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Celia Fenn: THE RISING NEW EARTH -February

February 03, 2011 :  The New Earth Grids, the Middle East and the energy of the Tree of Life …. we are clearly feeling the changes and transitions right now, as the old Third Dimensional grids disintegrate and the Earth shifts into the Fifth Dimension. The “crisis” in the Middle East is very much a part of these shifts and changes, and is nothing to fear.

In 2010, I went several times to the Middle East, including Egypt, with the clear purpose of working with the new energies and anchoring the Divine Feminine Shekinah energies in preparation for the manifestation of the New Earth on the Fifth Dimensional Grids. So it is not surprising to me, given the intense efforts that many Lightworkers have concentrated in this area, that the energy is now shifting.

However, I am particularly interested in the way the old is pushed out of place by the new in terms of energies and grids. The Middle East is an important area on the Planet because it is the place that anchors the concept of “duality” and it dominates the old three-dimensional grid networks.

This place is not in Egypt, but in Iraq. It was the Sumerian “intelligence” that established what I would call the “holographic implant” that became “religion” in the Middle East.

The “story” was that there was originally a “Garden of Eden” in the Middle East. It was here that humanity “fallen” into duality, and ever since then had to work to “redeem” itself. What a wonderful trick that is, to trap people in the idea of ​​low self-esteem, guilt and “not good enough”.

This has allowed powerful and dominant dictators to dominate people through religion and paternalistic politics, where a strong “father” figure becomes almost “divine” in his power and control. As the New Earth grids begin to take shape, these ancient stories no longer have the power to shape the human mind.

People are awakening, and beginning to see that they have the power to determine their own destiny and future, and to throw off the control that has long been exercised through the Iraq Stargate and its holographic implants. The manipulative energy of the Sumerian/Iraq Stargate was even able to undermine the bright energies of the Sirius Portal of Giza and that is why Egypt remained under the control of this belief system for so long, despite the powerful Sirius energies still in existence. can be found in Egypt.

Whenever I visit the Middle East, I am touched by the stark dualities in this society, where “right and wrong” belief systems have evolved into reasons to oppress and kill. The shadow energy is turned outward and becomes “the enemy”.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the relationships between men and women, where women become “black shadows” in their headscarves, carrying the sexual guilt of men. How good will it be when the Middle East is free of this energy, and everyone can be free to express who they are in a new society.

Yes, we are in the birthing stages of this new energy. The shifts and movements in North Africa will also affect the rest of Africa. As the “holographic implant” weakens and falls away, the powerful Gridlines that run from North Africa to South Africa will be opened. These grids have been closed for hundreds of years.

When I did grid work with a group of Lightworkers in Zimbabwe in 2009, we were unable to take the Light further north than Rwanda. This was because the Ancestral Spirit Keepers had closed off access to the Great Lakes that fed the Nile River and linked Central Africa to the Middle East.

This was to prevent further encroachment towards Africa by the energy of the Sumerian Holographic Implants.The grids were closed tightly in the 19th century when the wise Spirit Keepers and Ancestral Spirits saw the Colonial energy entering Africa and realized that the grids had to be closed to protect the energies of Africa. And so it happened, and very few people were able to access the deep Elemental energies of Africa.

Africa became the Shadowland of Europe and America, the place where the energies of Lack, Poverty and Darkness would be dumped by the Western collective consciousness. But all this is aimed to change as the Sumerian Holographic implant of duality crumbles that empowered these beliefs. Africa will rise once the Sumerian implant is removed,

The key to opening the Grids is in South Africa. The people called the San or the Bushmen in Southern Africa are recognized as the ancestors of the Human Race. They were the original population or the first people. In the Sumerian implants, this fact is distorted into the story that they were created to be slaves to the “Gods”.

This is of course not true, although it is a nice justification for slavery and apartheid, and has been used as such in the past. The San were the original Keepers of the Tree of Life, and they are its roots. They are the original Holders of the African Grids, and most of them have passed on to the Spirit World.

What is left of the Bushmen in Africa? Not much…. they are a dying breed. They have been expelled from their land and expropriated. They can no longer follow their traditional way of life and their traditional wisdom is in danger of being lost forever.

I recently started working with Sean Caulfield, who was chosen by the San Ghost Keepers to be the link between the world and the last remnants of the Bushman people. We feel very strongly that the roots of the Tree of Life need help at this time to breathe new life into the tree in the new Fifth Dimensional grids. These are some pictures of Sean’s work with the San people in South Africa

Sean Caulfield


Right now, during the New Moon, and as there is such a tumult of change, we ask you to keep the people of Africa and the Middle East in the Light. The New Earth arises, the old falls away, and Unity Consciousness is born on the Planet. It is indeed time to celebrate the Birth of the New!

I would also like to share with you a video I made last year in Israel, near the Sea of ​​​​Galilee. In this video I work with a group of Lightworkers to anchor the Divine Feminine energy and the Magdalene Flame. It is this kind of work that makes possible the establishment of the New Earth Grids, which replace the old ones. I thank all the dedicated Lightworkers who are doing the work they feel called to do at this time!


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