Can a Narcissist Cry? The Surprising Answer

Narcissist cry

I regularly receive emails from narcissism victims in which they doubt that the person in question is a narcissist.

They have seen the narcissist cry! That indicates compassion, compassion and a sense of guilt. However? Can a Narcissist Cry?

Sometimes their tears are real, but they probably aren’t crying for the reason you think or want to believe.

Do you recognize this? You think the other person is a narcissist, but the narcissist’s crying keeps you and others on the wrong track. You think to yourself: Can a narcissist cry?

In reality, you are being put in front of the narcissist’s cart. You are falling for the manipulation of the narcissist.

The narcissist uses crying as a manipulation method to get what he wants. How do you get through this?

Don’t worry, all your questions are answered in this article. So read on quickly!

What is a narcissist?

If you are reading this, you probably suspect that you are in a relationship with a narcissist.

It can be a friendly relationship, a family relationship or a love affair with a narcissist.

These types of relationships are filled with drama. Except, of course, when you do exactly what the narcissist wants.

What is a narcissist ? A typical narcissist is full of himself. An extreme narcissist is very selfish.

He/she only has eyes for himself, his ambitions, needs, success and how others see him.

He feels himself superior to others. But you don’t always notice this immediately. A narcissist is a master at manipulating and pretending to be different.

He seems very charming and friendly at first. But if you open up, the narcissist changes and their narcissistic personality disorder comes to the surface.

can a narcissist cry

The narcissist is his own God, with a huge ego. His ego gives him energy and purpose in life. His ego can usually be fed by two things:

  1. Glorification : The narcissist is most special and superior to others.
  2. By taking on the role of victim .

Can a narcissist cry? Yes! Then the narcissist takes on the role of victim.

The narcissist as victim

Most recognize the narcissist by his enormous ego and extreme arrogance. It does not fit into this image that a narcissist can also cry.

As a result, we don’t notice when the narcissist plays the role of a victim. Plays , as in: the narcissist plays a part in a play.

Kind and compassionate people are very easily fooled by this very extreme form of arrogance.

They believe the drama and actually see the narcissist as a victim. So the narcissist wins and is once again successful in his game.

But this is also the immediate danger for you . You are seen as willfully evil because you don’t believe the narcissist’s tears.

Others do believe the narcissist’s tears and go along with them completely. So others do not see that they are being fooled.

Note:  You are  seen as a bad person by others  if you do not believe the tears of the narcissist, but others do.

Pierce a crying narcissist

Spoiler alert! Yes, a narcissist can cry. But these are crocodile tears. The crying is fake and part of the narcissist’s play to deceive others.

The narcissist does not cry out of genuine emotion, regret, compassion or sadness, but purely to manipulate you.

Crying is also a way for the narcissist to get what he wants . Or it could be a way to avoid being discovered as a narcissist.

The narcissist may be completely absorbed in this. He will say you don’t care enough about him. That you don’t want to help.

But pay attention, because the true nature of the narcissist shows itself clearly, even through the tears.

The narcissist’s ego wants attention, control, power and gain by positioning itself as helpless and poor.

The narcissist does not take responsibility for the situation he is in. In his eyes, his position in a situation is always completely innocent, sincere and just.

Instead of taking responsibility, the narcissist will make others feel responsible for his situation. And makes others feel guilty when they don’t help him.

And they do this very well. Narcissists are masters in this manipulation game . They put others to their mercy.

In what situations does a narcissist cry?

Situation 1: Suffering more than others

A narcissist is a master at the act of suffering more than others. And tears only underline this.

The narcissist then cries to get recognition and help. And so that others take responsibility for the situation the narcissist is in.

Situation 2: To take pity

Crying is also an extreme method for the narcissist to get what he wants.

In this case, crying is the ultimate means of manipulation.

When the narcissist cries, others take pity and yet go along with the narcissist’s will.


Why does a narcissist cry?

Simple: to get what he wants. Can a narcissist cry? Yes, crying is seen by others as a very human emotion.

By crying, the narcissist manipulates others into thinking that he has a certain emotion, such as regret, sadness, pain, fear, love, and so on.

But beware: This is a play ! You are manipulated where you stand.

In reality, the narcissist does not feel the emotion that he is showing. Crying is a way for the narcissist to get what he wants.


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