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Can you feel the excitement in the air?

Everywhere you can feel that people are awakening. Do you notice it too? That you wake up from the dream of the ego and start living more and more from your soul? Are you part of this group of people who are bringing about an unprecedented shift in consciousness in the world?

It is not for nothing that you are now in embodiment! This is a special time. The time to do what you came here for. The time when we are waking up en masse. But… waking up can raise tension and questions. If you no longer let fear, suffering, doubt or negative thoughts dictate your life, what will you do? Where are you going? What is your soul and how do you make contact with it? How do you get through this new and exciting phase?

The School for Lightwork has created an intensive training especially for you to enable the transition from ego to soul: ‘Living from your soul’. We make this leap in consciousness together. We do exercises through which you can feel the remarkable difference in energy between ego and soul. You will feel this movement from within and anchor it in your system. You get tools that you can immediately use in your daily life.

‘Living from your soul’ is a choice for the life that your soul has in store for you. It is a choice for surrender, trust and enjoyment of life. And for love. You can make this movement through experience and awareness. Once you’ve experienced it, it gets easier and easier. This is the most important step a person can take in life. Are you prepared?

Lia: ‘What an unforgettable workout! Thank you so much dear Irene for your loving and wise guidance. The desire to live from my soul had been there for a while; but now this soul energy is really and strongly felt…What a joy!’

Sandra: ‘Goodbye dear ego, welcome soul. What a turning point in my life! I’m still a bit quiet about it..:-) Thank you Írene; nice sweet person.’

The training ‘ Living from your Soul’ is unique in the Netherlands. She offers you the opportunity to experience contact with your soul from within in five days. You learn to make the distinction between soul and ego in a powerful way.

What do we do?

Although you may still be stuck in the midst of ego, fear and suffering, you will experience on the spot how to get out of this.


Have you been on the spiritual path for a while? Do you feel the need and willingness to go within? Are you not currently in the middle of a severe, disruptive crisis? Then this is for you.

Don’t let your soul wait any longer. She’s waiting for you to take that step. The choice is yours.

Who’s your trainer?

Irene Verweij-2019

The training sessions are supervised by Irene Verweij (48). She is the initiator of the School for Lightwork. Irene has many years of experience in giving spiritual workshops and training. Thanks to her psychological background and years of work experience as a psychosocial therapist, she is able to lovingly go into depth with you. She can clearly distinguish between ego and soul like no other, because she has also experienced this process intensively.

Practical information:

This training lasts five days, spread over 6 months. We start in January 2020 and end in July 2020. You will receive extensive information and assignments between the training sessions. We start at 10.30 am and finish at 4 pm. Because the School for Lightwork is located in Santpoort Noord close to the Kennemerduinen National Park, we regularly use the power of this beautiful nature. We work in small groups of a maximum of fourteen participants so that there is a lot of personal attention.


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