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Chakras and the psychology of your energy field

Which chakra am I blocked in ? A lot of people ask that question. But actually it’s irrelevant. Chakras have flowing and non-flowing parts. In addition, they contain a wealth of information. And perhaps most importantly: you can develop your chakras, and thereby transform your life. Just by focusing your attention on them.

What are Chakras in short?

Chakras are energy centers. They form the connection between your body and your energy field; here your body meets the emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your being. They are, as it were, the gates through which your soul enters the earthly reality. There are a lot of chakras (major and small), but usually seven main chakras are assumed .

All of them have psychological and spiritual meaning and function. They are sources of information that you can learn to unlock. And then there is an endless amount to observe: colours, shapes, movement, images, life themes, feelings, beliefs, relational dynamics, development paths, etc. How you do that depends on your preferred channel.

Chakra nutrition

Chakras allow energy in and release energy. Ideally, you take in pure energy that nourishes you and helps you grow, after which you give energy back to the world, with your own ‘color’ attached to it. But that ideal situation does not exist. Often the energy we take in and give off is not that pure at all.

Suppose your base chakra is weak, then you are not well connected to the earth. You will experience fear of life, and project exactly that energy outwards (stick onto the world). While your base chakra actually longs to take in the lifestream of the earth, allowing you to feel that you belong and are wanted here.

energetic perception

Once you start training your energetic perception , you can slowly but surely discern what your energy management looks like, and it becomes easier to take responsibility for your energetic health; both for what you let into your system, and for what you radiate.

And then you will discover that development of your consciousness is possible in all your chakras. Because in all of them there can be simultaneously consciousness and non-consciousness, abundance and lack, a natural flow or deficiency or excess.

Deficiency and Excess

Deficiency means you suppress energy there; Excess means that you expend or give away the energy excessively. For example, if the energy in your second chakra is suppressed, you could be asexual. If there is excess, you may be a sex addict.

The healthy middle is a powerful sexual current, which you can experience within yourself, without having to discharge it on others, or jealously keep it away from them. The sexual flow is then pure life force that you use for your own creations, and that you can share in relationship.

Chakra development

What does such a development of your chakras look like? With a strong base chakra, for example, you can feel grounded and safe. This is impossible with a less well-developed base chakra. Then you don’t feel at home, you can be afraid of people, and above all you experience the deep pain of life. The potency of the second chakra is the experience of deep intimacy and pleasure in earthly existence.

But there are also themes such as abuse and abandonment that seem to make this impossible. The third chakra, in its healthy form, helps you put things down and take action. However, if you have been injured by it, you can become entangled in power or powerlessness. (“Injury” is a developmental trauma; an event or relationship that has disrupted the natural growth of the chakra; and everyone experiences it. )

Your higher chakras are the more “spiritual” ones, which allow you to see life from a large perspective, and are important in expressing your mission. Ultimately, the assignment is to experience the depth, wisdom and beauty in all your chakras, so that you can optimally be who you are.

chakra awareness


Your energy field forms a fluid system that is constantly in motion. The field precedes the earthly reality which is much ‘dense’. Thus, once you begin to change your chakras, you also initiate change in your entire physical reality. How do you do that? The great thing about energy is that it reacts very quickly. As soon as you focus your attention on it. You make contact with it, stay present with it, your field opens up, and space is created.

You can do it during meditation, readings and other energetic work, but also during sex. Due to its fixed form, earthly reality (unfortunately) moves more slowly. On the other hand, once that happens, the transformation is also sustainable; you can’t go back to the old ‘energetic mould’.


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