Challenges for (highly) sensitive on their path to consciousness change

Challenges for (highly) sensitive on their path to consciousness change
Do you continue to act “real” in your actions, even when those around you do not? Can you continue to believe in yourself, even when others turn their backs on you? I can now say a resounding “Yes” in the middle of my process. It was during the inner crisis that I regained my self-esteem. I have “discovered” something in myself and I know that I can set myself free step by step. How did I handle that? How did I find a method that allows me to continue to believe in myself and how do I feel free and light despite chaotic situations?

In this article, I take you through my process, and how I use this time of crisis to continue a consciousness transformation and I give you two exercises and a video.

Love yourself, and embrace all your emotions! With this article I hope I’ve touched something with you so that in time you can say to yourself, “Welcome home, sweetheart. It’s good to be here.” – Ellen Worm

My hard side and the liberation process

I have very consciously been able to free myself from constantly dissociating from my feelings. This dissociation caused convulsively congealed energies in my head. This was my “hard side”; a side that suppressed my soul light and with it my life energy. I melted the hard “stone”.

I don’t need it anymore. I can now pronounce myself. Giving expression to my emotions. Being able to express myself directly, was not possible for me in the past. I don’t have to let it harden on the inside anymore. By letting it melt, it increasingly makes way for liberating flowing emotions.

Challenges for (highly) sensitive on their path to consciousness change

Be the loving parent to yourself and embrace all your emotions. Do you only live from your head and are you cut off from your emotional world? Then you are very concerned about what is happening in the outside world. By focusing too much on external circumstances, you don’t have to work with yourself. Now let go of your victim role and choose life for your body, soul, and heart. Choose your inner light.

Exercise: Free yourself from your hard side!

Grab a pillow and place it next to you. Place both palms on your eyes. Now let your “old mechanism” of dissociation flow into your hands of love. Now replace your hands with a small pillow and now let your dissociation flow into the pillow. Now put the pillow next to you. And keep in touch with it. Say to this part of you, “I see you, dissociation from me.” “I am very grateful to you”. “You protected me well.” “I don’t need you anymore!”

Now that you have let go of this part, you can connect with the hard part within yourself. Your solidified emotions. The energy of anger imploded. Say to this part, “Come to me.” Feel the hard energy rise in your head. Say to this part “I’m not afraid of you”, “I’m meeting you now”. Play with this. Feel the energetic solidified energy melt in your head on an even deeper layer. In the long run, sadness can come loose. Let it flow! Redeem yourself…

You can get headaches for days. This is painful but necessary. The solidified energy is now released, stay with it lovingly!

Nascent Heart Consciousness 

What you can start to experience at a given moment is that you will start living more and more from a feeling of peace and softness. Because you can now sink more into your body and heart from your head, a transformation of a “nascent heart consciousness” will start. You can then long for more and more real connections with people, animals, and nature.

Challenges for (highly) sensitive on their path to consciousness change

Because we would like to stay in touch with, for example, family out of love, we have to learn to calculate. For example, if you know that you are going somewhere where someone is very restless. Before you go, you can prepare yourself and realize that you will encounter this. That’s fundamentally different you shouldn’t go.

It would be witnessing “stupid” if you say “gosh, he or she was again so restless and mentally.” Knowing this will help you not to be disappointed. Because that blocks you and makes you overwhelmed. It is wise to be able to take that unrest. In people with high sensitivity, it can often strike the brain, and then you are immediately ready. An exercise follows that will help with this.

Exercise: “My Sacred Safe Place”

I have a “strong weapon” to be able to act well in the situation. This weapon ensures that you can escape the terror and keep your cool again. If you have people visiting or you have to deal with unpleasant situations, you can train yourself so that you can get one leg free from the cramped situation you are in. This way you are no longer stuck in the situation. That escape will take you to a place where no one can terrorize you. No one else has access to that space.

It’s your sacred safe place

In the room where you are, visualize an escape hatch in the ceiling that a bird can pass through. Imagine you are that bird flying out through this hole. You sit on the highest gutter. You can now look around you completely free and openly. You are free!

Now hold this image while continuing to do your normal things. You have now come out of the chaos with one leg. If you don’t do this you are constantly in the full “terror” of the

We want to be able to feel free, even in front of other people. You can use this exercise for all situations in your life!

Embrace your loneliness

Challenges for (highly) sensitive on their path to consciousness change

I like to socialize very much, yet I prefer to be at home with my cats most of the time. It is often super exhausting to enter into a relationship, in any form, with someone when you are still in the middle of your integration and healing process. Especially if you are highly sensitive, a lot of charging and rest moments are needed.

It really feels like a time to give all my time, love, and energy to me. The rest will follow. So do not feel guilty and do not fear your loneliness. Use this time of crisis to turn inward. What is really important in our lives right now? Which people make us happy? From what and who do we get energy and what nourishes us? This time is perfect for feeling what really matters.

Because we have to be careful not to give ourselves away to people where the Harts consciousness is still dormant and where there is a lot of negativity. This is very harmful to our well-being and light. Protect yourself against this! If this succeeds, connections with the world will arise that will nourish and inspire you. Open to the energies of like-minded people. Show yourself so that those connections are strengthened.

I have great respect for all of us who are now moving on this path of great consciousness transformation. You possess great resilience and drive to accomplish this, you are a lightworker! Say “yes” to yourself! You don’t have to give yourself away anymore.

Love yourself, and embrace all your emotions! With this article, I hope I’ve touched something with you so that in time you can say to yourself, “Welcome home, sweetheart. It’s good to be here.”






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