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Chakra meditation and visualization – restore the balance in your chakras

When you work with energy, it is very important to ground yourself and to set up a space where you feel safe and comfortable. If you are already familiar with how the chakra system works on your body, you can start practicing opening and closing your chakras.

The chakras normally open and close in a natural way, but it is true that in most people a chakra is open or closed too much, so that the natural balance has been disturbed. By regularly doing the exercises below you can restore the balance in your chakras , allowing them to open or close naturally depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Chakra meditation and visualization

ReikiI know from experience that most people can visualize the center of a chakra in the shape of a rose. When the chakra is closed, you can visualize the rose as a small gold bud. If you want to open a chakra, you can visualize the bud slowly opening and the petals of the rose unfurling. Give this visualization a try and see if it’s for you. You can also useReiki energyto balance and harmonize chakras.

If you want to start opening and closing your chakras, sit in a quiet place and ground yourself, feel your center. Then bring your attention to where your base chakra is located at the bottom of your spine. Visualize a beautiful golden rose bud slowly unfolding, the petals becoming more visible. Then you repeat this visualization for all the other chakras, opening them one by one from the bottom up. Meanwhile, feel what happens in your body as you pass these points in your body.

If you want to close a chakra, visualize the golden rose slowly turning into a small rosebud. If you do this exercise regularly, it can give you a lot of support.

chakra meditation red roseMeditation with light and colors

Another way to work with your chakras is to conduct light through them. This helps to clean, energize and balance them. Sit on the floor with your back straight or in a comfortable chair with your feet firmly on the floor.

Connect yourself with Mother Earth and ask for protection from your guides or Higher Self. Take a few slow deep breaths, making contact with your abdomen. Relax and visualize a beautiful white or golden light overhead. Feel the light entering your crown chakra, see if you can feel any of this energy.

Imagine that the light flows from your crown chakra to your third eye chakra and radiates out through the front and back of this chakra.

Then gently move the light to your throat chakra and feel the light radiate through the front and back of your throat chakra. Then go to your heart chakra and feel the light radiate through the front and back of your heart chakra.

Then move the light further into your solar plexus chakra and feel the light radiate out through the front and back of your solar plexus chakra. Move the light further to your sacral chakra at your navel and feel the light radiate out through the front and back of your navel. From your navel the light flows into your base chakra and from there further down into your earth cord deeper and deeper to the Mother Earth core crystal.Chakra meditation basics

When you feel it’s okay to stop, imagine the light going back up through your earth cord to your base chakra, then to your navel chakra, and then visualize your navel chakra closing. Then the light continues up to your solar plexus chakra to close it off. Then the light travels on to your heart chakra to close it and further up to your throat chakra which slowly closes, then further up to your third eye to close this off. Finally, the light arrives at your crown chakra to close this. The light then goes out through your crown chakra.

You can let the light enter through your crown as well as let the white light flow upward from the Mother Earth core crystal.

This method allows you to let the light flow up from the center of the earth into all your chakras to open them and then close them again by bringing the light from your crown back deep into the earth. Always provide adequate grounding, protection and safety at the end of this meditation.
You can also focus on each chakra separately during a meditation. For example, if you feel that you have a weakness in a particular chakra, you can meditate by focusing on that chakra by letting light flow through it or by using the specific color of that chakra to energize the chakra or the opposite color to calm the chakra. It may help to use some objects in the color or complementary color of the chakra during meditation.

If you feel a blockage in your solar plexus chakra, find or imagine a yellow color to energize the chakra and violet to calm it.

If you want to meditate with colors in this way, visualize that you are surrounded by the chosen color and see it as a blur. With each breath you can imagine that you are breathing this color. When you’re done, imagine this fog turning to white and breathe it in for a few minutes. Colors have a strong effect on our energy and emotions. Whenever you feel restless, you can do this color breath and then imagine the colored mist turning to white and then breathe it in for a few minutes to regain your balance.


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