Wednesday, December 7, 2022

10 Mysterious Unknown People From History

From one day to the next you are world news, it can happen to you too. Maybe you'll break through as a musician, win...

Top 10 Mysterious Ghost Ships

When one speaks of a ghost ship, one usually refers to a ship about which mysterious stories are circulating. It is questionable whether that...

Top 10 Cursed Items with a Terrifying History

There are objects with a terrifying histories, which superstitious believers claim are cursed. If you touch, come near or look at such an object,...

Top 10 Famous Witches in History

In the past, a witch was considered to be someone who had contact with the devil and usually possessed a malevolent influence. From the...

Top 10 Bizarre Things That Used To Be Normal

Everything used to be better, right? Actually, that's okay. Despite the fact that the world today is incredibly busy and changing rapidly, the past was...

Top 10 Bizarre fashion trends from the past

Do you feel that fashion today is strange? Then you don't want to know which fashion trends were in fashion in the past. For...

10 Most Bizarre Wars Ever Fought

Apparently it doesn't take much to start a war. The cause is usually a hunger for power, the urge to expand one's own territory...

Top 10 Most Bizarre Tanks Ever Made

In modern warfare, a tank is an indispensable weapon. During the First World War, on September 15, 1916, near Flers in northern France, a tank...

Top 10 Most Bizarre Trains Ever Made

Even if you do not regularly travel by train, you will probably recognize the large yellow colossus of the Dutch Railways out of thousands. In...

Top 10 Most Bizarre World Records

Since 1955, the most spectacular and special world records have been recorded in an annual book. An officially recognized world record must meet a...

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