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Changing the Indigo Paradigm (Frame of Reference)! (an important message)

I have thought a lot about the Indigo Paradigm and wondered how I can provide information that can help all Indigos, of all generations, to accept their role with grace and tranquility so that they can fulfill their purpose in a way that does justice to the path of the Indigos, all that has been suffered by them and all that it can become.

This is a mystery that has been slowly unraveled over the last few years that I have been writing about Indigos and Crystals and the answer is clear: to change the indigo experience we need to understand and change the paradigm, which is what we do when we understand old paradigms and discard them.

The Indigo paradigm is one of exposing the weaknesses of the existing state (status quo) and making others aware of the need for change. While they work hard on these two things, they have not been successful in creating powerful partnerships that make this possible. Indigos believe that they have to do everything alone,

that they are the only ones who see where things are going wrong in the world and that their work is done when everyone agrees. But they don’t go that far by creating the pathways for the change they want to see. They are great at showing the problem but not so good at presenting the solution.

By believing that everyone must agree with the need for change, they are actually asking the world to admit they were wrong. Indigos feel validated when they get someone to admit to using their energy in the wrong way. But this is not the best way to handle this situation because rather than make the world “wrong””,

they must offer it a solution that it can embrace. But instead, they focus on an ongoing series of complaints about what went wrong that angers everyone, including the indigos themselves, and results in nothing being accomplished, getting killed.

To change course in this Paradigm, the Indigos can use their skills in a different way and go beyond seeing what is wrong and presenting solutions to rectify the problems. What is an alternative to the current situation and how can we do this in a way that is good for all of us?

Indigos have the resources to do this when they use them to find solutions rather than simply exposing problems and waiting for others to take them to the next level. There are plenty of people in the world who know that things don’t work properly.

Our next step is to come up with solutions as we expose problems so that we can all take a step in the new direction. Those who don’t want to admit they’re wrong can embrace a solution that they can use to redirect their energy toward solution. Then we can all agree on what is right and the Indigos can finally accomplish their mission and find fulfillment in their efforts.

Caption Gordon:

I think this is by far the most important piece Jennifer Hoffman has written this year. I have long felt the need to work together among Indigos, and occasionally tell this on this site. That specific feeling was the basis of the 1st meeting day that I organized for New Age Children, last December. I felt so strongly, all through last year, that the Indigos should come together in the hope that besides having fun, that would create new partnerships.

It is, I know, one of the reasons why some come to such a meeting: the hope that they will meet someone who has the same image, the same dream, as they do (and all Indigos feel, consciously or unconsciously, that they have a specific have a task on earth, a personal mission, and there can be huge differences between them,

on a personal level, even though we all have a global mission) and that they can work together. That they can share their vision. Unfortunately, the reality has still been that most of these people went home disappointed (at least in that aspect).

I too am one of the Indigos who is better at identifying problems than coming up with solutions. Although in a certain sense I am also very solution-oriented, but then towards others :-0 Funny enough I used to learn through trial and error, and a single smart manager above me, in business not to come up with a problem,

but with a solution. But on a personal level I have that much less and I also regularly let myself be overwhelmed by a problem instead of coming up with a solution and tackling it immediately and, often even more important for me personally, not to postpone it.

In addition to the need for cooperation among the Indigos, I feel that it  does n’t help us to present ourselves as special , something I often come across, but rather our gifts, and they often differ from each other, because we are all in some way have been given those gifts that we need for our personal mission and we all have our own lessons to learn,

let them speak for themselves and always stay connected with others. For example, if we remain angry at the world because it does not see us for who we are and what we come here to do and bring, we will not come any closer to achieving our personal and global goals. find ourselves .

I think many older Indigos who, like me, have suffered a damaged heart in their youth, in their lives, from an inwardly withdrawn position, from a distance, are angry at all those people who don’t see us for who we are, as often all our parents and teachers didn’t see us for who we are. And not daring to leave that position out of a feeling of fear(?) or to hold on to our anger… And just continue on our own.


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