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Change your frequency and stay tuned


I was staying in a hotel and needed access to the wireless internet. To my disappointment, the connection kept breaking down. A phone call to technical support didn’t help much. Finally, the technician concluded that there was too much interference with my room.

He suggested I move to another room. So at 1 AM I packed up and trudged to another hotel room.

by Alan Cohen

I logged into the wireless internet and found that reception in this room was no better. Frustrated, I searched for other wireless networks in the hotel and found another available.

I logged in and it worked perfectly. So I didn’t have to switch rooms at all. All I had to do was change my frequencyspiral time

Many people are tempted to change jobs, homes, or spouses, and sometimes it works. But it is not uncommon, once in your new situation, to find that it is a repetition of your old situation.

In many cases, you should not have had to change the situation. You just had to change the point of view from which you looked at the situation. Often a vertical rather than a horizontal step is required. Instead of leaving, change your point of view.

dr. Michael Ryce gives a workshop called: Why does this keep happening to me? He comes up with this example:

“Suppose you flee New York to escape a relationship that isn’t working, and the person who picks you up at the Los Angeles airport finishes the sentence the person you left in New York started with.”

The world we experience is not created by people or circumstances. It is created by thoughts. The most important place where you can change the world is in your head. If you try to change the world without first changing your thinking, the world will not change. If you change your mind, everything changes.

We will soon have the Thanksgiving and Christmas period again, which often offers a lot of material for spiritual growth. You may have to deal with family and social gatherings with people who bore you, offend you, or drive you to despair.

While you may be trying to avoid such situations but can’t get out of it in this case, you can also take the opportunity to try taking a vertical instead of a horizontal step.

To clarify: A woman called on my radio show Get Real for Hay House Radio  and told her she had to go to a family gathering with people who annoyed her. I gave her this suggestion:

“Before the weekend, sit still for a few minutes and tell yourself that your only goal for the weekend is inner peace. Whatever anyone says or does, you stay there in that calm inner space. Withdraw all the power you have given your relatives to make you unhappy.”

This would be good for all of us to start practicing. If you can maintain your inner peace in the company of someone who has frequently annoyed you, then you will earn your spiritual degree.

See yourself as a participant in a seminar entitled “Happiness comes first”. Change your image of that person into that of an angel who has come to help you find your inner strength. You have a spiritual contract with that person to help you grow your soul muscles.

If you can choose to feel good in their presence no matter what they say or do, they are likely to withdraw from your environment. If they don’t, it won’t be a problem for you because you learned the lesson that they are there for you to learn from. Inthe Course in Miracles states:

“The holiest place on earth is where a former hatred has become a new love.”

Think of life as a big radio tuner or internet browser. There are millions of stations or web pages to choose from, delicious and horrible. You need to figure out which station or URL you’re tuning into.

If you are presented with a bad program, there is no point in scolding the radio station or cursing the website. You have the option to choose a different frequency. An old slogan from Microsoft fits well with this: Where do you want to go today?

I’m not suggesting that you should never change your relationship, or job, or hotel room, or go to meetings with energy vampiresSometimes you feel like you need to take a step and “no” is the best answer.

But there are also times when changing your thinking is much more effective than changing your position. Ultimately , your thinking is your position.

Your problem may not be, as the tech told me, interference from somewhere outside the room. Your problem could be interference because of illusions.

The answer to illusion interference is not to replace one illusion with another. The only answer to illusion is reality. Don’t go back and forth with illusions. Look beyond those illusions.

The secret to great family gatherings could be what you’ve heard a million times from your favorite radio or television stations: Stay tuned .


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