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Can cats & dogs see ghosts? Research shows that they see different frequencies than people

If you have a cat of your own, you have undoubtedly seen him or her staring at something with tremendous concentration, wonder, concern, or excitement. They’re sneaking around or just standing there wide-eyed, looking at nothing…or something? Dogs can sometimes growl, bark or jump in fright at something that, to us, is imperceptible. It seems that cats and dogs have the ability to tune in to what only they, and perhaps other species in the animal kingdom, can see, but not us.

The Mysticism of CatsIt was long thought that cats and other animals could not see UV radiation, but a study by biologists at City University London is starting to question this assumption. The research shows how cats, dogs and other animals seem to be able to see UV light. UV light is a type of light with a wavelength far outside the red-to-violet spectrum that humans can see. It may even be that this light represents the auras, the energetic fields that surround us, our hearts and our entire being. Sometimes animals are more reserved with certain people; perhaps it is because they sense what people radiate and are sometimes not attracted to that energy.

I read the following in an article on a pet medical website, Pet MD :

‘Have you ever had the feeling that your cat or dog can see something you can’t? You could be right, new research shows. According to this research, cats, dogs and other mammals see the world in ultraviolet light, giving them access to a very different world than the one we see.

The wavelength of UV light is outside the spectrum of light humans can see, which ranges from red to violet. Humans have a lens that prevents UV light from reaching our retina. Previously, the lenses of most mammals were thought to be similar to those of humans.

In this study, scientists examined the lenses of deceased mammals, including those of cats, dogs, monkeys, pandas, hedgehogs and ferrets. By studying how much light passes through the lens and reaches the retina, the researchers found that some mammals that were thought to be unable to see UV light actually can.’

You can learn more about this research in the video below:

What do they see?

That, of course, is the key question. If only we could just ask our gentle friends, ‘What the hell – or from heaven – do you see ?’ Well, of course you can ask them, but they probably won’t be able to give you an answer. For many people, cats carry something deeply spiritual .

I once heard that cats make more dimethyl tryptamine, or DMT, in their brains. DMT is found in a part of the brain called the pineal gland, where it is released in small amounts when we dream. It is also released at our moment of death. According to many people, this gland and the DMT that is released, forms the link with the afterlife.

Since cats have a higher amount of this chemical in their brains, there is a higher chance that cats usually live in some kind of dream state, and that they are closer to a world that exists all around us, but that we can’t see or not. because our consciousness is so focused on this reality and this moment. Mind you, this is pure speculation, and I can’t find any scientific evidence to support this theory. And while I’m not sure, I don’t think the same is true for dogs.

Several studies have been conducted on the senses of dogs and we know that trained service dogs are able to sense when their owner is about to have a stroke and can even detect cancers and other diseases in a body. That tells us quite clearly that they are aligned with something that we generally are not.

To conclude

It seems our furry friends can tune in to something beyond our five senses; perhaps we can learn something from their presence and fascination. Perhaps we all have this ability, but we have disabled or blocked it by focusing and grounding ourselves in this reality that we are presented with every day. There are those who claim they have these kinds of senses, but, again, there’s no scientific evidence for that – which, of course, doesn’t mean it isn’t true or possible.

I am convinced that we all have this ability and that we can learn to use it through practice, trust and by living from the heart. It’s like intuition: it can’t be explained,


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