Can you make space?

Can you make space?

Making space for yourself, what is that? Can you make room for yourself? Do you dare to be yourself or do you hold back for someone else? Do you know yourself? Do you trust yourself? Do you dare to discover your true self? Do you give yourself that spaceMake space for yourself, how do you do that? Give yourself permission. Give yourself permission to be. Give yourself permission to trust your own intuition and wisdom.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with an abundance of information. Only give yourself the information you need, no more. Let go of the excess, let go. Find your own inner strength. Give yourself time to find these. Embrace the strength you find within yourself. Don’t let anyone take away your inner strength. Create a safe space for yourself to also dare to fail. Help yourself with kindness and gentleness.

Can you make space?

Give yourself permission to feel what you feel, including conflicting or uncomfortable feelings. Don’t judge how you feel, just leave it as it is. Give yourself space to come up with your own solutions. They may be different from what others would do or what others advise you, but they do suit you better. Always give yourself space, time, and attention. Room for the other And what about the other? Only when you can apply the above for yourself, you can also make room for others.

Sometimes it is just the other way around, we can give the other room to be himself, but our own self is left out in the cold as a result. Do you recognize yourself in this? Do you dare to give yourself space? And what about the other? Be kind to yourself.. and to others. Everyone has their own path to walk.


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