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Changing the Crystal Child-Crystal Adult Paradigm (Frame of Reference)! (an important message)

We can shift the Crystal paradigm from one of helpless martyrdom, which is the way many crystals have used their energy in the past, to one that is more direct, more focused and purposeful.

Unlike Indigo’s, crystals work so hard to heal everyone and their empathy creates a martyr like dynamic that makes life very difficult for them. To facilitate this change, they can learn new ways to approach healing, monitor their empathy, and be vigilant in how they approach and receive energetic vibrations.

At their best, the Indigos and the Crystal Children and Crystal Adults are a team where the Indigos raise energy for transformation and the crystals hold it for healing and the new vibrations. But as we know that’s not what happened.

There have been many delays in the Indigo mission and the crystals have worked to transmute (recreate) using their own energetic fields, sacrificing themselves in the process. They use their own empathic gifts to attract energy to be transmuted and then use the energy needed for the change from their own resources.

Many crystals are feeling more than a little burned out right now, and rightly so, this has been a rough time for them. It is their commitment to their mission that has allowed them to move forward even when they feel they are not seeing much progress.

What will help is resetting their boundaries and not taking so much on their shoulders energetically . By being aware of the energy going in and out, they can shift the martyrdom paradigm to one that allows for the potential of healing.

The crystal energy is needed now more than ever, so instead of quietly retreating into the background, they can step forward with confidence and use their empathy with compassion and kindness, empowered by the energy change rather than overwhelmed.

be surrounded by the fear. By being an anchor of energy they can guide others to their own light without depleting their own energy reserves. There is much strength in their gentle loving nature, which is mistaken for weakness, but by hiding their strength they also hide their light.


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