only to inform you about the use of this drug.

What is Bromazepam?

Bromazepam has the brand name Lexotanil. This medicine is used for anxiety, tension, and social phobia. Your doctor may decide to prescribe this medicine for extreme tension, anxiety, or social phobia. In case of tension or anxiety, your doctor will only prescribe this medicine for a few weeks and for a maximum of 2 months. If you have a social phobia, your doctor can prescribe Bromazepam for a longer period of time. The effect of this medicine will be evaluated after 3 months. Treatment with Bromazepam usually lasts six months to a year.

Thereafter, the dose should be gradually reduced. If not, you could have severe withdrawal symptoms. But more on this later… The active ingredient in Lexotanil is Bromazepam. Almost all generic drugs are named after the active ingredient they contain. Generic drugs work in exactly the same way as branded drugs. Many benzodiazepines are offered as generic drugs today. The big advantage of generic drugs is that they are much cheaper.

Other examples of generic drugs are Alprazolam (Xanax as a brand name) and Oxazepam (Seresta as a brand name).

How long does Bromazepam work for?

About an hour after taking Bromazepam you will start to feel calmer. You feel less tense and your muscles relax. This effect is strongest about 2 hours after ingestion. Bromazepam has a medium duration of action. The soothing and relaxing effect lasts for about 12 hours. The half-life of Bromazepam is 16 to 24 hours. In concrete terms, this means that it takes 16 to 24 hours for the amount of Bromazepam in the blood to halve. The longer the half-life of a drug, the longer it takes for it to fully wear off.

The half-life of a drug is medically determined, but it can vary from person to person. Various factors play a role in this, such as metabolism, age, general health, etc. With a half-life of 16 to 24 hours, the calming and soothing effect can last for a while.

Keep in mind that you may feel tired and drowsy when taking Bromazepam.

This medicine also has many other side effects. Some side effects of Bromazepam are quite harmless; headache, gastrointestinal disorders, weight gain, etc. However, some side effects are much more serious and can even be dangerous. In order to inform you as extensively as possible about Bromazepam, I have listed these serious side effects.

Side Effects of Bromazepam

#1 Fatigue and drowsiness

Especially when you have just started taking Bromazepam you can feel quite tired and drowsy.

This can reduce your reaction and concentration capacity. I don’t need to tell you that this can lead to dangerous situations.

If you are less able to concentrate on your work, you are more likely to make mistakes. But it can also be dangerous in traffic.

According to the Institute for Responsible Medicine, you are not allowed to drive at all if you use Bromazepam on a daily basis. If you use the drug occasionally, you are not allowed to drive a car for 72 hours after taking it.

#2 Slower thinking and attention disorders

It is not only fatigue and drowsiness that make you think more slowly.

The medicine itself also affects your thinking, especially if you take the medicine for a longer period of time.

Precisely because Bromazepam slows down the functioning of the brain, feelings of anxiety are suppressed. However, the disadvantage of this is that you start thinking more slowly.

#3 Impaired coordination

Many users of Bromazepam experience reduced coordination. Slower thinking can be a cause of impaired coordination.

The muscle-relaxing effect of Bromazepam also makes it more difficult to perform certain actions.

#4 Muscle weakness

The muscle relaxing effect of Bromazepam gives you a pleasant and calm feeling. Because of this, you don’t focus so hard on your fears.

The big disadvantage of this muscle-relaxing effect is that it can give you the feeling that you are less rigid on your legs.

An article published in the Dutch Journal of Medicine states that the risk of falling is particularly common in older users.

#5 Decrease in feelings

Bromazepam suppresses feelings of anxiety and therefore does exactly what is expected of this medicine.

The big disadvantage is that it also weakens other feelings. You feel less sad, less happy, and less involved with others.

It’s as if you experience everything that happens around you less intensely.

#6 Amnesia

Bromazepam can negatively affect your memory.

What happens in the hours just after the intake is sometimes difficult to remember. In medical terms, this is called anterograde amnesia.

This is very annoying and in some cases can even be dangerous.

What is worrying is that some users still experienced problems with their memory 6 months after stopping this drug.

#7 Depressed feelings

Because Bromazepam reduces feelings of anxiety, you might think that you will have a happier life with this drug.

Unfortunately, the serious side effect of most benzodiazepines is that they promote depressive feelings.

Canadian clinical research indicates that people taking benzodiazepines for more than 6 months have an increased risk of suicidal tendencies.

#8 Habituation and dependence

If you decide to take Bromazepam, always do so under the supervision of a doctor.

By the way, you can only buy Bromazepam at the pharmacy with a prescription.

One of the reasons for this is that with prolonged use of Bromazepam, habituation can quickly develop.

Habituation to Bromazepam occurs less quickly than to stronger benzodiazepines such as Temazepam. However, this does not mean that you cannot become addicted to Bromazepam.

If you have taken Bromazepam for a long time, always taper off this drug slowly. If you don’t, you could get serious withdrawal symptoms.

#9 Withdrawal Symptoms

You can experience both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking Lexotanil right away.

Physical withdrawal symptoms

You can suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, palpitations, and excessive sweating.

Also, tremors of the limbs or balance disorders are common.

You may also be hypersensitive to light, sound, or touch.

Mental withdrawal symptoms

Bromazepam or Lexotanil suppresses anxiety.

If you stop this medicine without tapering, these feelings of anxiety may get worse than before you started Bromazepam.

This can make you sleep worse and feel quite restless.

You may have thought that a daily dose of Bromazepam was the perfect way to get rid of your fears.

If you have read the above text carefully, you will probably realize that this is not such a harmless remedy.

Perhaps the experiences of others can help you determine whether Bromazepam is something for you.

Experiences with Bromazepam

Afke .’s experience

After a traumatic experience, I started to isolate myself more and more often. Friends and relatives really went out of their way to get me out of the house more. Sometimes it felt good. At other times, fear really took over. As soon as I was around people I didn’t know well, I felt anxious. After a pretty intense panic attack, I really had it and asked my doctor for advice. He prescribed me Bromazepam. I have been taking this remedy for a month and a half and it does help me. The side effects are okay with me. When I first took Bromazepam I felt quite tired, but after a couple of weeks, the fatigue had passed.

Paul’s experience

My mother passed away at a young age. When I became a father myself 2 years ago, I thought more and more about my own death. What if I died young too? What if I couldn’t watch my son grow up. Because of these fears of death, I couldn’t enjoy it anymore. I became restless and worried all the time. When our family life started to suffer, I visited my GP. He prescribed me Lexotanil. 

I have been taking this remedy for 6 weeks. My anxiety levels subsided and I stopped worrying about death as much. I was actually worrying about nothing anymore… It was as if I was ‘not quite there anymore’. I felt drowsy, and sleepy, and couldn’t concentrate. I decided to stop taking Lexotanil on my own and started experiencing withdrawal symptoms. These were quite intense and I had never felt so miserable. I have now immersed myself in spirituality and can better let go of my fear of death.

Joost’s experience

I worked as a nurse for two years in the pediatric ward of the hospital. Every Thursday was a real hell for me. Then clowns came to cheer the children up. A big problem for me! I hardly dare to admit it, but I have a terrifying fear of clowns† Since I couldn’t stay home every Thursday, I started taking Bromazepam to get rid of this fear. I did indeed feel calmer on Thursday and could do my job well.

After a while, I started taking Bromazepam more and more. As a result, I felt very tired and drowsy. I was also increasingly unable to concentrate. Because of this, I lost my job. I’ve been trying to get through life without Bromazepam for a while now, but it’s not working very well for me. I suffer from palpitations, I don’t sleep well and I feel restless. Hopefully, these withdrawal symptoms will disappear soon because I really want to go through life without this drug.


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