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Channeling and Trust: Transforming Your Blocks to Channel

Why is it so difficult for many to trust their own intuition and make room for Spirit’s information? And what can we do about it?

First of all, what do I mean by channeling? Channeling for me is receiving information from Home, from your higher self, your guides, angels, ascended masters or light beings. I am talking about conscious channeling here, meaning that you are aware of what is happening throughout the process and have full control over what is happening.

There are also people who go out of their bodies while another energy comes in. This happened especially before conscious channeling became possible. I would never recommend this and this article is not about that!

For me channeling always goes through your higher self. You connect to your higher self and because your higher self is Home (in heaven) and because there is no separation there, you have access to all the energies of Home through your higher self. Some beings will be easier to connect with than others, this has to do with your particular connection to these energies.

I see it as a personal support team that everyone has, which consists of ancestors, deceased loved ones, guides, angels, archangels and other light beings. Some are closer than others. But when you ask for help, everyone “up there” is immediately and with full dedication ready to connect with you and help.

The path of learning to channel is one of learning to trust, letting go of old patterns and beliefs and embarking on the adventure. How does it start? Channeling starts with paying attention to your own intuition. Those times when you feel that something is not right, feel that someone is not integrity (or is), suddenly you know what is wrong with someone, or when you suddenly hear words coming out of your mouth that are very true but which you have no idea where they came from. Congratulations! That’s step one.

Through experience and through trial and error we learn to trust this form of intuition. How many times have you said to yourself: ‘See, I KNEW I shouldn’t be doing this!’. We often learn fastest from negative experiences, and so we gradually learn to trust our intuitive feelings more and more.

Then when we want to take the next step and learn to communicate directly with our guides, our higher self, angels or other light beings, we run into completely different walls. Here are two major blocks we create for ourselves:
#1: We’ve had bad experiences in the past and don’t want to connect with the wrong energies anymore;
#2: we wrongly assume that the information must always be correct and new, otherwise we ‘invented’ it ourselves.

The result of both is often, after one or a few attempts, we stop channeling. But you don’t have to! I will discuss how both blockages arise and how you can transform them. To start with #1. I regularly hear that in previous experiences with, for example, automatic writing, people have had negative experiences and have made contact with entities or energies that they would rather not have contacted.

This often means that people sometimes put their gifts aside for years because they never want to experience this again. But in the long run the blood starts to crawl where it can’t go and it starts to itch again to develop spiritually. It is important to know that there is a reason why these experiences took place.

Sometimes you have put it in your path because part of you is terribly afraid of becoming a spiritual teacher or healer again. This then arises from life-threatening situations from past lives. After all, you don’t want to end up at the stake again! And so we sometimes set up huge blocks to protect ourselves, not realizing that it is now safe to be spiritual, speak our truth and show ourselves.

There are special meditations and techniques that can break this pattern. not realizing that it is now safe to be spiritual, speak our truth and show ourselves. There are special meditations and techniques that can break this pattern. not realizing that it is now safe to be spiritual, speak our truth and show ourselves. There are special meditations and techniques that can break this pattern.

Important in preventing negative channeling experiences is first of all good preparation. Proper preparation means that before channeling, ground yourself,

let the thoughts of the day fade into the background, and then bring in light through your crown and then through your entire body, grounding the light through your body into the earth. . Next, you ask for help and protection from your angels and speak out loud your intention to connect only with the levels of Light and Love.

Then open up to feel these levels of Light and Love pouring into your field, and then start writing or talking, whatever channeling you use. A second important point is the application of discernment: know what is actually meant for you and comes from the highest source, and what is not. A few pointers are:

  1. Everything was not feel right, is not right.
    2. All information that is not supportive, positive and loving does not come from the highest source.
    3. Any information that disrespects your free will and that says or suggests that you  should  do something does not come from the highest source. Your angels will never, ever force anything upon you. Free will is the only and the most important rule in this game called ‘life as a human being on earth’.

Channeling and TrustIf you keep this in mind and make sure you are well prepared, then you are ready to start channeling. Do you have unpleasant experiences or do you encounter one of the above situations, then disconnect, immediately ask your angels for help and visualize a shower of white light that drains everything that does not belong to you from your crown to your feet.
In summary, these are the things that allow you to connect with positive energies:

#1: A good preparation: ground and bring light energy into and around your energy field before you start;
#2: Speak out loud your intention to communicate only with the highest energies and beings of Light and Love. Ask for protection from your angels;
#3: Use Discernment: Anything that doesn’t respect your free will is not channeling.

Anything that is not stimulating, positive and loving is not channeling! Then immediately disconnect, ask your angels for help to clear your energy field, ground and visualize a shower of white light in and around your energy field that takes everything that is not yours with it.

Ok, that was the first block we put on ourselves (NB: I assume that we create every situation in our life ourselves, to experience being human, to learn and to grow – but that is fodder for a very different article). Let’s go back to the second block:

#2: we wrongly assume that the information must always be correct and new, otherwise we ‘invented’ it ourselves.

Is this true? no. Why do we allow ourselves to make a thousand mistakes when learning to play the piano, but after just one mistake in channeling do we tell ourselves that this isn’t for us, that we can’t do it? You learn to channel by doing it. By practicing, using your discernment and accepting that some days things will go better than others.

If your head is full of worries about your work and you ask for help, there is a good chance that you will receive distorted information, because your thinking is getting in the way, as it were. If you have a strong emotional connection to a problem or if a certain outcome is very important to you, it is difficult to ‘independently’ channel the correct and useful information.

In these situations, it is better to wait until you are back in balance and able to open yourself up to all possibilities (well, only the highest order of course) without your thinking or fear blocking or distorting the whole thing.

Personally, I still ask someone else for advice when I have difficult emotional problems, or I ask a friend to channel for me. It is simply difficult to channel information about something in which you yourself are so strongly emotionally involved.

Channeling and TrustWith regard to ‘new’ information: we often think that if the information is not new, then we have invented it ourselves and therefore have not channeled it. Error!!! What if channeled information always has to come in through your own brain and therefore always comes through you and from you?

What if your most beautiful thoughts are channeled and there isn’t much difference between ‘normal’ valuable thoughts and ‘channeled’ thoughts? When I started channeling, I bypassed my own blockages by telling myself that I would not channel because that put too much pressure and immediately blocked the flow.

Instead, I would just write down my highest thoughts on a particular topic. And guess three….when I read back these ‘highest thoughts’ it turned out to be full of wisdom that I had never thought about before.

Channeling? I thought so! Since then I don’t really care where the thoughts come from, as long as the content is loving and valuable. We have a constant connection with our higher self and that only gets stronger as we develop further and as the consciousness of the earth continues to rise and we actually step into the energy of the new earth in December 2012 as a collective.

This connection means that we are continuously receiving information from our higher self as we learn to listen to it. And this information will feel the same as our own thoughts. It will always seem like we ‘just think’!The only way to really develop your channeling skills is to give this mindset a chance. Don’t worry about whether you come up with it yourself or not.


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