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Candida albicans as a spiritual teacher…

hi there,

What a year already huh? The great leaps we have made globally as well as individually are astonishing. How time can go so fast and yet encompass such a range of enriching and instructive and wondrous experiences…

Life calls us with every breath to wake ourselves up, little by little, and in the observable dimension of time everything comes just in time, exactly at the right time when we are ready to see and understand what is happening. The revelations are always there to make us stronger, to help us be present in every moment, and I would like to share my experience of the past two months with you.

So I finally arrived at this wonderful hut, on the last ledge just before the still quite traditional village of Tzununá here on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. The view is breathtaking.

Candida albicans

We walked here with some friends from San Marcos, where I returned in early January after spending three weeks in Santiago for a heart-opening festival called Cosmic Convergence . San Marcos is one of my favorite places on Earth, so it was an interesting choice to temporarily step away from this cradle for spiritual life travelers and open hearts.

I lived in my tent in a hostel until I found the right place to do a four-week cleansing cure. It was a wonderful time and community life turned out to be very enriching, but I would like my own time and space to do this cure.

Candida is an interesting resident

Candida albicans is an interesting resident to have in your gut. The bacteria lives within each of us, but for certain people it starts to proliferate and then the good bacteria in the intestines have a very difficult time. The bacteria lives hidden in the intestinal wall. Last summer it was determined that I have a problem with that bacteria.

I started to adjust my diet further, but without knowing the candida diet I was already largely used to it by learning to listen to my body in the previous years. Interesting… In any case, after six months of following the diet as closely as possible, the symptoms of the ‘candidase’ had not really decreased much.

I sometimes caught myself playing the victim role, thinking I was doing everything I could and never changing my physical condition.

Candida albicans is a yeast that lives in the gastrointestinal tract

After a tiring trek to Lake Atitlán – a place of high energy and a spiritual place of pilgrimage for centuries – my (then) partner Dante and I finally arrived. The two days that followed were an intense spiritual school where we were exposed to a whole load of darkness and insights at an astonishing pace.

We suddenly realized how deeply married and unconsciously dependent on each other. After those two days, which almost felt like two weeks, we decided enough was enough. We talked it out, had the most intense lovemaking in years, and decided to call it a day. Welcome home!
candida albicans

A little later I went to the hot springs on my One and spent the night there. Bathed naked in the healing, volcanic, living waters of the Earth. There, in the cold damp night of the mountains, I entered a cave used ceremonially by the native people.

I found my way through the broken glass of the candles and the empty cola cans to where I felt most aligned, and learned to channel sound there. Little by little, I allowed the song of the ghosts of that cave to come through and embody. Everything has changed since then. . She is a warm-hearted woman of Russian descent who has lived here for 13 years. She grows herbs and makes her own tinctures, herbal supplements, etc. and does all kinds of treatments.

Back then to here and now, ten weeks later, and I sing almost every day the song of the Mother Earth, of the spirit of the lake, of the beings who inhabit this Earth as well as other universes, of the angels, and especially or my own heart. A healing experience that strengthens me every time, and calms my mind during the intense moments I experience during this cleanse.

What an experience, this treatment. Luckily (at the exact right time of course – thank you universe) I got in touch with Nadia , who runs a therapy center here called The Flower HouseNadia told me she was sick for three years with Candida, and when I told her that my hands and feet have such poor blood flow, she told me she had the same problem back then. I regained hope because I had been frustrated with my body and the signs it showed for years.

She also told me that she only really got rid of it after she had taken a course of three to four weeks to break open the Candida bacterium and bind and eject it with clay and laxatives. She also told me that I would find a quiet place for that period because it is also a strong emotional cleansing where you release a part of yourself that has been present in your being for years. I knew…

It is an interesting time that enriches me and gives me a lot of insight into what has been moving within my Being, both the past two years (since I turned 27) and all my life… Deep-rooted memories surface in search of the light . Sometimes images and experiences from my primary school days or even from the kindergarten, looking for confirmation and awareness. Just when I’m ready to see and accept them. It turns out that candidase is much more than a bacterial proliferation. It is (like all signs of the body) a true spiritual master.

The first days were quite intense. I had to adapt to the many being all-one and the downside of such a spectacular view here on the hill is that it can get really windy at times. I am already so lighthearted by nature and found that I easily started to worry and almost mentally blow away when the wind picks up. interesting.

Anyway, for many the candida appears to have a link with feeling guilty towards the parents. It is strongly involved with self-confidence issues, self-image, self-love, willpower, in short: with the third chakra, the solar plexus. It also occurs more often in people who are often on the road, and who do not ground themselves in the same place. I’ve been touring for a good five years.

Paradoxically, I decided to travel, partly because I was so concerned about the symptoms/signs my body was giving me. That certainly wasn’t a bad choice, because when I look back and understand how magically, completely and quickly the transformation in my being has taken place, it is hard to imagine where I will be in life in another five years.

Guatemala, Santiago de Atitlan, Women washing in lake Lago De Atitlan
Guatemala, Santiago de Atitlan

I understand more deeply than ever before how deeply I have confused love and affection. As the only child of a single mother, I began to feel responsible for my mother’s happiness, self-esteem, support, etc. at an early age. In retrospect, I was the figurative man in the house.

Of course this was all my choice, and now I realize that my own choice to support my mom like this would win me her acceptance, her affirmation and her ‘love’… A love I didn’t have to win at all, because true love is unconditional . And my mother, it turns out, is more than strong enough to take care of herself.

As a child I decided to let the power of my third chakra, my self-worth, my willpower and self-love, depend on my mother’s (not just my mother’s) affirmation.Out of fear of losing that strength, I decided to be what she wanted from me – consciously or unconsciously.

As a teenager I naturally felt the need to rebel against my mother, because I somehow thought I was being controlled, but did not understand that it was (and always has been) my own choice to maintain our energetic relationship in this way.

Time to transform and let the power of true, unconditional love shine through. And no one can do that for us but our true, beautiful Self. What a journey.

Of course, the road isn’t always bright and sunny, but the secrets always reveal themselves in their perfect moment, when we’re ready to see them. Creating space and time for the signs of life to emerge is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling things we can do for ourselves. And the signs are getting louder all the time, both within ourselves and all over the Earth.

Whispering in your ear at first: admit it, it’s OK, love yourself, all is One… But we are often not taught to interpret the signals for what they are, and so they get louder as long as we get them wrong interpret and decide to close their eyes. But the eternal unconditional Divine love continues to knock on our door with compassion, always with the same message.

In fact, I find that the candida bacteria loves me so much that when I even begin to doubt my own worth as an indispensable part of the whole, I already begin to swell and become bloated. Are you sure you want that reality for yourself? – she seems to ask. And this goes for much more than just Candida Albicans…

We as humans are so much more than what we have been taught to embody. We are true sculptors, with the ability to masterfully manifest heaven on Earth. If only we believe in ourselves, and consciously accept the helping hand that is extended to us at every moment


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