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Can Sacred Geometry Help Develop Your Consciousness?

We find sacred geometric patterns in many aspects of life, nature and the universe. It is an incredibly interesting study that reveals the immense beauty and patterns that exist within the perfection of our world.

Which patterns of symmetry and balance do you recognize, in your own life or in the outside world? Which are asymmetrical and out of balance? By recognizing patterns, we can expand them if they are healthy and break them down if they are not. The continuous change between asymmetry and symmetry is the process of growth and evolution . Sacred geometry offers us a beautiful reflection to think about as we navigate life’s challenges in search of balance and harmony.

Mathematics is the alphabet in which God has written the universe. – Galileo

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is about sacred, universal patterns that we see reflected in the design of everything in our reality. It is most often found in architecture, art and nature. The fundamental idea is that geometry and mathematical proportions, harmonies and proportions are all reflected in music, light and cosmology. It is the invisible patterns that animate our physical world, just as spiritual traditions believe that the soul animates the body.

Shapes, patterns and visual compositions have the ability to seduce our eyes and fascinate our imagination. Whether masterly works of art or occurring in nature, this mesmerization can be so emotionally touching and awe-inspiring that one naturally associates it with transcendence, the supernatural, or the spiritual. At the heart of these patterns are proportions that can be measured, numbered, imitated and defined. Known as sacred geometry, this mathematical and esoteric domain of inquiry and observation will enlighten, mystify and invite you to see the world differently.

Can Sacred Geometry Help Develop Your Consciousness?
Natural Spiral Geometry

History of Sacred Geometry

The earliest societies, such as those of the Christians, Hindus, Greeks and Egyptians, already recognized the existence of various patterns or geometric shapes that nature repeated. They also found that there was a correlation or connection between the different elements that existed on Earth and in the stars. These sacred geometric patterns were mirrored on the ground and in the sky, and ancient civilizations believed that these patterns existed throughout the universe. Modern science has proven that these sacred geometric patterns represent the molecular shapes that are the basis of all life in this universe.

Is it really sacred?

The subject is vast, and while it is spiritually inspiring to many, there are plenty of mathematicians who look down on the idea of ​​correlating geometric formulas with mysticism. For that reason, I will not attempt to ascribe meaning to these patterns or connect them to specific spiritual traditions in this short, introductory blog post. Simply observing and recognizing these visual relationships in nature, along with their overwhelming influence on art, architecture and music, is more than enough to fill you with wonder!

sacred geometry
You can clearly see the influence of sacred geometry in the architecture of this mosque.

As a student I was never good at math, but I did enjoy geometry because it allowed me to draw shapes with my graph paper, triangle and compass. The idea of ​​representing numbers as visual forms, or as music, is a very special example of how abstractions (numbers, formulas) can be reflected in the physical world. This makes mathematics an exciting science that flirts with the distance between physical and non-physical.

That distance between physical and non-physical is usually set aside for art or spirituality. That is why it is so interesting to find mathematical formulas that bridge the gap. It is also one of the reasons why this geometry is considered ‘sacred’. If you are interested in specific numbers and formulas, Math is Fun is a great website for you. By learning about the different shapes of sacred geometry and how they were used in ancient societies, you can learn to tap into their power.

The golden ratio

The golden ratio

The golden ratio is also known as phi or the golden ratio, and was revered by the Greeks as the mathematical law or representation of beauty. It is the numerical representation of infinity and an unattainable approximation. Like no other it challenges you to consider whether a transcendent number can exist. The Fibonacci spiral emerges from the Golden Square and can be seen in flowers, snail shells, pinecones and other parts of nature. The Golden Square and the Fibonacci spiral are used in the manufacture of musical instruments, such as cellos and violins, and scales are also made according to the same mathematical formulas. These formulas were used in design and architecture from at least 4,000 years ago and can be seen in historic buildings such as the Greekparthenon .

sacred geometry help develop your consciousness
the flower of life

The Flower of Life

Another very powerful symbol found worldwide dates back to between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago. This symbol consists of evenly spaced, overlapping circles with sixfold symmetry, like a hexagon, and resembles a flower. You can see the flower of life in Egypt, in the Temple of Osiris ; in the Forbidden City of China; in synagogues in Galilee, Israel; in temples all over India; at La Mezquita, Spain; in Turkey, Japan and many more places. Leonardo da Vinci spent much of his life playing with and studying the shape of the flower of life and using its mathematical proportions in his art. Just looking at the symbol, or counting the circles, plays your mind.No wonder people from ancient times to the present are so in love with the flower of life.

The seed of life
The seed of life

The seed is in the flower

sacred geometry
Nieuwetijdskind Magazine’s own Logo is the flower of life

The seed of life is a symbol contained within the flower of life, as well as many other symbols of great significance, such as Metatron’s Cube. These shapes are called polygons and by definition have sides of equal length. This includes the cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron and octahedron, together by Platocalled the five regular polyhedra. All these shapes can be seen in the flower of life if you draw straight lines to connect the center with the different circles. It’s fantastic to see this symmetry reveal itself in one compact pattern, which is made by mathematics. Since many traditions believe that circles and curves represent the feminine, while angles and straight lines represent the masculine, this symbol also shows a divine balance of both.

Spirituality and Sacred Geometry

Higher frequencies of energy and consciousness are transmitted through sacred geometry. Sacred geometry reveals the mathematical or abstract patterns that form the basis for what we see in the physical world. How can we connect this to our personal journey of integrating science and spirituality? Our internal beliefs create patterns that slowly ripple outward and manifest in physical experiences. The invisible shapes the visible. Sacred geometry is a visualization and metaphor of the interconnectedness of all life, the interface between abstraction and physical reality. When we change the mathematical formulas, the proportions, we also change the physical forms. That is the teaching of many mystics.

The interplay between asymmetry and symmetry is the process of growth and evolution. Just as a symphony or a movie builds the tension to a great climax and resolution, we as humans are always moving through this continuous state of change. Use your time to look at these symmetrical patterns as a way to amplify your resonance with symmetry and balance. Perhaps you could even try calculating and drawing some of these patterns in your spare time, or coloring them in with markers… There is a reason spiritual traditions have used these mathematical patterns for centuries. By bringing them into your life you are well on your way to a more balanced and happier life!


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