Thursday, December 1, 2022



Mother EarthDear Jennifer:  I know that all of our self-healing work has an effect on humanity and the planet. It is part of the role we play as Lightworkers, to shift planetary dynamics and aid our evolution into higher dimensions and frequencies. But are our efforts really successful?

Is it possible that we are changing the energy of the world and humanity and how can we know that we have made progress? Sometimes it feels like the results just don’t seem to be there, no matter how much I, and others like me, think they’re working. How can we know we are effective?

Jennifer’s Answer:  No matter how little we think we can achieve, we can’t measure our success by what we see or don’t see happening in the world at any given moment, because our work is reflected on so many different levels, and because change can do so many different things. mean.

This work begins by introducing new levels of energy into the world, either as a potential or as an option, and that is then integrated into the energetic paradigms of the world, which more and more people are tuning into. If you want to see how successful this work really is, look at all those places where people are protesting or expressing their opinion today, that’s where the change is happening.

Changing the energy of the world cannot violate the free will or sovereignty of the planet and its inhabitants, plants, animals and humans. There is no power in the universe that can force any of us to do anything, nor is there an energy powerful enough to impose its will upon us. We can be coerced, tested,

misled or blinded by different kinds of energy, but everything that happens reflects our own individual and collective conscious or unconscious choice. What matters is not when change will come, but how much of these new energies are integrated into the 3D paradigms, because that is what forces them into permanent change.

When the 3D paradigm is saturated with enough higher vibrating energy, it has to shift, and it will happen in stages, but definitely noticeable. When the change is forced, it is no longer a process of integration and alignment, and the effect is short-lived. Because it is not widely accepted, there is little delineation or integration,

and the change does not last. How do you rate the results of this work? Some of the changes that happen are those that cannot be perceived with the senses, for they are changes in knowing or understanding, which reflect a deeper desire for living in greater joy, peace and alignment.cosmic earth

The desire for more connection and love in the world happens when the 3D paradigm of separation also offers another option or energetic path. The desire for peace comes when the 3D paradigms of disharmony and chaos are infused with 5D energy,

which makes the separation obvious and no longer desirable, which stimulates people to strive for peace and love, and because they want and striving, they are much more willing to align with this energy, and integrate that energy.

It cannot be forced, but it can be introduced in a gentle, loving way so that they can accept it, and voluntarily let go of their attachments to energies that are not aligned with these higher options.

Change is happening on Earth and in people’s hearts and minds every moment of the day. Even though it may not happen as quickly as you hope, let go of your judgment of what the result should look like, so that it again does not create a limitation,

because your judgment only hinders the changes in their manifestation. Instead, focus on the change you want to create in your life, and when you see your outcomes manifest, the energy of that transformation is shared with the world to integrate and align with it.

Just as you don’t watch a plant or tree grow minute by minute, you are aware of the changes it is making by observing its new leaves or blossoms, which had been forming for a long time, but you did not see that until they appeared. Yet you know that one day a rose bush will produce flowers, or a tree will produce leaves, in a process that seems to happen overnight.

In the same way, you must realize that your work is important and will create change in the world – it has already done so, and will continue to do so, as long as you do not judge the pace or timing of these changes, and think that nothing is happening because you don’t see anything.


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