Celebrating the summer nice and big in August


Enjoy life? Celebrating your existence and that of others? You can have a party in a pure and honest way. Together. In nature. Without substances such as alcohol and drugs and with a minimum of telephone and computer use.

It is almost impossible for some people to imagine it (anymore), but not being involved in those addictive and stimulus-sensitive things for a few days is wonderful. And very healthy. That is why the Chocolate Club, Kareem Raihani and Landgoed Ottermeer are organizing the Great Happy Summer Festival from August 28 to September 1 .

What is life all about? Develop and discover yourself. Being together. Good and healthy food. The earth and nature. Things that make us intensely happy. Our children. Imagine enjoying all this for five days. Taking time for ourselves and each other. To honor the great potential in each of us. Respect our individual differences. What could be nicer than that?

Take care of each other

At The Great Happy Summer Festival we strive to be present in the moment as much as possible. Thinking in terms of scarcity plays no role here; there is enough for everyone, so we share what there is. It’s not that hard; we look after each other, take care of body and mind, nature and our environment.

If you live life in a conscious way, you automatically take your surroundings into account. So we also make sure that we don’t leave any traces on the festival site when we leave again.

There are a few red threads running through the festival. We list them here:

Attention to our body: yoga, massage and breath
Discover yourself in different ways
Creativity: singing, dancing and expression
Creating new paths instead of walking the beaten track
Connecting with ourselves, nature and each other
what is there to do

We have a very varied program for you, with workshops, performances by artists, DJs, ceremonies and ‘sharing circles’. Among the workshops you will find the Wild Woman and Man Voice workshop, yoga classes, hula hoop dance and a singing bowl journey. The Love and Connect concert and Savasana concert let you enjoy.

The atmosphere is even better with ceremonies, of course at the opening and closing of the festival and in between with the sweat lodge, essential oils and cocoa (we are not the Chocolate Club for nothing!). DJs like Kareem Raihani and Sefrijn Langen bring you into higher dance spheres. If you know us a little, then you know that Ecstatic Dance is of course on the program.

Do you need something individual? No problem, we have thought of that too. For example, let yourself be pampered with an Ayurvedic massage, put your voice to work during a voicework session or let singing bowls caress your senses.

You can buy beautiful, sustainable products at the mini market and satisfy your inner person with the delicious food that chef Marnix Lange prepares for you with products from the vegetable garden on the site. There is also plenty to do for the children, such as clowning . Nothing is mandatory. You can participate anywhere.

The program may be versatile and full of beautiful experiences, but we have not completely boarded it up. Co-creation is also on our wish list. We do our very best to create a really good atmosphere that will stay with you for a long time. We cannot do this alone, we do it together. That’s why we invite you to bring in your treasures and share your gifts. What contribution would you like to make? It can be anything… from a solo performance to a workshop. Share it with us.

Where does it take place?

On the Landgoed Ottermeer, about 8 kilometers from Roosendaal in Brabant. In 2000, Yvonne and Frans bought De Ottermeerhoeve, a farm with 20 hectares of land. They created their big dream here: a paradisiacal environment where they can flourish as a family and as an individual, in harmony with each other and nature. Guests are welcome to enjoy their life project where the atmosphere is personal and friendly.

For them there are spacious camping pitches, a swimming area with a sandy beach and many play options for children. The site is surrounded by 11 hectares of Ottermeer forest with 2 natural pools, meadows with horses and a vegetable, flower and herb garden. It is the ideal location to celebrate life with a festival.You can already soak up the atmosphere at www.landgoedottermeer.nl .

Our ‘holy’ fire burns in the heart every day. Would you like to be a fire keeper? Then let us know, because we are looking for you. Want to lend a hand, for example in the kitchen, garden or cleaning? Many hands make light work, here too. Fun to do, but know that you don’t have to do anything. Feel no obligation.


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