Buy Temazepam? 6 Dangerous Side Effects + Experiences

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Temazepam or Levanxol is often prescribed for insomnia, but is also used as an anti-anxiety drug.

Has your doctor prescribed Temazepam to reduce your anxiety or help you sleep better?

Then it is important to be well informed about the side effects. These can be not only very annoying, but also dangerous.

If you want to know why Temazepam or Levanxol can be so dangerous, read this article carefully.

NB! This article is not intended as medical advice. I wrote it only to inform you about the use of this drug.

Purpose of this article: In this article you will be introduced to Temazepam and you will learn what the side effects are. In this article I also let 2 users talk about their experiences and I give you a healthy alternative to get rid of your fears without medication.

What is Temazepam?

Temazepam belongs – like many other anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills – to the group of benzodiazepines.

Temazepam has a calming effect, reduces feelings of anxiety and relaxes your muscles. If you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, I can well imagine that this seems to be the ideal remedy for you.

However, the major drawback of Temazepam is that it can make you very drowsy and sleepy. This drug also has many other annoying and even dangerous side effects, but more about this later.

Let’s first find out how long the effects of Temazepam last and how long the active substance of Temazepam remains in your body.

How long does Temazepam work?

Temazepam is a fast-acting drug with a short to medium duration of action. After taking it, you will feel sleepy and calm after half an hour. This effect lasts for about 6 to 8 hours.

The half-life of Temazepam is approximately 9 hours.

Never heard of the half-life ? I would be happy to explain this to you in more detail.

If you have taken a certain medicine, your body needs time to recover from the medicine you have taken.

This whole process is called the half-life in the medical world. This is the time the body needs to halve the active ingredient.

How long this half-life lasts is scientifically determined, but it also depends on a few other factors. Your weight, metabolism, age and general condition also play a role in this.

Temazepam is not a harmless drug. It can have very annoying and dangerous side effects. What side effects these are and why they can be dangerous will be discussed later in this section.

I would like to point out the addictive effect of this drug here.

Habituation and dependence occur fairly quickly with Temazepam!

Doctors are usually cautious when prescribing Temazepam. Your doctor will check very carefully whether you do indeed need Temazepam and will prescribe it in a limited amount. This way he can check whether you are not misusing the substance.

Temazepam can only be obtained by prescription from pharmacies. However, there are also other options for buying Temazepam.

Buy or order Temazepam online?

It is safest to buy Temazepam in the pharmacy. By the way, you can only get this product with a prescription.

For some people, that’s the problem: a doctor must have prescribed it. Because doctors are well aware that this can be a dangerous medicine, they will not simply prescribe it.

Users who can no longer do without Temazepam are therefore quite creative in finding this remedy. Some visit multiple doctors to get prescriptions or search the internet for Temazepam.

You can indeed buy many medicines online. Whether you can trust these sites and these products remains to be seen.

Such sites promise to send you the original product, but you never know what you will receive. Taking drugs that have been tampered with can be life-threatening!

Also keep in mind that these sites usually have a rather dubious reputation. Usually you have to pay and it often happens that you never receive your order.

I mentioned earlier that habituation and dependence are very dangerous side effects of Temazepam. And … there are many more.

If you want to learn more about the possible side effects of Temazepam and why they are dangerous, be sure to read the rest of the article carefully.

Side Effects of Temazepam

#1 Drowsiness, drowsiness and fatigue

The most common side effects of Temazepam are drowsiness, sleepiness and fatigue.

These symptoms reduce your ability to react and that can of course lead to dangerous situations.

Do not think that these side effects will disappear quickly. You can still feel quite drowsy the day after taking Temazepam.

Precisely because your reaction time decreases, you may not drive a car for 8 hours after taking 20 mg of Temazepam. If you use more than 20 mg every day, you should not drive at all.

Do not drink alcohol while taking Temazepam. Alcohol in combination with Temazepam will make you even more drowsy. So very dangerous!

#2 Impaired coordination

Because Temazepam or Levanxol also relaxes muscles, you may experience reduced coordination. This can be physical, but it can also affect your speech.

If you take Temazepam you can be quite clumsy and often drop things. Also minute or precise actions will go less smoothly.

Temazepam users also often have trouble speaking. Speaking clearly is sometimes a bit more difficult and finding the right words is suddenly not so easy anymore.

#3 Blurred vision or double vision

If you take Temazepam, you may also develop vision problems. You may not immediately realize it, but there are many small muscles in your eyes.

The muscle-relaxing property of Temazepam can cause these muscles to relax to such an extent that your vision becomes blurred or double.

#4 Decrease in feelings

Temazepam reduces anxiety. So if you suffer from certain fears or phobias, that’s a good thing.

Not only will your anxiety be suppressed, but because you feel calmer, the chance of anxiety attacks or panic attacks will also decrease.

The big disadvantage of Temazepam, however, is that it smooths out all emotions, including positive emotions!

Cheerfulness suddenly becomes less intense, romantic feelings disappear and you also feel less involved with others.

In the long run, this can cause you to develop depression, have less sex drive and less intense social contacts.

People around you will sometimes not understand these changes, so there is a good chance that you will end up in social isolation.

#5 Amnesia

There are several reasons why benzodiazepines cause memory loss.

  • A scientific explanation is because they dampen certain activities in some parts of the brain. This mainly concerns activities that move our memories from short-term memory to long-term memory.
  • Another reason why you don’t remember certain things when you take Temazepam is because it makes you drowsy and tired. This makes it harder for you to concentrate and it makes it harder for you to absorb events.
  • Finally, flattening your emotions can also cause you to forget some things. If you take Temazepam daily, you sometimes experience the feeling that you are ‘not quite there’. You show less interest in what is happening around you, so that you do not record certain things in your memory.

#6 Habituation and dependence

The risk of habituation and dependence is very high with Temazepam. That is why it is important that you do not take this medicine every day and certainly not for long periods of time.

If you do, you will need increasingly larger doses of this drug to achieve the same effect and it will be very difficult to get rid of it.

Precisely because of the risk of habituation, it is recommended never to use Temazepam for longer than 2 weeks. If you have taken the drug for a longer period of time, you should not just stop taking Temazepam.

To avoid withdrawal symptoms, you should taper Temazepam slowly and under a doctor’s supervision.

I hope you have already learned a lot about Temazepam and that you realize that this drug is not so harmless. However, there are also users who are quite satisfied with it.

I spoke to Jonas and Sylvia. They have both been taking Temazepam for a while and I would like to share their experiences with you.

Experiences with Temazepam

The Story of Jonas

When my mother died of cancer 3 years ago, I started to worry about my own health. I often thought that I was also suffering from a serious illness. I often visited the doctor, but he could not find a cause for my complaints. According to him, I suffered from hypochondria . He prescribed me temazepam to ease my fears. He warned me that I should only take the drug when fear took over my sanity. I have been taking this remedy about every 3 days for 3 weeks. During this period I did indeed feel less anxious. Very occasionally I now take a sporadic tablet of temazepam, but only when I feel very anxious.

Sylvia’s story

I took Levanxol for a while for my social phobia . At first I only took the drug occasionally to worry less about my fears. However, the days when I didn’t take Levanxol I slept worse and worse.

I decided to take the drug every night. After a while I needed an increasing dose to fall asleep.

During the day I still felt tired because the drug didn’t seem to leave my body. It was increasingly difficult for me to stay fresh all day and it was still very difficult for me to concentrate.

Realizing that I had become addicted to the drug, I visited a psychotherapist. With his help I have overcome not only my Levanxol addiction but also my social phobia.

You can’t expect medicines to take away all your fears. In addition, due to the side effects, you can get other fears and see no way out at all.

I have good news for you: it is not that difficult at all to overcome your fears without expensive and dangerous drugs.

It’s just a matter of finding the right method for this. Ready to take on the challenge?

Dealing with Anxiety Without Drugs

These were the main side effects of temazepam that you should know. If you often feel anxious in situations that pose no real danger at all, then you have a big problem.

That is why understanding your fears is very important.


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